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Vastu Remedies – Remedies For All the Vastu Doshas And Negativity In Life

Vastu Remedies To Remove Defects In Every Corner Of Your House

Vastu Shastra has great significance in the Hindu religion. Houses are primarily built with Vastu principles in mind. This ancient Indian science prescribes safe architectural rules based on traditional beliefs and values, each rule in accordance with Vastu law, having a direct impact on the house and its occupants.

Vastu remedies help to remove problems of money, health and relationships, and it’s very important to implement the Vastu principles while constructing or purchasing a new house, building or office. If you’ve not yet applied Vastu in your home settings and are facing a bad situation in life, you could, with the advice of a Vastu expert, get the best Vastu remedies to get rid of the difficulties.

Vastu Remedies For South West Corner

Using the South West side of your house to position the entrance is normally forbidden because it is believed to have negative consequences. However, the remedy for South West Corner can help mitigate the negative effects and increase the positive energy that surrounds your home, according to Vastu Shastra.

  • Since large spaces in the southwest area of your home can cause harm, you should avoid them. Instead, you should create open spaces in the northeast area of your home to encourage a free flow of positive energy.
  • Ensure that you do not place an underground water tank in the southwest corner of your home. Instead, construct an overhead water tank on the southwest side of the house to create a balance of energies surrounding your house.
  • According to Vastu, always keep heavy materials like cupboards, washing machines, and sofas in the southwest corner. This remedy will help you avoid negative energies from accumulating inside your home.
  • Keeping the doors of the toilet in the southwest direction of your house always closed will prevent negative energy from flowing into your living spaces.
  • Never try an extension of a house in the southwest corner as that extra space in the southwest corner can increase the flow of negative energies. However, if there is no other option, you can install Vastu strips of brass, wood, or copper on the walls to fix the dosha.
  • Never install a borewell in the southwest corner. However, if you can’t do otherwise, then paint it red and install a Rahu yantra on its top.

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South West Toilet Vastu Remedies

  • Vastu Pyramid Benefit – Toilets or bathrooms in the Southwest direction are a strict no-no. But if there is no other option, then the remedy is to place a Vastu Pyramid on its exterior wall. Besides, remember to keep the doors of the toilet closed all the time.
  • Have the main door of the toilet constructed on the northern or eastern wall and the toilet seat installed in the northwest or southeast corner so that the person sitting on it does not face the west or the east.
  • There should compulsorily be a window opening along the west, east, or the north. A toilet on a raised level, a few feet above the ground, turns out best considering the Vastu remedy, ensuring a healthy and positive life.
  • Toilets in the southwest direction should be made of wood instead of metal. And the exhaust fan should be fitted in the north-east or east direction.

South West Kitchen Vastu Remedies

The ideal location for a kitchen is the Southeast corner of the house, and the next best option is to place it in the Northwest corner of the house. It is better to avoid constructing the kitchen in the southwest corner since it brings great difficulties to the occupants such as depression, anxiety and mood swing issues.

However, if you already have your kitchen in this corner of the house, you could take the help of the following Vastu solutions.

  1. Install the gas stove in the Southeast corner of the kitchen.
  2. In the Southeast corner, place a stool and carry on with your cooking. This remedy helps create an auxiliary kitchen at the correct location.
  3. Paint the kitchen walls a bright yellow for positivity.
  4. Avoid using much water within the kitchen. To wash utensils, find another spot outside the kitchen.
  5. If possible, raise the level of kitchen flooring so that it is at a higher elevation than neighbouring rooms.

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Vastu Remedies For North East And North West Corners Of The House

Northwest Kitchen Vastu Remedies

North West kitchen is very popular as per Vastu. A North West Kitchen has a strong presence of Vayu energies, the second-best option after the fire. Let’s check the following effective remedies that you need to remember.

  • Often place the gas stove in the kitchen’s southeast corner (corner) (North East and North West).
  • Any window or opening on the northeast or northwest side should always be kept open and clutter-free.
  • For a washbasin or kitchen sink, or to hold drinking water, always use the northeast.
  • Place the refrigerator in the kitchen’s southeast, southwest, west, or north direction.
  • A North East Direction Yantra can be placed in the kitchen as well.
  • In the northeast corner of the kitchen, you can also keep a pyramid.
  • Use blue, lemon yellow, or shades of blue in the kitchen.

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North West Bedroom Vastu Remedies

Since one-third of our lives are spent in the bedroom, we need to have it located ideally. The bedrooms of all the members of the family have to be designed following the Vastu principles. A northwest bedroom often brings financial losses and instability in the lives of its occupants. For couples, too, it is not good since it may cause differences leading to legal consequences. Children’s bedrooms should never be in the North West. Being governed by Vayu or God of wind, this direction causes children to become hyperactive and, as a result, lose concentration in their work.


  • Avoid leaving open spaces in the northwest corner. Leaving windows or doors open from the north will help the entry of positive energies.
  • Placing a Chandra Yantra in the northwest corner may help in fixing Vastu doshas.
  • Keep rainwater stored in a green or blue glass bottle in the corner.
  • Paint your northwest bedrooms in white.
  • You may use your northwest bedroom as a guest room.

North East Staircase Vastu Remedy

According to Vastu principles, having a staircase in the northeast is extremely inauspicious. It causes serious health complications for the occupants of such a home, including deadly diseases such as brain haemorrhage and heart stroke. The following are some of the drawbacks of making stairs in the northeast:

  • Major health issues surround the prisoners, causing brain and heart problems.
  • Business expansion comes to a halt.
  • Family development is hindered
  • Relationships don’t thrive.


  • Placing a North-East Direction Yantra in the house’s North-East zone will help to correct any Vastu flaws. This Yantra is extremely successful and results-oriented.
  • Every day at sunset, burning live Vaastu Camphor in the northeast kitchen kills all negative forces in the kitchen, rendering it optimistic and safe.
  • Placing mirrors on the northeast walls of the staircase eliminates the negative energy produced by the stairs’ incorrect position.

Vastu Remedies For North East Toilet

A toilet in the northeast, according to Vastu beliefs, is a big mistake that can cause acute and long-term health issues. Finding a toilet in the north-east has a number of drawbacks:

  • People who live in such a house often suffer from headaches and migraine attacks.
  • It results in money waste, never-ending debts, loan defaults, and other financial problems.
  • Major surgeries and mishaps are becoming more frequent.


  • Placing a North-East Direction Yantra in the house’s North-East zone will help to correct any Vastu flaws.
  • Placing a toilet box in the northeast to eliminate fear, tension, and negative energies.
  • A bowl of live Vastu sea salt is needed to absorb negative energies from the environment and neutralise their effects.

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Vastu Remedies For Peace At Home

  1. Place a deity at the Entrance wall to bring happiness.
  2. Place the puja room in the northeast corner of the house for peace and prosperity.
  3. The bedroom should be in the southwest part to attract wealth and prosperity.
  4. Maintain proper cross ventilation in the house for good health and positive energy.
  5. Build a small garden with a constantly flowing water fountain for health, wealth and happiness.


Vastu Shastra is a discipline that slowly but surely affects your life. Normally, the buildings are designed according to Vastu principles, but there are certain important Vastu tips you need to follow while designing your house so as to bring happiness and prosperity to your life.

According to Vastu experts, there are bound to be Vastu flaws in every property or home. And it is strongly believed that these Vastu doshas may be solved through the implementation of appropriate remedies such as changes in the rooms, placement of objects and rearrangement of interiors.