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Tips To Make Your Ceilings Vastu Compliant

Gone are the days when people referred to their homes as a four-walled structure. In the new age, a perfect home is five -walled, the fifth being the ceiling. So, it is inevitable to have a Vastu compliant ceiling in your home.

When Vastu for a ceiling is implemented, it includes almost all the aspects of interior and exterior designing of the house. A Vastu compliant ceiling will have ceiling color, height, and even design as per Vastu. To have a more profound knowledge, let us have a look at some of the essential and basic Vastu tips for ceiling. Know detailed information about residential Vastu.

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Vastu Tips for Ceiling

While designing a house, the ceiling is often ignored by the designer as well as the owner. This brings uninvited hurdles in life, which are unexplainable by anyone. To avoid any such problem, one should always follow the advice of a vastu expert who can give Vastu tips for ceiling. A few of the tips are enlisted below that will help you make Vastu compliant ceiling.

  • The ceiling should always be symmetrical. Avoid having an asymmetrical or sloped roof. This invites mental stress and sleeplessness.
  • The height of the ceiling should be ideally 10 to 12 feet. This gives enough space for positivity to move around.
  • Mirrors should never be placed on the ceiling. This traps negative vibes and creates problems in life of the residents. It also supports nightmares. The best place to have a mirror is the north or east wall.
  • Ceiling colours as per Vastu should be light shades, specifically white as it attracts positive energy and negativity at bay.
  • Dark shades on ceiling bring bad luck and create hurdles. So, Vastu colours for ceiling are always light shades.
  • Skylights are advised by Vastu experts to uplift the spirit of people and it also help in taking career to a greater height. But it should be completely avoided in bedrooms as it disrupts sound sleep and can cause headache. Know more Vastu tips for bedroom.
  • The correct way to seal fortune, health, and happiness is to have the ceiling designed as per Vastu.
  • The lack of space has made it challenging to comply with the Vastu tips for the ceiling, but the design can be chosen to fit the right choices best. One should take care that the ceiling is not too low to avoid negativity.
  • The ceilings should not be sloping, but if it is unavoidable, then bamboo flutes can be hung at the lowest level to nullify the negative influence.
  • Chandeliers are attractive but should be avoided, especially in bedrooms, as they have a negative impact on the residents.
  • Patterns and designs in ceilings make the ambiance beautiful but should be avoided. One can choose to have three solid lines in a rectangular or square pattern on the ceiling towards the center of the house. This is considered to be the abode of Lord Brahma. It will also boost growth in career and social status.
  • A New Trend – False Ceiling Vastu

With many new designs and patterns, a false ceiling is the trendiest way to make your ceiling appealing. False ceiling in Vastu can be used to fix the flaws of open beams, but if it is not Vastu compliant, it may result in hurdles and problems in personal and professional life.

While designing the false ceiling as per Vastu, one should take care that it does not fall too low. This makes the room claustrophobic and traps negative energy from the cosmos.

Pointed triangles should not be hanging from the false ceiling. Sharp pointed shapes should not be facing towards the residents. These are considered to be poison arrows and are known to be inauspicious. They bring bad luck and affect health too.

The false ceiling can also be designed for the pooja room. The ceiling in pooja room should also be vastu compliant as this place is ought store house of positive energy. A pyramid-shaped ceiling suits the pooja room as this shape helps in concentrating better. Lower ceilings are also advised as per Vastu for pooja rooms as it makes the place look proportional. Read more about Pooja room vastu.

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Wrapping up

High ceilings are the most compliant as per Vastu. Basic Vastu for high ceiling suggests that the higher the roof, the more the positivity at the place is trapped. It gives people room to boost their creativity. It induces positive feelings amongst the occupants.  By choosing the right color, design, and height, the ceiling can be used as a tool to embrace positive energy and welcome success, prosperity, and health.

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