Vastu Tips For Bedroom To Boost Positive Energy

  1. Vastu shastra for bedroom places the bedrooms of Male family members in West or Northwest directions of a house, since they hold commanding and authoritative forces.

  2. As per bedroom vastu for south facing house or vastu tips for southeast bedroom It is ideal to have the bedroom and windows of female family members facing south or southeast direction as it ensures good health and happiness.

  3. The master bedroom vastu is advised to be in southeast direction.

  4. Considering vastu tips for bedroom for married couple, ideally place their bedroom in the southwest direction. Also, if the house is multi-storied, the master bedroom should be on the second level. Nevertheless, the children’s room should not be in the same area/second level as it brings trouble.

  5. It is a bad omen to have newlywed couples’ room facing the east direction. Do the needful remedies using master bedroom vastu for east facing house.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom

The following bed habits, vastu room size, norms and decors should be observed:

  1. Use bed direction vastu in a way that While sleeping, the head of a guest should not be facing the north direction. If that does happen, the owner’s head should face eastwards or southwards while sleeping.

  2. By following the right vastu for bed, design your bed in way that while getting out bed, one’s right foot should touch the ground first and then the left foot.

  3. To yield successful outcomes, room vastu suggested that if one studies in the room, she should face eastwards.

  4. The directions; Designing bedroom according to vastu so that Northwest and South serve as ideal orientations for setting up wardrobes, while television sets and heaters should be in the southeast corner.

  5. Vastu shastra tips for bedroom advised that one should avoid placing safes in a bedroom. However, if in necessary conditions, they can be placed on the wall facing south or in the south direction.

  6. According to the vastu shastra for room, the southwest corner of a room should always have some decoration and not be empty at any time.

  7. Bedroom as per vastu is recommended that Bedrooms should not have any calendars, photos, idols or statues.

  8. One should avoid keeping rooms in total darkness. Instead a side-bulb or a night lamp should always be lit, advised vastu tips for master bedroom.

  9. Suggested vastu colours for the walls of bedrooms are light rose, dark blue or dark green. One should avoid colours like light yellow or white.

Children Bedroom Vastu

Vastu Shastra has certain suggestive measures of how to decorate and place the children’s bedrooms. Those measures are:

  1. children’s bedrooms are suggested to be in the east or northwest directions of a house.

  2. The directions; As per the vastu, for kids room make sure that north and east should be kept empty in children’s bedrooms.

  3. The beds should be in south, west or southwest directions of the room.

  4. Vastu sleeping direction for kids suggest that their heads should face east, while their feet should face west, as energies related to intelligence and memory are said to flow in those directions.


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