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Ultimate Vastu Tips For Your Living Room

Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in deciding the design and structure of a particular place to achieve maximum benefits. It is often referred to as an art form as well. Just like how each structure can be constructed with the help of the art and science of architecture (Vastu Shastra), the living room of a house can also be built-in with a similar concept.

The living room is an important place where a lot of exchange of energies and vibrations takes place not just within the family, but also with guests who visit the house. Thus, the living room must be built in a particular way so that one can make the most from the place and attain good vibes.

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Vastu Direction Guidelines For While Making Living Room

The science to building a living room using Vastu Shastra includes a variety of aspects including the direction of the room, placement, placing of utilities, accessories, color combinations, etc. Given below are a few points to be taken into account while making a living room:

  • As far as the direction of the living room is concerned, if the house that you are living in faces the north or the south direction, then it is advisable to construct your living room in the northeast direction. If your house is facing the west side, then the living room should be built in the northwest direction. And, if your house faces the Southside, then it should be placed in the southeast direction.
  • Because the main door of your house leads to the living room, the entrance is also of utmost importance.  The direction of your main entrance door holds a lot of significance. Let us look at the different possibilities:
  1. If the door is in the north or east direction, then you may be bestowed with a lot of good health, wealth and happiness.
  2. If it is in the south, northeast or southeast, then it can make you very successful but with a lot of hard work.
  3. If it is in the west direction, then it will provide peace and tranquility, which is why it will be great for readers, writers and artists in general.
  4. If it is in the northwest direction, then it will provide you with the overall development.
  5. And, if it is in the southwest direction, then it will throw a lot of negativity at you and you may want to change the direction as soon as possible.

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Read Other Exclusive Vastu Points For Living Room

  • With respect to the Vastu colors of the living room, the walls should be colored with white, blue, green or yellow to get as much profit from the surroundings and the environment.
  • For seating purposes in the living room, the sitting arrangement should be such that the head of the family should sit in the southwestern corner of the room facing the east or northeast direction. Whereas, the guests should be seated in the southeast or northwest direction towards the west or south direction.
  • In terms of placing various electrical appliances in the room, the cooler or the air conditioner should be placed in the north or the west side corner of the room. For television, it should be placed in the southeast corner, says our expert.
  • As per what is mentioned in the books of Vastu for the living room, the furniture should be of the square or rectangle shape and should be placed in the west corner or west corner of the room.
  • If you want to brighten your room with some fresh positive energy, it is advised to hand paintings that exhibit the beauty of nature, according to the paintings in the living room as per Vastu. So, instead of putting up negative images of animals, or battles, put signs that make you feel calm and peaceful.
  • In Vastu interior for living room, artificial flowers are a no-no, as it is considered to be very inauspicious. Also, make sure that if you do put real flowers, you take care of it and not let it dry as it attracts misfortune.
  • If you hand a Chandelier, then see to it that it is not placed in the middle of the room. Rather, place it in the south or west direction of the room.
  • Placing a water fountain in the north and avoiding an aquarium in the south will give you a lot of benefits in terms of raising positive vibes.
  • Keeping the northeast are of your living room empty and making sure that it remains clean all the time will bring in good fortune. You can also decorate this area using plants.

In terms of the Vastu tips in the living room, some other factors have to be taken care of as well. For instance, not using dark colors like red and black to paint your walls in the living room, not to keep your telephone in the southwest or northwest direction and making sure that you do not use a beam or girder along the ceiling of the living room as it may create more stress.

If you have more doubts regarding the Vastu of the living room, then consult our online vastu experts who may assist you in giving the best of the knowledge.