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Tips & Remedies For Creating Perfect Vastu For Bedroom

When it comes to designing your home, Vastu for the bedroom is essential. After all, your bedroom is where you retire after a tough day at the office.

The bedroom is the only place where people go after their everyday’s life struggles to relax and unwind themselves fully, allowing them to wake up new and energetic the next day. Furthermore, a Vastu-compliant bedroom is essential for attracting a lot of healing energies into your life.

As a result, Vastu for the bedroom is crucial in ensuring that the energies in your bedroom are constructive and that they assist you in relaxing both mentally and physically.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom sets out some essential guidance that, if followed correctly, will boost the energies in your bedroom.

Vastu Shastra For Bedroom

According to Vastu scholars, the sleeping place in the master bedroom should be either south or west. When you lay down, the bed should be put against a wall in the south or west so that your legs point north or east.

Bed Direction As Per Vastu

The southwest bedroom, in theory, gives good health and wealth to the homeowner, as well as increasing longevity. A bedroom in the house’s northeast or southeast sector can be avoided. It can lead to quarrels between the couple in the southeast. The bedroom in the northeast could be hazardous to one’s welfare. The children’s bedroom should be in the house’s east or north-west zone, according to Parmar.

A bedroom in the north is often thought to be lucky for everyone. It is particularly advantageous for young students seeking employment or business opportunities. A bedroom in the east, on the other hand, would give them a bright intellect and help them succeed in school.

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Master Bedroom Vastu For Couples:

According to Vastu, if a family consists of married couples and other unmarried members, only married couples can share the master bedroom. A regular-shaped bedroom is preferable to one with cuts and curves added to enhance the room’s appearance.

Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

According to Vastu, the best sleeping position is south because it is considered the optimal sleep location if you want to have a long, quality sleep. Moreover, lying with your foot to the north draws good health and luck. Alternatively, you may choose a sleeping pose with your feet facing east to maximise your prosperity and appreciation.

Mirror In The Bedroom As Per Vastu:

According to Vastu, the mirrors in the bedroom have always been a source of debate. One of the most popular misconceptions is that having a mirror alongside the bed would lead to disagreements and disputes.

It is entirely false. A mirror, in reality, reflects the water factor and can reflect its effects depending on where it is placed. It makes no difference whether it faces the bed or not. Instead, Vastu for bedroom proposes placing a mirror in the North, East, and West directions. However, mirrors should not be placed in the South East, South, or South West bedrooms.

Vastu Painting For Bedroom

Paintings and sculptures have long been a part of our culture. Only because of these ancient paintings and sculptures, we are so connected to things today. As a result, it is critical to choose them carefully.

According to Vastu, the kind of paintings or sculptures you hold in your bedroom can influence your thoughts and mood.

When we do Vastu for a married couple’s bedroom, we recommend that they put a pair of crystal Sarus cranes. These birds represent lifetime marital fidelity and can help to preserve and improve a husband-wife relationship.

Vastu recommends having a painting of a library or the Goddess Saraswati in the study room. It will assist them in excelling in their studies. Maa Saraswati, the goddess of education and the arts, will assist students in achieving high marks in their exams. When you do children’s bedroom Vastu, we still suggest placing a portrait of an idol of Goddess Saraswati.

Vastu Colour As Per Bedroom Vastu

Vastu colours for bedrooms require special attention, mainly when performing bedroom Vastu for couples.

When it comes to Vastu for bedrooms, colours are fundamental. We might also go so far as to claim that Vastu colours for bedroom will make or break your relationships. They may also have a significant impact on your financial well-being and security. So, it is recommended that you follow the guidance of a good Vastu expert when selecting Vastu colours for your bedroom.

As a common practice, use soft paint colours on the walls and curtains. Darker colours can be upsetting to the subconscious and lead to internal conflicts.

Shades of grey, white, brown, and green are ideal for a northern bedroom. Bedrooms in the East should be painted in brown, beige, or grey. Shades of light pink, black, red, maroon, and brown are perfect for bedrooms in the southeast and south. Grey, silver, and golden tones are preferred for bedrooms in the West.

Vastu For Bedroom Furniture

  1. Vastu for bedroom furniture should be considered as well.
  2. Like Vastu standards for furniture placement in the living room, we must also follow Vastu rules for furniture placement in the bedrooms.
  3. It will not only allow the energies to flow freely, but it will also improve the aesthetics of the bedroom.
  4. The right Vastu for the wardrobe in the bedroom should be taken into account.
  5. According to Vastu, heavy wardrobes and cupboards should be put on the south to southwestern bedroom walls. It will ensure that this region remains heavy, as Vastu scriptures say.
  6. It is not recommended to have a television in the bedroom. If you still believe it is essential, put it on the Eastern or South-Eastern wall.
  7. Electrical equipment and lamps are given special consideration in Vastu Shastra for bedrooms. As a result, any lamp shades or heaters should be stored in the bedroom’s southern portion.
  8. As previously said, the bed’s location is critical, and when making this decision, Vastu for bedroom concepts must be followed.
  9. Besides, the bed’s headboard should be sturdy and not squeak or make any noises. If this occurs, it must be corrected as soon as possible
  10. Mind not to put the bed right in front of the toilet door, according to Vastu.

Children Bedroom Vastu

  1. Children’s rooms should be situated in the west direction of the home, and the infant should sleep with his or her head facing south or east for peace of mind.
  2. The bed should not be in the children’s room outside the door. The way south-west is ideal in keeping the mobilisation in the room.
  3. In the south or west direction, cabinets and closets should be installed. Computers in North and TV in South-East can, on the other hand.
  4. Make sure there is no mirror in front of your child’s bedroom.
  5. The research table for children should only face east, north, or north-east.
  6. It is recommended that the child’s research area be clutter-free and tidy and organised at all times. This guarantees mental consistency.
  7. A good flow of creative energies is ensured by good lighting in the room. Be sure that the lights are pointing southeast.

Vastu Tips For Locker Room

  1. According to locker room Vastu, the position of the locker room should be located on the south side of the room, away from the southeast and southwest.
  2. The back of the locker should face the south wall, while the front should face the north wall.
  3. Place your safe in the northeast corner to avoid losing your belongings. Lockers in the southeast and northwest corners will result in wasteful spending.
  4. One inch from the wall should be the distance between the locker and the wall. It should be at least one foot away from the northwest or southwest corner. Due to space constraints, lockers can only be installed in the east.
  5. Moreover, the locker room’s walls and floor should be yellow. It will increase wealth.

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The conclusion

Using Vastu Shastra concepts in your bedroom will help you improve your relationships, fitness, and finances.

However, if you want Vastu to support you with your well-being, you should seek professional help.

The above suggestions are critical and can go a long way toward assisting you in improving your relationships and coping with day-to-day life challenges. However, tips alone can only get you so far.

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