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Divine Vastu Tips For A Happy Married Life

Marriage is viewed to be one of the most auspicious events in a person’s life. The connection between a man and a woman, that is the relationship between a husband and a wife, is very pious. It is also believed that matches are made in heaven, however, efforts have to be put to have a special attachment in the relationship in this physical realm. Therefore, managing this bond is of the utmost importance. While there can be a lot of differences between them, it is very essential to understand one another despite the contrast.

If enough understanding persists between the husband and a wife, then the journey of life becomes less complicated and more adventurous. But there are times when a relationship goes through a very rough patch and life seems miserable. Besides, this relationship not only involves two people but two families as well. Hence, both the husband and the wife have to play their roles in evolving and staying together, even if things do not go as planned. 

On a similar note, Vastu Shastra also plays a vital role in impacting this relationship in a positive manner. Moreover, if proper care is taken to build a strong relationship using Vastu, then the results will surely be fruit-bearing!

Vastu Tips For Husband-Wife Relationship

An alliance between a husband and a wife is very unique in nature. It goes through a lot of ups and downs and, one can also refer to this as a rollercoaster ride in an amusement park. While managing your emotional and physical bond is crucial, other aspects related to Vastu Shastra for marriage also greatly influences the relationship. 

Here are a few tips for happy married life according to Vastu Shastra:

  • It is highly recommended for married couples to sleep in the South-West or the South direction in the house.
  • Painting your bedroom with light and bright colors like white, yellow, pink, light green, light blue, etc. can work wonders as it can help in providing a soothing, peaceful and positive environment.
  • It is advised for both the husband and the wife to sleep on one double bed and also use a single mattress for the same. Sleeping together with divided mattresses and quilt may assist in forming major differences between the two.
  • Although positioning a metal bed may be in the current trend, but using a wooden bed may also help in driving away from the negativity in a relationship and forming optimistic vibrations in the house, says Ganesha.
  • Make sure that you end up buying a square or rectangle bed whose ratio of length and breadth is (suggestive) 1:2.
  • Placing fresh flowers in the bedroom and changing them regularly can spread a zealous and energetic vibe in the surrounding.
  • Always sleep in the direction wherein the head is towards the South direction and the leg towards the North.
  • One should hang pictures and images on the wall that signify something positive like landscape and scenic beauty or a childhood picture of Lord Krishna to spread an optimistic vibe in the bedroom.
  • The entrance of the door is very essential as it lets in all the optimistic energies and opportunities. Thus, ensure that all the doors in the house open at 90-degree alignment because a half-opening door may represent a half-hearted spirit towards things in life.
  • The placing of mirrors in the bedroom has to be taken into consideration for misplacing mirrors in the bedroom can generate bad omen and a pessimistic aura.
  • Furthermore, make sure that the North-East part of the house is clean, neat, tidy and clutter-free for otherwise, it may give rise to complications in the relationship.
  • Financial stability is required for a relationship to thrive. Hence, keeping your money and wealth in the Northern or Eastern area of the house is necessary.

Vastu Tips For Married Life: Don’ts

An overall effort is needed to balance a relationship between a wife and a husband as it is quite fragile in its essence. Not that it is weak, but because it is driven with so much emotion and sentiment, it becomes mandatory to make sure that all the necessary steps are taken to beautify and balance this association.

Some key points have to be taken into account while dealing with a relationship like this which involves such an emotional bonding. Here are a few things to be avoided:

  • For married couples, it is best to abstain from sleeping in the South-East or the North-East bedroom, says Ganesha.
  • Do not establish a kitchen in the North-East direction as it forms a very important part of the house.
  • Make sure that you do not place any thorny plant or a bonsai plant in the room.
  • Refrain from using dark colors to paint the walls of the room.
  • Avoid using metal beds and replace them with wooden ones. Also, avoid storing anything under the bed for it may prove to be harmful to the couple’s relationship.
  • Never place the bed under the beam because it can adversely impact the health of the married couple.
  • Another noteworthy point is to not place the underground tank in the South-West direction as it can negatively influence the emotional balance of both the husband and the wife.
  • Avoid paintings that depict or signify war, violence or solitude.

Therefore, keeping in mind all these important points and following the Vastu principles will definitely assist in creating a healthy and strong relationship for both the husband and wife, under the Vastu tips for married life! For more detailed information, consult our Vastu Experts!