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Vastu Tips For Hospital Planning & Designing

Nobody would like to visit a hospital, but if the time comes, then it is important to enter the hospital premises without any choice. In such a case, what if the hospital is giving you negative vibes? Will such a place help you recover in a better way? But what is there in such a hospital that makes it so full of negativity? On the other hand, there are hospitals where patients feel comfortable and recover earlier than expected. They feel happy at such hospitals. So, what makes this place different from the other hospital? The answer lies in Vastu Shastra! When a hospital is built as per the principles of vastu for the hospital, it gives the patients a feel-good factor and helps them recover well.

Vastu for Hospital

People and patients enter the hospital premises with very high hope and believe in the doctors and the entire team. But at times, the best-trained staff and expert doctors are unable to prevent disease or restore health because their efficiency is affected due to the negative effect of the bad vastu. Hence, it is significant to follow the vastu for the hospital before constructing the building. Vastu for hospital gives the guidelines to be followed to make the hospital vastu compliant.

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Vastu Tips for Hospital and Rooms

When care is taken to construct a hospital as per vastu plan, it opens the door for successful surgeries and healthy recovery of patients. Vastu for the hospital also helps to earn a good reputation amongst the patients. A few important vastu tips for the hospital are given below.

  • Hospital buildings should be constructed on the north-east site. If this corner is not available, then favorable direction will be north or east.
  • The main entrance gate should be in the north-east direction. This brings prosperity and happiness to the campus.
  • There should be sufficient open space around the hospital campus, for positivity to move swiftly.
  • The reception area should be in the north-east as this will benefit the management.
  • Vastu for hospital rooms advises that the consultation room should be regular in shape. The irregular shape will hamper the growth of the doctor and also will be an hindrance in the healthy recovery of the patient.
  • The doctor’s table should be rectangular and made of wood only. This will keep stress at bay and help in the effective treatment of the patients.
  • The doctor should sit in the west, south, or south-west direction, and the patient should be in the opposite direction. This makes build a harmonious relationship between the doctor and the patient.
  • Vastu suggests that all the medical equipment should be kept in the south, west or the southwest of the building and should be at an elevated place. This will balance the energies in this direction. 
  • The storeroom should be in the south, west, or south-west of the building and also be kept at an elevated place. This is done to balance the negative and positive energies.
  • The ICU and other emergency wards should be in the south-west area of the hospital. This will help in the quick recovery of the patient. 
  • Beds in the wards should be placed in such a way that the head of the patients are in the south. This will help in healing in a better and faster way. This will also help in immediate relief.
  • Heavy electrical equipment like generators and heaters should be placed in the south-east direction only. 
  • Corporate hospital vastu advises to have an operation theatre in the west area of the hospital. 
  • At the time of operation, the patient’s head should be in the south. And the apparatus should be kept in the west, south or south-west of the patient’s bed.
  • For a healthy and fast recovery, it is advisable to have large windows in the north or east direction, in the ward. 
  • Medical books should be properly placed in the shelves in the south or west direction.
  • Room for X-ray should be in the south-east. This helps in correct and precise diagnosis.
  • As per the vastu for the nursing home, the nurses’ quarter should be in the south-east or north-west direction.
  • Toilets should be in the west or south of the building.
  • Vastu colors for the hospital suggest that the patient’s room should be painted with light blue or yellow shade as it brings calmness to mind.
  • The waiting room should be light beige or peach color as it makes the area cheerful.
  • In the reception area, yellow should be avoided. It should be painted with light crimson or purple shades that are inviting and warm.
  • The consultation room should be painted ivory and the operation theatre should be turquoise.
  • Dark blue, black and grey should be completely avoided as they are a harbinger of stress and depression.

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Time to say goodbye to disease or ailment!

When vastu shastra and medical science work together, it can create miracles. So, when a hospital is constructed using the principles of vastu shastra, it spreads magic all around and helps the patients recover with ease. 

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