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Vastu Tips For Floorings

It is a known fact that every element around us has some form of positive and negative cosmic energy. And the fact doesn’t change for the floorings as well. Yet, at times while designing the house, floorings are often ignored and considered only as an object of beauty. Let’s see how Vastu for flooring can be instrumental in achieving success in all aspects of life.

Flooring Vastu

Vastu Shastra for flooring suggests that when flooring Vastu is followed to choose correct colour, pattern, material, and design, it brings stability and harmony in the occupant’s life. Vastu experts advice to have similar flooring material for the entire house. This helps in gaining financial stability. But in this age of pomp and show, if one opts to have varying material for flooring, then it is advisable to follow the Vastu tips for flooring given below. Know detailed information about commercial Vastu

Vastu Shastra and your home flooring

One should always adhere to the Vastu tips recommended by Vastu Shastra for the flooring to keep negativity at bay.

  • Always try to keep the flooring material even for the entire house. This invites positivity.
  • The size of flooring should not be changed at every level in the house. One should try to keep it the same throughout. It brings stability.
  • Use the maximum sized tiles or floorings. In case it needs to be cut, it should be evenly cut and have right-angled corners.
  • Tiles should not be laid diagonally. It results in discord in the family.
  • Cracked or broken tiles should be immediately replaced as they are a source of negativity and may result in discord in relationships. They also drain out finance.
  • White marble is the best flooring option as it makes the place calm and entraps positive energy. But it should be avoided in pooja rooms.
  • If one chooses to have inlay, care should be taken that inlay does not cut uneven at the edges. This may hamper the financial growth.
  • Avoid having gaps or spaces in the flooring as it can lead to health hazards.

Apart from the above mentioned common Vastu tips for flooring, there are specific flooring materials as per Vastu. With a wide variety available in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best option. But Vastu experts advise following only single material type. But one can change it for bathrooms and kitchen.Know more Vastu tips for kitchen and bathroom.

White marble, granite, and Italian marble are a good choice as they enhance peaceful atmosphere. Wooden floorings can also be used and laid in the north, northeast, or east direction of the house. Care must be taken to have proper levelling done and avoid nails to fix the wooden planks. This will hamper the health and wealth factor of the family.

Another important aspect is the vastu for level. In the apartments, the interior level should be a little higher than the exterior. The rooms in the southwest direction should be raised above the level while the rooms in the northeast may be suppressed or depressed below the level of the flooring.Read Vastu tips for Apartments.

Vastu Shastra also has a complete guide to choose the right colour of flooring. According to vastu the flooring colours should be light. Dark shades trap negative vibes. One must choose white colour flooring as per vastu, in the northeast direction. It reflects sunlight and energizes the whole place with positive vibes. But in the southeast direction, the energy sinks, so it is advisable to have red or pink-colored flooring. This will help lift the energy level and rectify the Vastu dosha. In the northwest direction, blue-colored tiles are the best choice. The southwest direction is the deadly sink – sink area. To compensate for the loss, one should install yellow flooring in this area. Detailed information about all direction as Vastu Shastra.

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Take Away

No matter which colour or material you choose for your floorings as per vastu, the key element to remember is cleanliness. Vastu suggests that the floors should be cleaned every day. If the floors are clean and hygienic, abundance will follow your way. Health and happiness will find its path to your place if Vastu for flooring is followed and implemented. Good flooring can not only make your house look spacious and elegant, but it can also help you lead a successful life with a judicious career.

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