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Vastu Tips For Designing Swimming Pool At Home

Vaastu principles are applied to all the areas of the house. No matter what corner it is, according to Vastu Shastra, every corner of the house should follow the set of rules determined by the science of Vaastu. Areas ranging from the backyard to the bathroom, parking, temple, verandah, etc may all have to abide by the rules of Vastu if its positive effects are to be witnessed. Similarly, the swimming pool area cannot be neglected as well and Vastu principles apply here too! It is an area where people chill, relax and spend quality time with family. A sense of security and safety should also ring the bell as it can cause harm to anyone in the family. It is in compliance with such reasons why maintaining the place according to what is stated in the Vastu for swimming pool is obligatory. Read detailed Vastu guide for commercial building

Here also, there are a set of rules that one needs to follow and a set of rules that should be avoided to gain the maximum benefits and shield oneself from the negative ones.

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Swimming Pool Vastu Tips

Acting in accordance with the Vastu for swimming pool can have a lot of impact on the house and the people living in it. Also, with the presence of the water element, it becomes compulsory to balance the energy and maintain an equilibrium in all the natural elements prevailing in the house. Find below the set of rules that one should abide by while constructing a swimming pool in your house:

  • As far as the Vastu direction is concerned, North-East is the most favorable for locating a swimming pool.
  • If somehow there is no open space for the dwellers to do this, then one can also construct it in the North or the East direction.
  • Another crucial aspect here is that the swimming pool should be built in the corner, as this has proven to be very remunerative. Besides, it is also useful in balancing the energy in the surrounding area.
  • It is also important to take notice of the slope beneath the swimming pool as claimed by the Vastu experts. Consequently, the slope should run from West to East for a North facing swimming pool.
  • Also, for an East facing swimming pool, the slope should start from the South towards the North following the Swimming Pool Vastu.
  • Your swimming pool ought to be safe and secure for all your members of your family. This is why placing all safety measures is mandatory. Read vastu tips for water tank

Don’ts As Per Swimming Pool Vastu

Establishing a swimming pool in the correct direction brings peace, harmony and wealth to the people living in the house. However, it is also essential to comprehend the fact that building it in an incorrect direction can harm the inhabitants as well.

Therefore, there are various decisions that you need to avoid making while constructing a swimming pool for yourself. These are:

  • Do not set up your swimming pool in the South and the West direction. The South-East direction is also not favorable in this scenario.
  • Even though it is a very popular thing to construct a swimming pool on the upper floors or the terrace, one should avoid doing this. It is because when any of the panchabhoota elements (here water) are involved in Vaastu Shastra, it is important to connect it with the ground.
  • If it is already built in this manner, then corrections by Vastu Experts have to be made. You can also talk to our Vastu Consultation Experts who can shower you with the right guidance on the same.
  • Technical detailing is required to build a pool and thus, you should make sure that both civil engineers and Vastu experts are consulted before structuring the swimming pool in your house.
  • Another important point is to not set up your pool in the middle of the plot or the center area as this can have a negative influence on the dwellers. Besides, a swimming pool in the corner of the house also gives a sense of privacy to the owner.

Hence, Vastu for Swimming pool plays a vital role in producing good results for the family. One may question as to how the construction of a swimming pool may affect the inhabitants. However, according to Vastu Shastra, one can surely witness good luck, affluence, and peace of mind in doing so. Whereas, not abiding by those principles can bring a lot of misfortune and numerous problems in life pertaining to health and wealth.

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