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Vastu Tips To Attract Money, Wealth And Prosperity

A famous quote says that “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life”, which is so true! Thus, managing wealth and taking all the necessary steps to increase the proportion of wealth is only going to make life more easy and comfortable.

Vastu Shastra engages in a pivotal role here as there are numerous ways through which one can increase his/her wealth if Vastu principles are religiously followed. Right from the positioning of the room, to placing decorative items, following certain directions and coloring the walls of the house, all take part in a major role to increase wealth and fortune.

Not just this, but as per the Vastu tips for money problem, there is a panacea for all Vastu defects associated with wealth as well, like different Vastu Yantras and rectification in the positioning of the house that can work wonders for the inhabitants of the house.

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Vastu Tips For Money Problems and Matters

According to the Vastu for money, there are several ways in which one can appease the wealth gods and make them happy. This, in turn, can bring in a lot of wealth for the dwellers if the correct measures to do so are taken. Besides, it may not only bring in optimistic vibrations but may also help in negating the negative ones, so that the wealth gods can shower wealth, prosperity and fortune on the people living in the house.

Let us look at some of the crucial steps that can be undertaken to increase the proportion of your wealth, money and prosperity:

  • Concerning Vastu tips for money luck, the direction of the North and the North-West of the North are considered to be the most auspicious. Deities like Kuber and Bhallat reside here, which are affiliated with wealth and fortune. Thus, using this direction can bring in a lot of money for the family.
  • One can also experience an increase in the flow of wealth and money if there is a door on the North-East of the Northside of the house, says Ganesha.
  • The cash locker and the almirah where cash is kept should be close to the South or the South-West wall say our experts. This is because it will lead to the opening of these lockers in the North direction where Lord Kuber resides which will assist in gathering more wealth.
  • Placing mirrors in the right direction is very significant as it can either allow or disallow the flow of positive energy in the house. It may also help in increasing your wealth. For example, placing a mirror in the cash drawer in a way that reflects the locker, can double the amount of wealth that you may have, say our experts.
  • Another advantageous move is to keep the North and the North-East side of the house open and in order (clutter-free) which can also invite wealth, money and prosperity.
  • While constructing a portico, make sure that the slant is towards the North direction for this can also bring in a lot of money for the dwellers.
  • The flow and circulation of air are also very essential so that the level of oxygen is maintained in the house. This will provide good health and, in turn, wealth for the family.
  • One can also make use of Yantras like our Golden-Plated Kuber Yantra and the Golden-Plated Shree Yantra, both of which are affiliated with wealth and prosperity.
  • For Yantras associated with business and its growth, one can also use the Golden-Plated Vyapar Vrudhhi Yantra which can also help in procuring wealth through business.
  • The most important place where Laxmi enters the home is the entrance. This means that one should keep the doors of the entrance free of repairs and clean. Also, do not place a lot of things around the entrance as this may block the flow of income.
  • The element of water is also somehow connected with wealth. Therefore, placing water fountains and aquariums in the North-East direction can invite good fortune and money.
  • Light colors with the likes of White and Yellow are good in attracting wealth, as claimed by our Vastu Experts. The color of Blue is good for the walls in the North direction.
  • One can also fix a bird feeder on the balcony where you can feed the birds which symbolize wealth, joy and peace. This may also help in attracting positive energy and harmony in the house.
  • Plants like Money plants, Bamboo plants, etc are known to bring good fortune and prosperity to a home. Hence, growing them indoors can also work in your favor.
  • Using wind chimes and landscape paintings or paintings depicting waterfall, goldfish or flowing river can also be quite favorable.

Vastu Tips For Money: Don’ts

Certain actions can be avoided to make sure that no wealth is drained out of your house. These are as follows:

  • Avoid growing big trees or buildings on the North-East side of the house as this can obstruct the flow of money.
  • Constructing a toilet/bathroom in the South-West corner of the house can make you experience financial losses. Thus, avoiding this is mandatory.
  • Monetary loss is also linked with any kind of water leakage in the house. So, make sure that all the necessary repairs are done.
  • According to the Vastu tips for money problems, displaying the time in the clock is also of utmost importance. Therefore, avoid using clocks that do not work or have slowed down as they depict monetary loss.
  • Moreover, avoid the construction of any water body ( like a swimming pool) lower than the ground level in the South-West corner of the house.
  • Never place a cash locker under any beam as this can produce a lot of monetary stress on the inhabitants living in the house.

Thus, as per the Vastu for money, we now know what are the things to avoid and the things to be followed to gain as much in the aspects related to wealth and prosperity. If you still have any doubts, connect with our online Vastu Experts who can guide you further!

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