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Vastu For Flat – Rules And Vastu Remedies For Flat

Vastu For Flat – Vastu Shastra For Flat

Vastu for Flat is a common search term on the internet. People who are planning to purchase a new flat or are still staying in one have a lot of questions about Apartment Vastu. Many people believe that since the flat is so far above the land, the Vastu Shastra laws do not apply to it. In the case of Vastu For Flats, this definition is completely incorrect. Vastu rules in a flat or apartment, which is identical to a structure on the ground. This article would be extremely beneficial to them. Let’s try to understand the process step by step and get all of your questions about Vastu answered.

Is Vastu Applicable For Flats?

Is Vastu applicable for a flat? This is a query that many people have. Since Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that makes no mention of flats or apartments, how do today’s Vastu practitioners apply Vastu principles to Flats or Apartments? You must understand the basic reasoning behind Plot Vastu in order to get an answer to this question. Each segment of a plot is treated as a separate Vastu, just as a piece of land is. Similarly, each separate flat is regarded as having its own Vastu.

Assume that an individual has purchased a flat/apartment (1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK, 4 BHK, DUPLEX, etc.) on a Large Floor. For him, only the purchased built-up area is considered a separate Vastu. When a magnet is broken, the same rules apply, and each piece becomes an individual magnet. This is how Vastu Shastra for flat or apartment works.

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Guide To Check Vastu For Flats

How to check vastu for flats? This is the most common question asked by people. Our in-depth guide will help answer this question enumeration the different ways with which you check your vastu for apartments and vastu for flats efficiently. Following are the nine key points to help you identify whether your flat follows the vastu shastra for flats or not.

Main Door Vastu For Flats – Placement For Main Entrance

The entrance to a flat should face northeast, east, or north, according to Vastu. There must be no lifts or elevators in the immediate vicinity of the entrance. A window directly in front of the main door is often recommended. It’s also a good idea not to take off your shoes at the main entrance.

The height of the main door must be greater than that of the other rooms in the building. The entrance area must be well-lit, and no trash or dustbins should be held there. It is critical and equally necessary to construct your home according to the main door Vastu for flat.

Because of the numerous cosmic energies and vibes flowing in and out of the main door, it is regarded as a pivotal and most influential part of your home. As a result, the main entrance of an apartment flat must be built according to Vastu shastra guidelines. The entrance decoration of your apartment flat must adhere to simple Vastu principles in order to draw positive vibrations into the home. Read More: Front Door Vastu

Let’s have a look at the main door Vastu dos and don’ts:

Vastu For Flats Entrance – List Of Do’s

  • It’s best if the main door faces east, north-east, west, or north.
  • To keep harmful energies out, a doormat should be put at the front of the building.
  • The front door should be the largest door in the home.
  • A raised concrete slab or an Umbro must also be present at the entrance. To ward off negative energies, some auspicious signs, such as a happy footstep or Sathiya, should be hung on the main door.
  • Since it attracts good health, happiness, and prosperity, a nameplate at the main entrance is highly recommended.
  • The main entrance should be made of wood. If the door is to be installed in the south, a mixture of metal and wood is suggested.

Vastu For Flats Entrance – List Of Don’ts

  • There must be no mirror to the left of the entrance because it represents vibrations and electricity.
  • Red lights should not be used at the entrance.
  • There must not be a photograph of God affixed to the main door, like banging and disrespecting it might cause problems.
  • To avoid walking on the elevated slab, you must not place any religious symbols or signs on it.
  • According to Vastu, the number of stairs in front of the entrance should be uneven.
  • The main door of the house should not be in the south-east, north-west, south-west, or south-west directions.

Vastu For Flat – Kitchen Placement

It is a priority to have the kitchen as per vastu in every flat or apartment since the kitchen represents the fire element and fire signifies the flow of wealth. To earn a substantial amount of money or to maintain the regular cash flow, kitchen placement is vital and has to be according to vastu principles.

The kitchen as per vastu is best placed in the south east direction. However, considering the modern design and lack of enough space, it is difficult to have the design coordinate with the vastu of the place. Hence, to keep the fire element in balance and to use the space accordingly, if you can’t place the kitchen in the south east then the alternative is to place the gas burner or stove in the south, west or north west corner of the flat.

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Vastu Remedies For Flat -Tips For Kitchen Placement

  • South east or south is the ideal direction for placement of the kitchen.
  • Face east or north while cooking.
  • According to vastu for flat, a marble slab is better suited than a granite one for a kitchen table.
  • Use the southern wall to place kitchen cabinets.
  • Place the mixer grinder in the eastern part of your kitchen.

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Vastu For Pooja Room In Flats

The northeast is the most auspicious room corner for prayer. It is also known by the name, the Ishan Cone. While praying, the worshipper must face east or north. The idols of the deities must face either west or east. The room’s walls must be yellow, white, or light blue in colour. It is also suggested that you use marble or wood for your place of worship.

The Pooja room is a sacred space that promotes positive vibrations and mental tranquilly. That is the reason this room needs extra care. To get the maximum benefits of this room, the Vastu for pooja room in flats must strictly be followed. These Vastu Shastra principles play an important role in the spatial arrangement and direction of your flat. To ward off negativity from home, you need to avoid the following things when building the pooja room:

  • The pooja room should never be built in the southern direction. This could have a negative impact on the locals.
  • According to Vastu shastra for flat, one should never construct a storeroom, bedroom, or any other room adjacent to the bathroom. This could have a negative impact on the residents and the property.
  • The idols in the pooja room must not be facing south.
  • In the pooja room, never put any images of dead people.
  • You should also avoid storing unnecessary items in this space.
  • It is considered unlucky to keep cash and valuables in the bed.
  • It’s also a good idea to keep dustbins out of pooja rooms because they can drain positive energy.

