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Vastu For Family Peace & Happiness In Your Home

Vastu Shastra is beyond all the belief system, and to comprehend it, logical subjects such as science and mathematics are needed. Furthermore, It is also known as the science of architecture, and it plays an essential role in the construction of a house by employing scientific and mathematical principles. Today, we are talking about vastu for family peace.

The whole point of Vastu is to improve one’s lifestyle by balancing all the natural elements (Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Space) and their energies to achieve full benefit. As a result, it is used to live life to the fullest. There are numerous successful Vastu remedies for family peace that can lead you in the same direction. As a result, you may be needed to follow the rules and principles.

Now, let us go through the critical aspects that must be addressed and their remedies, which play an essential role in keeping the family peace as per the Vastu.

Some Vastu Remedies For Peace At Home:

An Entrance Of Your Home

If you have an empty wall near the entrance to your home, putting an idol or a picture of Ganesha on it will help bring the residents some essential peace. The image may thrive and vibrate with positivity, giving the family a lot of zest for life as per Vastu for family peace.

North-East Direction

The placement of rooms and items in the right direction is essential for invoking good Vastu. The north-eastern border, for example, is critical in bringing spiritual and prosperous development into the home as per vastu for family peace. Put your Puja or meditation room in the house’s north-eastern corner. You will be successful, and all negative energy will be removed from the building.

Clean House

As per vastu for family peace, It is strongly advised to keep the house as clean and tidy as possible. Failure to do so will cause chaos and tension in the family.

A Sandalwood Statue

If your family’s relationships suffer, keeping a Sandalwood statue with no negative emotions is highly beneficial according to vastu for family peace. It should be held in the most prominent position in the house because it will help to reduce family conflicts and create a harmonious environment of harmony and happiness.

South-West Direction

For southwest direction in Vastu for family peace, placing Framed family photographs in the southwest direction will improve the family relation. It is recommended that the family’s head sleep in the Southwest room.

Orienting The Study Room

Ganesha recommends orienting the study room to the east for better education. Tulsi (the sacred plant) works wonders when grown in the home because it spreads passion, happiness, and harmony, as per vastu for family peace.

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Adequate Cross Ventilation

Talking about ventilation, when constructing your home, make sure that the doors and windows are placed so that air can freely circulate and there is adequate cross ventilation. It will help tremendously in Vastu for family peace. It will not only keep everyone in the house safe, but it will also encourage positive energy to spread around the entire house freely.

Construct Storage

Many people build storage areas primarily to prevent extra things from cluttering up their homes. Build your storage area with caution. You should never have one individual place that is scattered and messily dumped with things. This will absorb the convinced energy and prevent it from flowing. Create tiny, convenient storage areas in the house to keep track of stored objects and stack them neatly.


According to Vastu for family peace, you should place as many mirrors as possible in your home. This will give your home a lovely appearance. It would also facilitate the free flow of positive energies. However, the mirrors must be placed with care. Consult a licenced interior designer or a Vastu specialist to determine the best location for mirrors in your house.

Discard Damaged Object

Avoid storing broken items in your home. Discard damaged objects as soon as possible, whether it’s a mirror, a window, or even furniture. Broken things obstruct the free flow of positive energy. If you break or ruin something old and valuable when building the house, it is very important in vastu for family peace to not carry it inside because it won’t support the family’s growth and prosperity.

A Small Garden With Fountain

Construct a small garden in your home if you have space. Install a pebbled path and a water fountain in the backyard. The spray should always be moving, and the water should never be stagnant. Both of these components facilitate the flow of positive energies. A garden attracts wealth, fitness, and happiness as well. Place the fountain, and preferably the entire park, in the house’s north-eastern corner.

Statue Of Lord Buddha

A statue of Lord Buddha represents harmony and peace. It also means wealth. So make sure you have at least one Lord Buddha statue in your home. You can also create life-size sculptures to put in your garden or even within your home. When properly positioned, the statue would not only bring prosperity, harmony, and peace, but it would also add a lot of aesthetic beauty to the building.

Vastu Tips For Peace at Home – Don’ts

Just as certain things must be followed according to Vastu, and certain things must be avoided to live a happier life filled with tranquillity at home. Here are a few things to remember (and avoid) to achieve family unity and harmony. Do not show images of your ancestors alongside those of the Gods. Besides, for family peace, pictures of your ancestors should be hung on a wall in the south direction.

Often, avoid using broken glasses or mirrors in the building. Do not place a mirror on the opposite side of the bed as this may cause complications in life. Avoid building a staircase near the main gate or the kitchen because it is considered unlucky.

It is well understood that the kitchen and the bathroom should be kept separate because it is such a crucial part of the home. This, in turn, would bestow good health in the family.

Avoid building something in the Brahmasthan region as it is a holy place where cosmic energy would flow. Keeping the room uncluttered would undoubtedly benefit you.

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Today, we have discussed some Vastu tips for family peace, mind and many others. We highly recommend you try these tips and feel the flow of positive energy in your life. Still, have doubts? Consult an Expert and get all your answers.