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Importance Of Fish And Aquariums In Vastu Shastra

One may think that keeping an aquarium in the house may not matter much, but according to Vastu Shastra, having an aquarium is of paramount importance. Having a fish aquarium in the house not only helps in keeping up with the Vastu defects that may exist but also brings in a lot of wealth and prosperity for the inhabitants. Even if just a small aquarium is placed with bright colored fishes, it enhances the mood of the viewer, which is why it is given so much significance in the first place.

Another consequential parameter is the presence of the natural element of water that comes into the picture. Water contains a certain amount of natural energy which creates a place filled with peace and tranquility which no other natural element can offer. The placement of the aquarium is also very essential as per the direction of the aquarium in the house. While keeping it in the right direction may bring a lot of wealth, peace and money in the house, placing it in an incorrect position may create complications in the family, says Ganesha. Know everything about Vastu directions.

Placing an aquarium has also proven to be very helpful to people suffering from mental stress and anxiety. It aids in dealing with issues concerning high blood pressure and is also said to increase the release of serotonin in the brain that gives peace to the mind. Furthermore, it is believed to be good karma to feed the fishes in an aquarium which, in turn, promises sound health and prosperous life.

Fish Tank Vastu Tips

As per what is mentioned in the Fish Tank Vastu, some key parameters need to be followed to avail of the benefits of the same. Here are a few features of the Aquarium Vastu:

  • The aquarium works as a beautiful decorative piece in the house that spreads a lot of positive energy and liveliness.
  • Several people enter and leave the house and not everyone carries a positive aura. The aquarium acts as a protective shield against evil eyes in the house and cuts down the negative vibrations and infuses an optimistic vibe in its surroundings.
  • As mentioned earlier, feeding hungry fishes (or animals or humans) is perceived as a good deed and adds to the pot of good karma for an individual. This, in turn, produces good and fruit-bearing results for the inhabitants of the house. Additionally, even the Chinese philosophy associated with Feng Shui connects good karma with keeping an aquarium in the house. Get Free Vastu tips for your home.
  • Another popular belief is that the natural death of a fish in an aquarium is linked to a resolution of a problem. Hence, with each naturally dying fish, issues in the life of the dwellers are solved.
  • The size of the aquarium depends on the amount of space available in the house. The number of fishes in an aquarium according to Vastu ranges from 2-9. This means that one can either keep a big fish tank that accommodates 9 fishes, or a smaller one that may have about 2-3 fishes. 
  • It is of utmost importance to keep the fishes healthy and take proper care of them otherwise one may not be able to witness any benefits of placing an aquarium. Thus, maintaining an aquarium is very essential as per the Aquarium Vastu.
  • Concerning the shape of the aquarium, one should not keep an unevenly shaped tank and should rather prefer round tanks that are more advantageous.
  • Ensure that the tank is given optimum oxygen and is kept aerated as this may enhance the lives of all the fishes in the tank.
  • One can also make use of decorative items in the tank, like stones, pebbles, plants, toys, etc that can produce a good appearance of the fish tank. However, do not clutter the tank with a lot of items.
  • Clean and maintain the fish tank regularly. Moreover, make sure that you replace the water regularly while also taking care of the fish in the process.
  • According to Vastu Shastra fish tank position, it is advisable to place it in the living room where people can see the aquarium. It is best to place the fish tank in the North or the East side of the living room.
  • The best Vastu fishes as per Aquarium Vastu are the goldfish and the dragon fish that are proven to be advantageous.

Aquarium Vastu Tips: Don’ts

There are certain elements that have to be taken care of while placing an aquarium in the house. These are as follows:

  • Do not keep a fish tank under direct sunlight.
  • Never place an aquarium in the bedroom as this may create sleeping complications of the people living in the house.
  • Replace a tank if it is broken or dirty for it may not reap any benefits whatsoever.
  • Do not place a fish tank under a staircase, say our Vastu Experts.
  • Also, do not place an aquarium in the kitchen as it may generate health complications in the family.

Thus, now we know what are the various merits and demerits of placing a fish tank as per Aquarium Vastu. For more details, connect with our experts and know it all!

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