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Vastu Tips For Underground & Overhead Water Tank

Every aspect of constructing a house must be done as per Vastu. To an extent, that one may also have to emphasize features like the water tank. The reason being that both an overhead water tank and the underground water tank play an important part in managing the health of the inhabitants. A weakly placed Water tank can bring about various health issues and ill-effects to the people living in the house. Hence, knowing where to place the water tank is essential and Water Tank Vastu aids in deciphering the same.

Any which way, the overhead/underground tank stores the water that is supplied from the well or the borewell which is then pumped to the tank that distributes it throughout the house. Thus, it forms a very pivotal role in constructing this tank as per Vastu. To follow this, a certain set of rules are made as far as the Vastu for the water tank is concerned. When the tank is built, it is framed in such a manner that it helps us to better our lives in whichever form or the other.

Not only this, but it is also viewed as a technology that was discovered a long time ago by Astrology and Vaastu maestros. The right placement of the tank as per Vaastu Shastra also leads to bringing in a lot of good health, wealth and prosperity, says Ganesha.

Let us go through some noteworthy points and understand what works and what does not work in the case of water tank Vastu!

Vastu Tips For Overhead Water Tank

As per the whole Vastu planning scheme, experts do sink in a lot of focus in the aspects pertaining to the construction and erection of a water tank. Here are a few important points to be noted while building the overhead water tank according to Vastu:

  • With respect to the water tank Vastu, the overhead tank should be built in the West or the South-West direction. This is because placing it in this particular direction helps in balancing out the positive and the negative energies in and around the house.
  • The second best option is to make it in the direction of the South as well.
  • While setting this up, make sure that there is a good distance of about one to two feet between the tank and the roof.
  • It is recommended to use black or blue color as is suggested in the Vastu for an overhead tank for this absorbs more sun rays beneficial to us.
  • Make sure that the water tank is completely closed and packed to avoid any impurities or external waste from getting inside.
  • Hygiene is of utmost importance, which is why it is advised to clean the tank at regular intervals.
  • If possible, try to have a separate water tank for both the kitchen and the bathroom.

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Things To Avoid In An Overhead Water Tank

There are a certain set of principles followed when we built and overhead water tank. Similarly, there are also a variety of things that we do avoid as well. Here are a few significant ones:

  • It is better to avoid a direction like the North-East side to set up an overhead tank as it pushes the expenses of the house and the individuals way too much. It may also bring unnecessary losses to its inhabitants.
  • Do steer clear of plastics while choosing your overhead water tank as well all know how harmful it is for the human body.
  • Besides, make sure that there is no dampness or cracks or leakages in the water tank especially when it is in the South-West direction.
  • Placing an overhead water tank in the middle, showers a negative influence on the owners of the building. This needs to be completely eschewed as per the water tank Vastu.

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Underground Water Tank Vastu

There is a slight difference in the way the overhead water tank and the underground water tank is looked at by Vastu experts because of the change in the placement of the same. While the overhead tank is placed on top of a building, the underground water tank (as the name suggests) is constructed after digging a hole in the ground. Vastu tips for the underground water tank is as stated below:

  • Place the underground water tank in the North-East direction of the house as it has a positive impact on the place and brings in a lot of optimism and affluence.
  • The tank can also be in the North and East direction as suggested in the underground water tank Vastu.
  • A popular and effective belief is to perform a puja before digging the earth and setting up the underground water tank. As per the water sump Vastu, this sets a positive vibe from its initiation.
  • Building an underground tank can be tricky and it is advised to consult an expert before doing so.

Don’ts As Per The Underground Water Tank Vastu

Just like how there are specific things that can be avoided while making an overhead tank, there are some criteria taken into consideration while doing the same in the underground water tank as well. These are as follows:

  • Avoid constructing an underground water tank in the North-West and South-East direction as it may have a bad effect on the inhabitants using it.
  • Do try to discontinue using dirty tanks, suggests Ganesha.
  • Make sure that there is no leakage or seepage as such in the underground tank.
  • It is highly advocated to not start your digging process during Tuesdays for it may bring in a bad omen on the people living in the house.
  • Also, do not close any misplaced tank by yourself and consult an expert before taking any actions without much knowledge!

Thus, we now know what are the correct ways to set up both an overhead water tank and the underground water tank according to the Water Tank Vastu! It is the same reason why this is done in a very meticulous and accurate way for one has to understand that it may create both negative and positive footprints for the dwellers, depending on its placement.

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