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Vastu Tips That Will Help You Get Married Soon

It is said that matches are made in heaven, and why not? This auspicious amalgamation of two people plays a major role in an individual’s life. However, there are many circumstances where finding a groom or bride becomes very difficult. Even though defects in a Janam Kundli may aggravate marriage problems, it is interesting to also apprehend the fact that Vastu defects at your home can also act as a barrier in your marriage!

Vastu Shastra reveals a way of living which, in turn, is connected to various aspects of your life. Marriage prospect is one of them, and one can experience a delay in marriage or may not be able to find a partner because of the science of Vastu.

The Vastu for marriage should be taken into consideration if one is not able to find a solution to their pending marriage problems. While it is crucial to analyze and match the Kundli to get married, Vastu Experts believe that the location and positioning of your house and various other factors may also be hampering your marriage prospects.

Vastu Tips For Marriage

Several parameters have to be taken into account when an individual is not able to get married or when he/she encounters various problems pertaining to their marriage. Let us have a look at what works in such a case and know more about the numerous Vastu tips for marriage that can work in your favor:

  • In the case of an unmarried girl, a delay in getting married can be a worrisome situation for the parents and the girl as well. Here, the location of the room can be a major factor in the delay as establishing a room for the girl in the South-Western part of the house gives a lot more stability than required, making her not leave the house for a long period. Therefore, it is advised to construct the girl’s room in the North-Western part of the house or the extreme Western part, say our experts.
  • For unmarried boys, the complication associated with not being able to get married may occur if the room is placed in the wrong direction. Hence, in this scenario, the extreme Southern and Western parts of the house are best suited for them. Even the South-Western side will work wonders for an individual, suggests Ganesha.
  • The postponement of marriage also takes place when the water tank is not positioned in the correct place, as per what is mentioned in Vastu For Marriage. One of the biggest mistakes is to place an underground water tank on the South-Western side of the house. It is highly recommended that unmarried girls should not use the South-West corner at any cost as this is one of the biggest reasons why they remain unmarried for a long time.
  • In addition to this, a girl is advised to sleep in a bedroom located on the North-West side only when she reaches adulthood.
  • The second best option available for locating a bedroom is the West direction where she should place her head either in the West or the South direction as this can be quite favorable.
  • Ensure that light and bright colors are used in the bedsheets with the likes of pink, violet, yellow, white and light blue.
  • For an unmarried male, it is advised for the person to sleep in the North-East or the South-West bedroom, as mentioned in the Vastu Tips for marriage.
  • The second best option available for an unmarried male to sleep is in the South bedroom.
  • For those who have mangal dosha in their Kundli, it is highly suggestive of the family to paint the doors of the boy’s and girl’s room with colors like bright red and pink as this can reduce the negative effect of the dosha.

Vastu For Marriage: Things To Avoid

Considering the negative influence of the delay in marriage in an individual’s life, some criteria are mandatory to be followed and avoided, to gain a positive outcome for the same. Here are some noteworthy points that should be taken utmost care of in the process:

  • Refrain from utilizing a plot that slopes from the North-East towards the South-West direction, as suggested by our experts.
  • The center of the house is called the Brahmasthan and it is very important to keep that space clutter-free and not construct a staircase or anything heavy in that area.
  • For girls, it is best to abstain from sleeping in the North-East or South-West bedroom as this is considered inauspicious and may play a role in delaying the marriage.
  • Whereas, boys should abstain from sleeping in the South-East bedroom, says Ganesha.
  • Also, avoid painting the walls (especially the bedroom of the unmarried girl and boy) with dark colors. Rather, use light pastel colors like yellow and white that helps in developing optimistic energy in the house.
  • Besides, avoid placing any metal object under the unmarried person’s bed and make sure that the place under the bed is neat, clean and tidy.

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