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Vastu Tips To Improve Your Health & Well-Being

The life throbbing within may be non-physical in nature, but the body that carries this energy is physical and has its limitation while we live on this planet. Hence, taking proper care of your body is extremely important. Interestingly, Vastu Shastra also engages in keeping up with sound health if the required principles are followed.

It is a fact that the healthier you are, the more balanced you are mentally and vice versa. Not just this, but a healthy body will also help in living a longer life with strength and vigor. This, in turn, assists in living a beautiful and advanced life, making you more happy and zesty. 

Thus, if proper Vastu rules are followed as per the Vastu tips for good health, one can live a very healthy and energetic life. This science of architecture will also help you in combating the negative energy and obtain the positive energy needed to live life to its maximum capacity.

Vastu For Good Health

Numerous aspects are taken into consideration while keeping a check on your health as per Vastu Shastra. Almost all the parts of our house impact your health in some way or the other, like the bedroom, center of the house, kitchen, bathroom, etc. It is the same reason why one will have to take proper care of all these places and the parameters associated with it.

If the principles of Vastu for health are genuinely applied, then the inhabitants will experience sound health. Given below are some crucial points to remember under the tips on Vastu for sound health:

  • Lighting a candle or a lamp in the North-East direction is viewed to be very auspicious and favorable for good health. 
  • The natural element of water also plays a vital role in providing good health. Hence, make sure there is no leakage of any sort in the toilet or the bathroom. Also, ensure that the water does not drip from anywhere as this is a sign of negative energy which can give you bad health.
  • It is advised to sit in the North or the East direction while studying or working as this assists in having a good memory, says Ganesha.
  • Growing plants at home have always proven to be advantageous. However, it is essential to know which ones are favorable. For example, growing plants like Basil and Tulsi help in the purification of air in the house whereas plants like cactus, bonsai, and other milky plants create a stressful atmosphere.
  • As far as the positioning of the bedroom is concerned, one should construct it in the South-West direction for doing so helps in creating a physical and mental balance in life.
  • Keep away from electronic and electrical devices as they generate harmful radiation. Hence, placing them in your bedroom is totally a no-no.
  • Moreover, make sure that you point your head towards the South direction while sleeping for it provides a peaceful and healthy living.
  • While cooking your food, face the East direction as it is observed to be the best direction for doing so. Not only does it help in a better digestion process but it also showers you with sound health.
  • Lord Hanuman is affiliated with good health and therefore, keeping his image in the house may positively affect the health of the people living in the house as well.

Vastu For Health: Things To Avoid

Life will burst with energy if an individual takes the utmost care of his/her body, because without good health, a person may not be able to give the best shot at living life to its fullest. Therefore, being proactive, exercising regularly, maintaining health and inculcating good food habits is a must. Another crucial element is to construct your house as per Vastu which also impacts your health in both positive and negative ways.

Depending on the action undertaken as suggested by Vastu for good health, one can either experience its good effects or the bad effects. Let us go through some of the key points that should be avoided as claimed in the Vastu tips for good health:

  • Abstain from sleeping under the beam as it can negatively influence your health. It can give rise to anxiety and depression, say our Vastu Experts.
  • Keeping the North-East area of the house neat and clutter-free can promote good health and tranquility for the entire family. Avoid placing heavy objects in this area too.
  • Furthermore, refrain from building your kitchen in the North-East direction as it can create health complications for the dwellers.
  • Keep a good distance between the toilet and the kitchen as they are two sections that emit opposite vibrations.
  • Health problems may come to rise if a toilet, kitchen or a storeroom is constructed under the staircase. Hence, it is best to avoid this.
  • Do not establish a bedroom in the North-East direction as it generates health issues.
  • Besides, it is recommended not to sleep on a bed that has a storage space under it filled with useless things or electronics for it results in heart problems and mental instability. Also, abstain from using metal beds and instead use wooden beds to sleep.
  • Do not construct the kitchen in the North-East direction because it may bring about serious health issues and accidents.

Now, we know how the misplacement of things at home as per Vastu can lead to a variety of health complications. Therefore, following these principles according to Vastu tips for good health can work wonders for the inhabitants in keeping up with sound health. For more details, connect with our Vastu Shashtri now!

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