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How To Choose The Right Color For Your Home Exterior?

As much as the interior of our house is essential, the exterior also has the same significance. The exterior of the house cannot be left ignored while designing and construction phase. It is correctly quoted “the first impression is the last impression,” and the exterior lays the first impression on the visitor and the occupants too. The exterior has the power to attract or repel positivity and negativity from the cosmos. If the family yearns for positive vibes, then vastu shastra for exteriors can be instrumental in helping them achieve it.

Here’s a brief description of vastu for the exterior.

Vastu Colours for Home Exterior – A Happy Envelope for Your House

Colours are the best description of your personality. Similarly, the colors on the exterior walls of your home will be a perfect explanation of the people residing there. Colours have a deep impact on people’s mind and soul. They can uplift the mood or even make one feel depressed. Colours can be inviting or make you feel dejected.

Vastu Shastra has advised colours for the walls of every room in the house. By following these vastu tips for exterior, one can invite positivity and energy for all the family members. Let’s find out more about the colours suggested by vastu.

  • As per vastu for exterior colour, light blue is a good option for the North-East side of the house.
  • In the East, one can choose to have white or light blue colour.
  • South direction should be coloured with yellow colour
  • South-East directions are low in energy. Hence orange, pink, and silver colour can be used to elevate the energy level here.
  • Peach or light brown can be incorporated on the walls in the South-West direction.
  • Green or pista green are an excellent choice for the North of the house.
  • In the North-West area, white, light grey and cream should be used as these are related to air.
  • West is for water and colour for this element is blue. White can also be used here.
  • Vastu advice, for exterior colours to never have black coloring on walls. This absorbs negativity and may lead to depression.

Choose the Right Colour For Your Walls

Vastu colours for exterior walls guides us to choose the right colour for every room in a particular direction. Every room has some energy. So, the colours should be selected according to the direction and the present vastu condition. Let’s have a look.

The living room is the mirror of the house. Maximum peace and joy are supposed to be maintained here. So, ideally, living room should be in the North-West direction and should be painted white. This colour invites calmness and soothes the mind of people. The same advice is applicable to the guest room. It can be yellow, beige, or tan also.

Vastu suggests that the master bedroom should be in the South-West direction. It should be painted with pink, light green, or light blue shade. It blesses the couple with marital bliss.

The best direction for the kid’s room is North-West, and since this direction is ruled by the moon, hence it should have white colour on the walls.

The kitchen walls should be painted with orange or red colour as it is the ideal colour for South- East direction.

Bathrooms’ walls should be white in colour as it is the best-suited colour for North-West direction. It can also be painted with pastel shades.

The exterior of the house that envelopes the entire space should be coloured light. White and mauve suits everyone and can be painted on the exterior walls of the house.

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Other Vastu Tips for Exterior Design of House

Colour is the only aspect of the exterior of the house. There are many different elements which need equal attention as per vastu. The vastu compliant exterior of the house enhances the harmony in the family. It also brings in financial stability and good health. A few of the vastu tips for exteriors are enlisted below.

  • The servant quarter or security cabin should be in the South-West direction. This helps the watchman or servant remain active and loyal. Any other direction may lead to change in thoughts of these people and result in mishap.
  • The parking area or the garage should be in the South-East or North-West zone. This keeps the vehicles safe and enhances their longevity.
  • The South-West direction is not considered holy. So, to balance the energy in this zone, one should construct the overhead water tank.
  • If one wants to have a constant inflow of cash and enhance the abundance, the borewell or tube-well should be installed in the North, East, or North-East direction.
  • Basements and under-water tanks should be in the North-East direction. This is an auspicious direction and results in good fortune for the owner.
  • The outer compound wall that encloses the entire area should be thicker and taller than the walls of the house. To stay protected from harmful UV rays, the Western and the Southern walls should be taller than others.

Other parts like gardens and staircases are also considered as the exterior of the house. There is a vastu shastra principle for all the elements of the house.

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Concluding Notes

Vastu principles, when applied on the exterior of the house, makes the place a happy abode for the family. So, always follow the vastu tips for exterior paints and designs to make your house heaven. Live a comfortable, healthy, long, and prosperous life with your loved ones under the roof that is vastu compliant.

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