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Pyramid Vastu & Its Positive Effects In House

Since the discovery of the Pyramids in Egypt, the inquisitive nature of mankind has been sparked. Man has spent his entire life attempting to comprehend the importance of these Pyramids, and through his trials, he discovered that these triangular structures are useful in harnessing cosmic energies. Similarly, this arrangement in the Vastu Pyramid has a lot of significance!

A misalignment of energies often invites negativity and dissatisfaction. Finding a solution to this disparity becomes unavoidable. A Pyramid, which represents fitness and hope, is the most important method for negating and correcting the symptoms of Vastu dosha. Pyra and mid are the two words that make up the word pyramid. Pyra denotes fire and energy, while Mid denotes the centre of the heart. The pyramid’s peak attracts and stores constructive waves from the environment and universe, which are eventually absorbed by the area where it is rooted.

Pyramid For Home Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, it is considered nice to have a pyramid in the kitchen. Keeping a pyramid in the house raises the wealth of the owners of the house and retains stability. Place the pyramid in the place where the members of the house spend the most time.

Types Of Pyramid In Vastu:

According to Vastu, different types of Vastu pyramids are available, depending on their usefulness. However, before buying the Vastu pyramid online and installing it, it is recommended that you consult an expert. Below is a list of some of the pyramids.

  • Wealthy Vastu pyramid
  • Vastu pyramid for the home
  • Vastu pyramid for the workplace
  • Vastu pyramid for the kitchen
  • Vastu pyramid for bedroom
  • Promax pyramids
  • Flat max pyramid
  • Multier 9×9 pyramid
  • Bemor 9×9 pyramid
  • Supermax pyramid
  • Agro pyramid
  • Education pyramid
  • Vastu cap

Benefits Of Vastu Pyramid

Each corner of the house can be fitted with a Vastu pyramid. Vastu pyramids can be found in the kitchen, office bedroom, and sitting room. Aside from its use for Vastu corrections, it has a number of other advantages:

It contributes to the growth of wealth and land.

It strengthens the relationship and creates a more harmonious environment.

It aids in the improvement of student focus.

Vastu Pyramid for Health is also beneficial to children’s health.

It nullifies the negative effects of bad Vastu.

It promotes restful sleep and thus helps you remain fresh and energised.

It acts as a deterrent to black magic.

When medicines are kept under the Vastu pyramids, their efficacy is increased.

When water is put underneath the Vastu pyramid, it becomes energised and aids in the treatment of skin ailments.

Crystal Pyramid For Vastu

Crystals are said to have incredible healing properties and have been used for thousands of years. A crystal’s energy is said to have a variety of properties that can influence a person’s aura, as well as his mood and mind.

The Crystal Pyramid can be used to grant wishes and should be located in the southwest corner of your home or office. It can also be used in Vastu, and for positive energy, it should be located in the southeast. It functions as a prism and can be put on a window sill to draw positive chi into your home, company, or office.

If you have any questions, you can always consult an expert!

Vastu Pyramid Yantra

Copper Pyramid Vastu Yantra

Copper is a mineral that can be found in the earth, plants, and the human body. Copper has been around for over 10,000 years. Copper’s spiritual properties are used in a holistic way. When built under the guidance of Vastu experts, the unusual combination of copper with the pyramid makes it more powerful and gives the desired result. Any item that is attached to the pyramid can be cleared and purified. It functions as a filter in a variety of ways.

Vastu Purush Prymid Religious Yantra

This Vedic Vaastu Mandala Pyramid (Brass Police) is an amazing energy correction tool. It is a potent multi-metal remedy that, when properly cleansed, energised, and programmed, operates with the concepts of Vedic Astrology and Vedic Vaastu Shastra.

Swastik Pyramid Vastu Yantra

A Swastika Pyramid for good luck and positive energy flow of life …. Swastik is Lord Ganesha’s symbol, and pyramids are embossed on it. This is an auspicious thing to hold in the home (total pyramid =153). You can mount it on the outside of your house or room.

Benefits Of Placing Copper Pyramid In Home

Install a Vastu copper pyramid to invigorate your home or place of business and create a positive energy flow. It can be used as a virtual wall within the flooring when building or renovating a new home.

Pyramids in multiples of nine or more may be used.

To get more pyramid strength, use a Vastu copper pyramid to make pyramid water sprinkled throughout the region. This water can also be used in new buildings.

If you cannot put the copper pyramid inside the flooring, fix or cover it in the ceiling. In this way, you will be able to conceal it from the public’s eyes. The majority of people are opposed to displaying pyramids in public.

With Vastu pyramids, you can correct numerous Vastu faults, such as a missed corner and an inauspicious door path. It aids in the removal of flaws with the Vastu Pyramid for toilets. Until laminating, instal nine copper pyramid energy plates inside the lock.

If your master bedroom is in the southeast corner of your home, a pyramid plate can be put under the mattress.

If you have a kitchen or bathroom on the second floor, create pyramids in your bedroom’s ceiling.

Use a Vastu copper pyramid on the boundary wall, particularly if there is a T junction projecting toward your home.

Fix the Vastu pyramid corners in the ceiling to compensate for the bedroom’s incorrect Vastu position.

The pyramid should not be used in the toilet or around drainage pipes as it can give rise to negative energies.

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Pyramid for Vastu Dosh

The positioning of the Vastu pyramid is critical to achieving the best results and removing Vastu dosh. Any pointers are given below:

For the sake of the family’s well-being, it should be located in the northeast corner. It should be put in the South West corner of the bedroom for restful sleep and a clear mind.

The Vastu Pyramid should be put in the southeast corner to correct the Vastu for the kitchen. It ensures the working power of the women.

It should be located in the office’s southwest corner to ensure proper functioning.

Placing it in all four corners of the house protects from black magic’s effects.

When placing it in the northwest and southwest direction ensures joyous marital bliss.

When placed in the northeast corner of the bedroom, it blesses couples to have offspring.

Burying a pyramid in the northwest corner of the building aids in the resolution of legal problems.

Vastu Shastra Pyramid

Vastu shastra pyramids are becoming very popular nowadays, but they are made of plastic. If the pyramid is made of metal, it is better than plastic, and stone is better than metal because metal is not considered good in constructing a pyramid. As a result, the crystal pyramid is thought to be the strongest for Vastu. In the world of pyramids, the lead metal pyramid and the lead helix are becoming increasingly common.

Pyramid for the house Vastu has been used since the beginning of time. Vastu or Vastu Shastra is the science of vibrations and forces, so there is nothing wrong with using any Pyramid in Vastu to enhance positive energy within the home. However, the pyramid must be of high quality and a true pyramid with correct angles and proportions.

Vastu Pyramid For Main Door

According to the Vastu Pyramid, the entrance should ideally face north, northeast, east, or west, as these directions promote prosperity. If you have the main entrance south, make sure to correct the Vastu by incorporating a pyramid or helix. Moreover, the door should open inwards in a clockwise direction.

The Conclusion

Before moving into a new home or workplace, it is important to remove all negative energy. In such a situation, the Vastu pyramid works as a saviour, acting as a solution to nullify any negativity concerning the place. The right pyramid should be selected and assembled by chanting Vastu mantras based on their usefulness. These pyramids also have a calming effect. They also improve focus and aid in meditation. However, before erecting any pyramid, always check with a professional.