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East Facing House Vastu Plan – Significance And Guidelines

East facing house Vastu plan is known to bring great fortune. You know you have an east-facing house if your main entrance door opens in the east direction. Since the sun rises in the east, east is symbolic of light and life, and hence an east facing house Vastu plan is said to be very good for its occupants. Houses that are more spacious orbroader and at a lower level towards the east direction are considered lucky.

Directions play a pivotal role in Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of the house, which, when applied in the construction, helps eliminate negative energies and bring good health, wealth and prosperity. While purchasing a house, Indians mostly prefernorth facing house, which according to Vastu is considered the best. The second mostpreferable is one with an east-facing house Vastu plan. In Vastu, there areeight directions, contrary to the regular four main ones.

Vastu Tips For East Facing House

We have here the tips for your east facing house Vastu plan in a nutshell.

  1. With the help of a magnetic compass, measure the actual east direction of your plot.
  2. Choose the more auspicious north-east direction for your pooja room as it is said to be the zone of mental peace.
  3. For the stairs, the south or west direction is considered to be ideal.
  4. Places of free space such as balconies are better off in the east for the morning sun rays to enter the house early in the morning and create positive energy the entire day.
  5. The kitchen is best placed in the southeast or the northwest direction. It is important according to the Vastu that you face the east while cooking in the south-east or west while cooking in the north-west kitchen.
  6. The walls in the north and east directions should be shorter and thinner as compared to walls in the south and west directions.
  7. The best place to construct the master bedroom is in the southwest direction and the living room in the northeast direction.

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Vastu guidelines for Main Door location in east facing house

Let’s understand the concept of the main door Vastu for an east facing house. For this, you need to, first of all, visualize the east length of the house, that is, from the northeast and the southeast and divide it into nine equal parts (known as steps or padas). The northeast pada is the 1st pada, and the southeast pada is the ninth one. Moving on to the guidelines, here is a short summary to make it easier to comprehend.

The 5th step or pada is said to be the most auspicious location to place the main door in an East facing home. This is because here, the God of fame, the Sun is located. He brings for the occupant’s name, fame, and respect in their society.

The 3rd, 4th, 6th, and 7th step or pada can be used as an alternative location in case the 5th step is not large enough. Even then, it is preferable to somehow include the 5th step too in the arrangement.

The padas in the North-East direction that you’d rather avoid using are the padas 1 and 2. However, if you have no other option but to build the main door in the North-East corner, you may go ahead since it will be a neutral place, a place that will neither be harmful nor beneficial. Moreover, if you decide to place the main door in this corner, remember to keep a minimum of 6-inch space between the door and the wall in the North-East.

Steps 8 and 9 are ones that are strictly prohibited, the reason being they permit entry to all the illnesses into the home.

Kitchen Vastu For East Facing House

The kitchen is an integral part of every Indian household. Hence, Hindus take extra care while deciding the direction of the location of the kitchen and the placement of all the appliances. They make sure to follow kitchen Vastu to increase positive energies throughout the household.

According to kitchen Vastu for East Facing House, the kitchen has to be placedin the south-east or north-west direction. If the kitchen is in the southeastdirection, you need to face east while cooking, and if the kitchen is in the northwest direction, you need to face west.

Pooja Room Vastu in East Facing House

In the house of every Indian Hindu, a pooja room is a must. Let’s understand the following tips for the pooja room Vastu in East Facing House.

  1. Selecting the right direction – Pooja room emanates positive energy. The ideal location of your pooja room is the ground floor. North-east is a perfect course. This is because Vastu Shastra proliferates in the north-east and attracts the most extreme vitality from the sun.
  2. Pooja Room Design – Keep the pooja room low roofed with a pyramidor dome-shaped top to give positive vibes and help to meditate far more peacefully.
  1. Placement of Idol – The ideal place to set the idol would be a couple of inches from the divider to maintain a constant wind stream around the idol and place for the flow of incense sticks fragrance.
  2. Storage Space for Sacred items – You need to have a place in yourpooja room to store all your holy books and pooja related things. That place should always point towards the southeast to guarantee there’s nothing coming in between the sunlight as an obstruction.
  3. Should Be Lighted – Your pooja room is generally the smallest room in your home; lighting it up will make it look more beautiful. There should be a window in the upper east for a good amount of ventilation and an ideal place for diyas.

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East-facing Duplex House Plans Per Vastu

If you are building a duplex, the following East facing duplex plans per Vastu will be

highly beneficial. Consult an experienced planner or architect to make a customised east facing house Vastu plan. Have the main entrance built in the 5th pada. Have your master bedroom built in the southwest. Your kitchen should be positioned in the northwest or southeast.

The pooja and living room should be positioned towards the northeast.

If you want a guest room, have it positioned towards the northwest.

Keep the open space more towards the northern and eastern sides.

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Vastu Don’ts for East Facing House

  1. You should avoid the following in East Facing House:
  2. The north-east should be devoid of toilets.
  3. Septic tanks should not be placed in the house’s north-east corner.
  4. In the northeast, a kitchen is a major no-no.
  5. Stairs facing north-east should be avoided.
  6. The garage should not be built to the east.
  7. There should be nothing blocking the entrance, such as a branch, pole, or other obstruction.
  8. The north-east should not be overcrowded or clogged.
  9. In no conditions should the plot be slanted north to south.
  10. Avoid putting a mirror in front of the bed because you don’t want your reflection to be visible when you’re sleeping.
  11. Planting trees in the north or east are not permitted.

There are certain miscalculations or Vastu defects commonly faced in an East Facing House Vastu Plan:

There could be some negative energies in the east if you’re having trouble being noticed or if you’re having health problems or strained family relationships. This may be due to the existence of stairwells, toilets, or kitchens facing east.

Another common Vastu flaw is doors that open outward and face east. In addition, Vastu dictates that the total number of doors should not be odd and that the count should not end with a zero.

A lot of clutter in the east also brings harmful energy. East-facing homes should be kept ventilated and airy.


East Facing house is considered lucky for its occupants as per Vastu. Having obtained enough knowledge from this article you may now proceed with designing your space according to the East Facing House Vastu Plan. The tips on what to do and what to avoid will assist you in understanding the advantages of implementing an East facing house Vastu plan. However, it is recommended that you consult an expert astrologer. They will assist you in overcoming obstacles that may arise during the construction of your house.

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