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Vastu Tips To Organize The Furniture In Your Bedroom

When a house is designed, other than the colour of the walls, one thing that becomes inevitable is the furniture. Furniture cannot be regarded as a mere piece of wood lying in the house. It is one element that not only enhances the beauty and comfort factor, but also is responsible for attracting positivity, health, and prosperity. So, making the furniture vastu compliant has a profound significance. For this reason, the knowledge of vastu for furniture is the need of the hour. Vastu Evaluation process to make your house vastu compliant

Vastu Tips for Furniture – Make Your Furniture Alive!

There is no doubt that furniture is an essential part of a home. It not only helps in relaxing and managing things, but also has the magic to transform the entire life of people in the house. Choosing the right placement for furniture as per vastu, hence becomes inevitable. Vastu shastra has a complete guide about the placement of the furniture in the bedroom and living room. It strongly recommends following simple vastu tips to arrange furniture to achieve peace, happiness, success, and health.

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Vastu for Bedroom and Livingroom Furniture

A little shift to the right or left, and you unlock the door to happiness! Sound easy and simple, isn’t it? And yes, it is that simple. If one follows the vastu tips for furniture, he may rest assured that his life will be filled with content and peace with lesser hurdles. Let’s see some of such vastu advice for placing furniture.

  • Always start the furnishing work from the South or West of the house and complete it in the North or East direction.
  • Place the heavy furniture in the South or West direction and the lighter furniture in the North or East direction.
  • Furniture should be made with the wood of Sheesham, Sandal, Ashoka, Sal, Sagwan, or Neem tree. These are considered auspicious and positive trees.
  • Never have furniture made with the wood of banyan tree or any tree that has been burnt or infested by termites. These carry negative vibes and create hurdles in the life of the occupants.
  • While the furniture is being made, never store its wood in North, East, or North-East direction. This hampers the financial growth of the residents.
  • Ply-wood should be installed on the South or West wall only. Any other direction will bring negative energy.
  • Furniture with sharp corners should be avoided as they are dangerous and also not considered auspicious. Choose to have rounded corners for your furniture.
  • The LCD unit should be made with a thin layer of wood and should not touch the floor.
  • Use polish or laminate the furniture. This enhances longevity.
  • Avoid having dark-shaded furniture as it is a harbinger to negativity.
  • Try to have furniture with an even number of corners. This is an invitation to good luck.
  • Avoid having steel and metal furniture at home. It is good to have them in offices or workplace.
  • As per vastu Tuesday, Thursday are not considered auspicious to purchase any kind of furniture.

These were the common vastu tips for furniture. Now let us take a deeper look into how to arrange the furniture according to vastu. Know more Vastu tips for household appliances.

Correct Arrangement of Your Furniture – What Vastu Says?

It believed that every corner of the house has some energies- positive or negative. So, if the furniture is not placed in the correct direction, it may absorb negative energy and have an adverse effect on the residents. It is advisable to follow Vastu Shastra to arrange your furniture.

  • As per Vastu for bedroom furniture, the bed should be placed in the South-West direction of the room. There should be no furniture placed in the South-East direction.
  • The wardrobes with lockers in the bedroom should be placed in the South-West direction. In another direction, the abundance shall be drained out. To have an inflow of riches, the wardrobe should open in the North direction.
  • Vastu recommends that the bed should not be placed near any door or window in the master bedroom. This may take away all the positive energy from the room and result in discord and friction between the couple.
  • Mirrors should be placed in such a way that the bed is not reflected in it.
  • Vastu for living room furniture suggests that sofas should be placed in the South or West direction. While relaxing on the sofas, one should face towards the North or East direction.
  • A sofa should not be of irregular shape like a triangle or circle. Always have a regular shaped sofa set. This helps in maintaining stability in all aspects of life.
  • Furniture in the living room should be placed at least three inches away from the wall. This helps in a free flow of positive energy.
  • The dining table should be kept in the north-west of the living room.
  • The dining table should be wooden. Avoid having metal, steel, or glass tables. They are considered to create bad vastu and have a negative impact on the family.

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Closing Note

The sofas, beds, chairs, tables, wardrobes…. Every piece of furniture has its significance in a house. But if these are not arranged according to the principles of vastu shastra they will be adding to your trials and tribulations rather than making your life comfortable and happy. So, always follow the vastu tips for an arrangement of furniture and sink into a happy mood and sing the happy song of life together with your family.

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