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Things To Keep In Mind While Constructing Compound Wall According To Vastu Shastra

Compound wall, which is also known as Boundary wall and Periphery wall, is considered to be one of the most crucial aspects taken into consideration while constructing a house as per Vaastu Shastra. It is important to such an extent, that it is often recommended to start constructing a house only after the compound wall is built in the first place. Moreover, as it is affiliated with the security and safety of the house and its inhabitants, it becomes essential to build the boundary wall before the erection of the house.

It is widely believed that setting up the compound wall prior to the construction of the house may cause various issues building it. But, that may not be the case for you will always have an added advantage in putting up this wall. Let us dwelve further into the technical details according to Vastu Shastra.

We do live in a time where flats/apartments may have taken over. Besides, there may be residential areas where the compound or the boundary wall is not built at all, but it is significant to understand that building it will only give you an added advantage. However, if it is not possible to set up a periphery wall, one can always build a small fence around the house or involve in pailing it using wooden or metal posts.

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Vastu Tips For Compound Wall Gate

Numerous factors play an important role in the construction of the compound wall gate which, in turn, is very favorable for anyone building a new house. Here are some key directions in which the compound wall gate can be placed:

  • East of North-East
  • South of South-East
  • West of North-West
  • North of North-East
  • North-East
  • Other directions like East, South, West and North can also be given a thought but only after the consultation of the Vaastu Experts.

Moreover, there are some directions which are observed to be inauspicious for the construction of the compound wall gate and thus should be totally avoided. These are:

  • East of South-East
  • South-East
  • South of South-West
  • South-West
  • West of South-West
  • North-West and
  • North of North-West

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Vaastu For Compound Wall: Tips

Certain parameters need to be considered before the construction of the boundary/periphery/compound wall as per Vastu Shastra. Here are a few points elaborated below for your convenience:

  • As per the compound wall height Vastu, if the entrance of the house is an East or a North facing one, then the height of the wall should be less than the height of the main entrance.
  • For a house whose main entrance is in the South or West direction, the height of the compound wall can be either more or less than the main entrance according to Vastu.
  • According to the Vastu for compound wall height, the vertical measurement of the South and West periphery walls should be more than the East and North direction walls, as per the experts.
  • It is also advised to build the boundary wall using rocks. Though, you can use mud bricks and cement bricks, if the option of rocks is not available.
  • Furthermore, it is essential to construct a compound wall that is strong and well-fortified because a weak and frail wall may attract negative energies.
  • The trees (if grown) on the West and South direction can be taller than the height of the building whereas the ones grown on the East and North direction should not be taller than the main building, as stated in Vaastu Shastra.
  • With respect to the compound wall Vastu, the wall on the South or West side can be a part of your room or the building but if it is on the North or the East side then it is recommended to keep a gap between the wall and the building. Read more about all Vastu direction

Don’ts As Per The Compound Wall Vastu

We now clearly know what key points are to be taken into consideration while setting up a boundary/compound/periphery wall. However, some don’ts need to be strictly followed as they can have a harmful influence on the people living in the building. These are:

  • Do not keep any flower pots on top of the boundary wall.
  • Do not build any plant arches as well. People often use this to add height to their outdoor area, but it is advised not to make any plant arches on the compound wall.
  • It is also important to not use any prefabricated material to put up a compound wall as they may not act as a strong barrier or protection for safety as well as security purposes.
  • Also, do not decrease the height of the boundary wall on the North or East side compared to the Northeast direction, for any purpose.

Thus, we now know what are the different variables and parameters that come into the picture while constructing the compound wall as per Vastu. For more accurate and in-depth analysis, consult our Vastu Experts who can guide you for the same!

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