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Vastu For Flat – Toilet And Bathroom Placement

Most of the problems related to the health and well-being of the inhabitants are because of the incorrect placement of toilets or bathrooms in a flat. Since the flats have pipelines going from the ground floor to the top floors, it is all the more important to look for a flat that already follows the vastu shastra for the placements of various rooms. Since toilets dispose of human faeces, it’s important for them to dispose of them off in the right direction without taking the good energies with them.

Vastu Tips To Remember

  • It’s crucial to determine if the bathroom/toilet is located in the flat’s north-west or south-east corner.
  • The toilet floor should slope towards the north or east.
  • The toilet seat should be about 1 or 2 feet higher than the flooring.

Vastu For Flat – Bedroom Placement in Flat

Vastu For Flats – Master Bedroom

The apartment’s master bedroom is the space that belongs to the flat’s owner. It is the possessor’s quarters, and giving it to children is detrimental to the building. The master bedroom should be built in the flat’s south west direction, according to Vastu shastra for flat. If the apartment has more than one floor, building the room on the top floor on the south-west side is considered auspicious for the family.

Vastu For Flats – Children Bedroom

Following the master bedroom, the children’s room is the second most important room since it plays an important role in a child’s upbringing. The north-east or north-west is the best direction for a children’s bed. Also, make sure the room’s windows are on the north wall to prevent infrared radiation from being reflected in the space. To improve a child’s focus and a sharp mind, keep the room tidy, clutter-free, and free of all electronic devices.

Vastu For Flats -Guest Bedroom

In most flats, there isn’t enough space for a guest room, but if the flat is large and spacious enough, you can build an extra room for occasional use. The guests are advised to travel in a north-west direction. In addition, if there are any unmarried girls in the building, the north-west direction is safest.

Vastu For Flat -Tips To Remember For Bedroom In Flat

  • Paint your bedroom in lighter shades. Dark shades disturb the peace of mind and cause stress.
  • Wooden beds are more preferable than metal ones since wood is a natural material, emits more positive vibrations that are good for the health of the body and mind.
  • Avoid box beds as they stop the energy circulation leading to backaches and sleeplessness.
  • Sleep keeping your head towards the east or south.
  • Do not keep a mirror opposite to your bed in a south or south west placed bedroom.
  • Keep your bedroom fresh and fragrant with flowers as they bring positive energy.

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Vastu For Flat-The Right Colours For A Vastu Compliant Flat

Colours play a very important role in bringing prosperity if used correctly and in leading to downfall if used otherwise. They can make or break you. The best thing to do is to use lighter shades, as mentioned earlier.

Vastu For Flat – Tips To Remember For Colour Or Paint 

The colours in a home have a big impact on the people who live there. Here is a detailed overview of how to choose wall colours according to Vastu and other suggestions to keep in mind while doing so. You can also Consult an Expert for a detailed understanding of Vastu.

Wall Colours In Accordance With Vastu For Flat

Different directions have different colour suitability.

DirectionSuitable colours
North-eastLight blue
EastWhite, light blue
South-eastOrange, pink, silver
NorthGreen, pista green
North-westLight grey, white, cream
WestBlue, white
South-westPeach, mud colour or light brown
SouthRed and yellow

Wall Colour Guidelines As Per Vastu For Flat

Master bedroom: According to Vastu, the master bedroom should face south-west and be painted in blue colour.

Guest room/drawing room: Since the best direction for a guest room/drawing room is north-west, a guest room facing this direction should be painted white.

Children’s Room: The north-west is the best location for rooms for grown-up children who go out to study. Because the moon governs the north-west direction, children’s rooms facing this direction should be painted white.

Kitchen: Because the south-east zone is ideal for kitchens, the kitchen walls should be painted in orange or red colour.

Bathroom: Since the best location for a bathroom is in the north-west, the bathroom should be painted white.

Room: Ideally, the hall should face north-east or north-west, and should therefore be painted yellow or white.

Home exterior colour: The exterior colour of a home should represent the personality of its owners. People of all Rashis will wear colours like yellowish-white or off-white, light mauve or orange.”

Pooja bed: According to Vastu Shastra, the pooja room should face north-east to take advantage of the full amount of sunlight. Yellow is the best colour for this area of your home because it will help with the operation.

According to Vastu, if you have a home office, light green, blue, cream, and white are good choices. The use of light colours makes space appear larger. Dark colours should be avoided because they can make the room feel gloomy.

Balcony/veranda: The balcony should face north or east, according to Vastu principles. For the balcony, use calm colours like blue, cream, and light pink and green shades. This is where the inhabitants make contact with the outside world. As a result, dark colours should be avoided at all costs.

Garage: According to Vastu, a garage should be built on the north-west side. White, yellow, blue, or some other light colour is ideal.


Having your own flat is not just a big decision but also a dream come true. Hence, it is all the more necessary to implement the vastu shastra and comply with the vastu for flat rules to make your living happier and more fruitful.

You cannot always successfully make changes, but you can surely find solutions through vastu for Apartment to get the desired results.

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