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Vastu Tips & Remedies for South East Facing Houses

The southeast is the residence of Lord Agni. Hence, this direction or the corner is known as the Agneya corner. One should be very careful while the fire is set ablaze. Fire can be your friend or even your foe. So, don’t let this fire turn into your foe and get wise enough to follow the southeast facing house vastu, without pondering any further.

Vastu for South-East Facing House

Is your house southeast facing? Have you ever wondered why after persistent efforts you are not able to succeed in your career? Or why are you in constant tiff with your spouse? After all precautions, your child is not keeping well, why? The answer to all these questions lies in the vastu shastra. Take a dive in the ocean of vastu for southeast facing houses, and you will get solutions to all these problems

If one ignores the vastu dosh of the southeast, it may result in accidents due to fire, bad health, discord, and financial crisis. Though this direction is not so inauspicious, yet it is advisable to follow vastu tips for house facing southeast.

Vastu tips for South East Facing Houses

Positive and negative energies are flowing in all vastu directions. But some directions are dominated by negative while the others dominated by positive. But to suppress the negative, one should follow vastu shastra religiously. Vastu shastra for southeast facing house suggests the below-enlisted tips.

  • Never leave the front area of the house open. This gives room for negativity to flow easily.
  • The boundary wall should be low on the east side and higher on the southern side. This lets positivity enter from the east and obstructs negativity in the south.
  • Build a slope towards the north-east. This will help in having financial stability.
  • As per the southeast house plan vastu, the kitchen should be in the north-west. The living room should be in the east.
  • Avoid cuts and projection in the southeast. This may lead to legal disputes and fire accidents.

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Vastu Remedies for Southeast Facing Houses

One should not fear the vastu dosha as there are easy remedies advised by vastu shastra. A few of such remedies are given below.

  • As per the southeast entrance door vastu, avoid having entrance or main gate in southeast direction. If this is not possible, then three Vastu Pyramids should be placed on the door. One each on both the sides and center. Having Om, Trishul, and Swastik on the door will stop the negativity from entering the house. Read detailed Vastu tips for main entrance door.
  • If there is a slope in the southeast direction, then lift the floor and build a slope in the north-east. This will negate the dosha created by the wrong direction slope.
  • The bedroom should be in the south-west of the house. In case this is not possible, then shift the bed to the south-west corner. Leave a sufficient gap between the wall and bed, for positive energy to flow.  Sleep with your head in the south and legs in the north direction.
  • Do not construct toilets in the southeast of the house. This will create an imbalance of energy. If not possible, to change. Then keep the door of the toilet closed. Place vastu pyramids on the walls outside the toilet, on the south and east side.
  • Paint the southeast part of the house with red or dark shades.
  • Siddha Vastu Kalash should be placed in the southeast corner of the house to attract positive energy from the cosmos.
  • To reduce the vastu dosha of south-east facing house, Siddha Shukra Yantra should be kept in the house.
  • If the house is with any T-junction, place Vastu partitions, crystal boundary or Vastu bricks to nullify the negative vastu.
  • Construct a bore well in the north-east area of the house. This will help hold finances.
  • Septic tanks should not be constructed in the southeast, north, or north-east. This will drain out the positivity.

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Take Away

After taking the dive in the ocean of vastu shastra and understanding the vastu for southeast facing houses, you will be able to rectify the vastu doshas and ensure a safe and happy life. With a little shift from one place to another and paying attention to the sleeping and entrance direction, your life can transform into a happy world. It takes only a few steps to follow the vastu tips for southeast facing house and make your life dream come true. Positive and negative are two sites of the same coin. you can flip over the positive side with vastu shastra and its tips.

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