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West Facing House Vastu – Vastu Tips For A West Facing House Design

West Facing House Vastu – Benefits Of A West Facing House

It is a common misconception that homes facing the west aren’t as favourable as homes facing the north and the east. However, according to Vastu Shastra, every home is considered equally favourable, and it is wrong to say that homes facing the west are not so good as homes facing the north or east.

A house facing the west will prosper as other homes if you follow the west facing house vastu. Here we examine the benefits of selecting a Western-facing unit and the Vastu remedies for the west-facing house.

What is a west-facing home? Is West Facing House Good As Per vastu?

According to the west facing house vastu plan, a house with a west-facing main door is considered a west-facing home. And as per Vaastu Shastra principles, the direction of the house is not significant in determining its auspiciousness. Everything actually depends on the location of the main entrance or the door. Read more about Main Entrance Vastu.

West Facing House Vastu – Advantages

  • The major benefit of a house facing west is that it can get the evening sun’s warmth and shine until late in the morning.
  • Some people also consider a house to be more rich and prosperous in the West. They would have no enemies and are famous at work or socially.
  • West-facing homes should be perfect for lawmakers, businesspeople, teachers, and religious leaders.
  • It should also be beneficial for young people as it brings vitality and pleasure.

West Facing House Vastu Plan – Points To Remember

Vastu Tips for West Facing House 

In Vastu Shastra, it is the entrance of the house that matters most, as discussed above. According to west facing vastu rules, the main door or entrance can be positioned in the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th padas.

What are padas?

  • Imagine a straight line from the North West to the southwest on the West side of the building. Split it into equal nine bits. The first section in the northwest is the 1st pada, and the 9th pada is the last section of the southwest.
  • To get the benefit of Vastu Shastra 3, 4, 5 or 6, the house’s main door or entrance should be located in any of the following padas (or sections).
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 are the best places for placing the entrance or the main door of a house facing the west.
  • If in the above padas the entrance can not be set, then padas 1 or 2 may be placed. Although this does not give as good Vastu vibes as the door in 3,4,5, or 6 padas, it will not give you negative vibrations.

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Design Rules For West Facing House As Per Vastu

  • As discussed above, the main door should be placed in the 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th padas of your west facing house.
  • The south and west walls should be kept bigger and thicker as compared to the north and east walls.
  • The kitchen should ideally be placed In the southeast of your house. You can also place it in the northwest if that is not feasible.
  • The master bedroom‘s perfect location is in the southwest. You always put the master bedroom on the highest floor if your home is double storeyed.
  • Children’s rooms need to be placed in the northwest, west or south.

West Facing House Plans For 30×40 Site As Per Vastu

The deciding factor here is the Vastu for the western side of the house entrance. The main door is the main connector of the external and internal energy fields according to the Vastu concepts. The main door to the west is the most important feature here. It should be noted that the west-facing house plans for the site 30×40 should be according to Vastu.

Any west facing house Vastu requires correct placement of the main door. The inauspiciousness of the west-facing flat Vastu is a myth. You can avail of different types of plans to choose from, comprising a southwest facing house plan or a west-facing 2bhk house Vastu plan besides the rest.

In this respect, you’ll also find an appropriate north-west facing house Vastu. You can consider many 30×40 house designs to the west too. An expert can decide the exact position of the main door to improve prosperity.

You can also bring prosperity to your life, by worshipping an attuned Shree Yantra.

West Facing House Vastu Plan With Pooja Room

Considering a Vastu plan for a Pooja room in a house facing west? Many house designs with pooja rooms can be found to the west. Here are some more tips for West facing houses in the pooja room Vastu.

  • The bedroom is supposed to be in the southwest, northwest, east or northwest. Place it on the padas of Ashur, Vitatha and Nag.
  • Kitchen areas should be placed in the southeast, the south-south-south-east, the south-west and so forth in the west-facing entrance house. Do not face the north while cooking.
  • The main door should be on the west side of the house. Place the bathrooms and toilets in the southwest of the southwestern region and southeast of the southeast.
  • The staircase must not be located in the northeast area. You may place them in the southern, western, or South-West. In the case of a duplex, the number of stairs should be odd.
  • The living room should be east facing.
  • When you enter the house from the west side, an idol is placed on the west side facing east. The pooja room will be better placed in the northeast zone or the East, the North or the West.

West Facing House Vastu – Tips To Follow

Things To Follow

  • When testing the directional facing of the house, use a magnetic compass to track the exact west.
  • Make sure the house’s main door is only in the third or fourth padas.
  • Make the walls on the south and west sides of the building a little thicker and higher than those on the east and north sides.
  • You can place the kitchen in either the southeast or northwest zones, but if the room is limited, choose the southeast corner.
  • Make sure the kitchen is in the southeast or northwest of the building; however, as with the previous one, the southeast corner is preferred if at all possible.
  • Place the master bedroom in the South-West zone or on the top floor if the house has several floors.
  • Place the living room and the Pooja room in the northeast corner of the building, as this is the most auspicious part of the house.
  • If you don’t have a separate puja space, place the temple in the living room’s northeast corner.
  • Make sure the children’s room is facing either south, west, or northwest.
  • If your plot is slanted, make sure it’s slanted from south to north.

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Things To Avoid

  • Avoid using the setting sun to determine the exact west direction.
  • Except for the ones recommended, avoid all other padas unless you consult a vastu expert first.
  • Avoid buying a plot with a north-to-south slope because it will result in financial losses.
  • Avoid buying a plot of land or a house with a southwest or south direction extension.
  • A bore well, a water tank or a septic tank should not be located in the southwest corner of a west-facing building.
  • A kitchen should not be placed in the house’s southwest corner.
  • Sleeping under a beam or a wall partition is not a good idea.
  • Make sure your legs aren’t pointed towards the bedroom door while you sleep.
  • Purchase a home with a South and West boundary that is narrower than the East and North boundary.
  • Avoid any property with the main entrance that is covered by a large object such as a tree or an electric pole.

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West Facing House Vastu – The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about west facing house vastu before we wrap up.

Which is the best house facing direction? North-east is the best house facing direction, followed by north-west and east. Homes with a north or west orientation are also recommended. Homes with south, south-east, and south-west entrances should be avoided.

Which facing house is not good? South-facing homes are commonly regarded as unlucky, and they often receive a bad rap due to the belief that Lord Yama, the God of Death, resides in the dakshina (South) direction.

Conclusion: West Facing House Vastu

As you can see, there is no mention of west-facing house vastu bringing bad luck. With a few Vastu remedies, you can easily turn your west-facing home into one that radiates positive energy. Our experts will assist you in designing a beautiful home based on scientific Vastu values.