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Vastu Tips For Career Growth & Success

We all live in a world where immense significance is given to career growth and how one can be more successful in life. Of course, hard work and perseverance can take a person to a level where he can claim to be victorious in his career graph but there are times when nothing works in favor.

There can be several reasons why you may not be able to experience an upward growth in your career. Right from the place you work at, to your efforts and job profile, things may not be stable. However, there are instances when things feel right from your side but you may still be stuck on the same point financially. Here, the science of Vastu Shastra comes into the picture!

Your career growth and success not only affects you but also your parents, kids and the surrounding you live in. Therefore, a lot of responsibility comes on your shoulder and taking charge of your actions becomes a compulsion. Interestingly, Vastu for career plays a major role in deciding your career graph as there are instances here bad Vastu at home or office negatively affects your success.

Vastu For Career

Let us have a look at what are the different parameters that you need to take care of, to experience an upward graph in your career, using the principles of Vastu tips for career:

  • The North-East direction is favorable to attract positive energy and career growth, hence it is advised to face this direction while performing any work.
  • Laughing Buddha can be placed in your workplace or office which can help in combating pressure, anxiety, and depression.
  • If you hang a painting of a lake, waterfall or any water body for that matter, you may witness a growth in your career graph as it is an auspicious sign.
  • To generate fresh ideas for your company or business, make sure that there is enough open space in front of your desk. This allows the flow of information and ideas to hit your brain whenever it is required.
  • The positioning of the conference rooms plays a major role in your career expansion as well because this is a place where important discussions take place. Not just this, but crucial decisions are taken and future plans are also made here which is why it is highly recommended to construct your conference rooms in the South-West corner. This is supposed to be the farthest corner from the entrance and thus may also help in providing the peace of mind needed.
  • Placing wooden furniture instead of metal can prove to be quite favorable. Here, ensure that the furniture is either in a square or a rectangle shape for it may be more beneficial.
  • Also, using high-back chairs can work wonders because they are very comfortable and good as your backbone support.
  • While conducting any business, it is best to sit in the East or the North direction as it is auspicious and may assist in gathering monetary gains, says Ganesha.
  • To gain more profit and financial stability, one can also grow plants in the South-East direction of the room or place a lamp in the South-East corner to allure more profit and financial balance.
  • Several electrical instruments and appliances are used in the office or workplace with the likes of computers, laptops, machines, etc. Keeping them in the South-East direction is advantageous. Also, make sure that the place is always lit up.
  • If you own a business and want to place your cabin in the office, it is best to do so in the South-West direction that makes you face the North direction. This can get you more business and manage projects efficiently.
  • One can also keep fresh flowers on the East side of the office, making the place feel more vibrant and energetic.
  • It is essential to keep the North-East part of the office or workplace neat, clean and clutter-free.
  • If you do sell various products, then placing them on the North-West side of the office can increase your selling ratio and prove more profitable.
  • Ensure that the center of the office is open and capacious.
  • Keeping your office or workplace clean, tidy and orderly is quite epoch-making, as is suggested in the Vastu for Career. 
  • Having a wall behind your back is considered auspicious. Apart from denoting support needed to work, it also assists in building confidence as well as creativity.
  • Lastly, if you are into business and your problems still persist, then you can avail to our Golden-Plated Vyapar Vrudhhi Yantra that attracts positivity in business or you can also buy our Golden-Plated Vastu Yantra to remove the negative effects of any dosh that may exist! Both these yantras are purified, energized and attuned by our experts Astrologers.

Vastu Tips For Success: Don’ts

While following all the principles to build a wealthy career for yourself, there are some actions that one needs to avoid to gain maximum profit. Here are some key points one needs to abstain from in this process:

  • Whether at office or home, abstain from sitting under a light beam as this can make your environment stressful. It may also decrease your level of concentration.
  • Do not have your meals on the desk you sit at.
  • Refrain from sitting cross-legged for this can affect your career growth, say our Vastu Experts.
  • Do not let your back face the entrance of the office. It is considered to be inauspicious and unfavorable for the individual.
  • Do not make your workstation messy and dirty. Ensure that the space is clutter-free and clean.
  • If you work from home and have your office at your house, then make sure that your bedroom and office room are in different directions. One should abstain from having them placed adjacent to one another.

To know more about how you can witness growth and success in your career using Vastu Shastra, connect with our Vastu Expert Consultant now!

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