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Vastu For Main Door – Main Door House Entrance Vastu Tips

Door Vastu – Vastu For Main Door Auspiciousness

Because a person enters the house through the main door, the main door should emit positive energy each time someone enters. The optimistic energy that emanates from the front door pervades the entire building. Hence, this is a very important part of the house and more the reason to remember the principles of Vastu for the main Door while positioning it.

There are many factors to consider, such as the location of the main door, the location of the main windows, and the direction of the main door.

Vastu For Main Door – Main Door House Entrance Do’s

  • Remember to keep your home’s main door the largest door.
  • The main door with two shutters that open inside and clockwise is auspicious.
  • For the main entrance, use high-quality wood.
  • Make sure the main door opens or closes smoothly, without any noise.
  • According to Vastu Shastra, you should keep the entrance door well lit with bright lights at all times.
  • Make sure your front door has a lovely nameplate to attract success, riches, and happiness.
  • Have a threshold at the main door to ensure that you don’t lose any money.
  • On the main entrance, you can have a stunning template and paint job. To put it another way, don’t leave the main door looking dull and drab.
  • It’s crucial to keep the main door a little higher than ground level and the number of steps odd.

Vastu For Main Door – Door Vastu Don’ts

  • Avoid slanting, sliding, or circular entrances.
  • Avoid letting the front door face another house’s main entrance.
  • Avoid placing the main door against a compound wall.
  • Avoid putting an underground tank, a septic tank, or something else under a house’s main entrance.
  • Avoid any shadows on the main door, especially those cast by other buildings, plants, and the like.
  • Avoid keeping garbage and dustbins near the main entrance because they emit negative energy.
  • Avoid using main doors that close automatically.
  • Avoid putting the main entrance on the side of a road that intersects with another road.
  • Avoid placing the main door in the middle of every wall.

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Door Vastu – Main Door Direction As Per Vastu

As per the Vastu For Main Door, an entrance door should be placed in such a way that it activates the most positive energy. Here are some suggestions to help you position your main entrance door, according to Vastu.

  • The main door location is crucial since you must determine where the main door will be most appropriate. To do so, stand in front of your house and imagine splitting it into two parts, with the door in the middle. Depending on the orientation of the entrance, it may be in either the left or right half.
  • Main door Vastu for north facing – When approaching the house from the north, the door should be in the left half. Avoid putting the door in the right half of the room (North-West). By orienting the door in this direction, you’ll get plenty of light during the day. The door should be in the middle of the wall, and the windows should be in the northeast corner. Place the door away from the corners of the room.
  • Main door Vastu for west facing – The door should be in the left half of the room, facing the house. Avoid putting the door in the right half of the building, as this is where more windows are meant to be for constant light during the day. Avoid the southwest opening. If you have a west-facing door, make sure you have a parallel east-facing door that will let in the most UV rays.
  • Main door Vastu for south-facing – A door facing south should not be located in the centre of the building but rather in the right half of the house. Avoid putting the main door in the southwest direction, as the hot infrared rays could damage you.
  • Main door Vastu for east facing – The door can be positioned in the right half of the room, facing northeast. Avoid putting the door in the direction of the southeast. The door should be in the middle of the wall, and the windows should face north-east.

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Main Door Size As Per Vastu For Main Door

  • The main door should be prominent and hence the biggest door of the house. According to Vastu, it is preferable if the home entrance is divided into two sections rather than one large unit.
  • Keep in mind that the main door should be at least three feet wide and seven feet tall. Larger doors allow more energy to enter the home. As a result, stay away from short doors. In addition, the height of all other doors in the house should be reduced. The doors should not be too big or too small. The main door size, as per Vastu in terms of height and width, should be a 2:1 ratio.
  • When building a new home, Vastu Shastra prescribes a few rules for the total number of doors and windows. According to Vastu experts, the number of doors and windows in a home should always be even and in multiples of two, such as two, four, or six.

Vastu For Main Door – Gate Vastu – Guidelines For Main Gate Of House

When designing your main gate, you should keep many Vastu tips and principles in mind. From the colour of the main gate to the design of the gate wall and other Vastu principles, all are equally important.

The main gate should not be put in extreme corners and should open from the inside.

  • It’s preferable to have two gates, one big for a four-wheel entrance and the other smaller and easier to operate.
  • The Main Gate should not be placed at an extreme corner as it will be difficult to open and close.
  • The main gate should be facing the main door of the house so that visitors can find the entrance easily.
  • South direction is considered inauspicious. Hence, the main gate in this direction is not a good idea.
  • A larger number of people are right-handed. So it’s easier to have the main gate that opens in the clockwise direction.

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Vastu For Main Door – Colour Of The Main Gate

It’s just as necessary to pick the right colour of Main Gate according to Vastu as it is to pick the right direction. Anyone who lives in your house would be affected by it. Choose from the following choices based on your needs and preferences.

  • If the entrance to your home is in the southeast, it is associated with money. It belongs to the fire aspect, so choose a silver colour to balance it out and make it look elegant and bold.
  • When it comes to Vastu for main door for flats, white is always the best choice. White symbolises unity, meaning that there will be no family feuds.
  • If your gate faces north, it means new prospects are on the horizon. If you install a green-coloured main gate at the entrance to your house, your family members will be able to take advantage of new opportunities.
  • The colour sky blue is associated with auspiciousness and calmness in Vastu shastra. If your gate faces west, it belongs to the space element, which has the potential to be profitable. The colour sky blue is ideal for achieving greater success in the industry.
  • Wealth and influence are aligned with the south direction. Fire feature colours like pink and coral pink are ideal for homeowners who want to maximise their wealth. It will not only look great when complemented with your home’s interior, but it will also be Vastu-compliant.
  • If your front door faces east, you can go with a wooden door or a wood colour for your entrance gate. The east is associated with the elements of air and wood. It not only looks elegant, but it also gives your home a cool and collected atmosphere.
  • When it comes to Vastu for main door or gate Vastu advice, you must also be aware of what should be avoided. The colour red attracts negative energies, which is why the main gate should never be painted red.
  • Because of the negativity it brings, there might be a few dark blue main gates. The dark blue entrance gates are not only unattractive, but they will also have a negative impact on your Vastu.
  • In Vastu, the colour black is only recommended in a few instances. The colour black represents devilish energy when it comes to the entrance gate. Black is strictly forbidden if you want to bring positivity into your home.

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The main door serves as a transfer zone between the outside world and the inside of the building. It is the source of happiness and good fortune in the household. As a result, your top priority is to understand and follow the rules of Vastu For Main Door, door Vastu and main door house entrance Vastu to allow the flow of cosmic energy that promotes health, prosperity, and harmony.

The main door/entrance should always be in the north, north-east, east, or west, as these directions are considered auspicious.