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Vastu Tips For Shops & Showrooms

With the increase in competition for the shop owners nowadays, it becomes difficult to cope up with the market trends resulting in a decrease in the profits. This is also due to one of the factors that the online business is spread worldwide. This new technology has reached each home due to which the shop owners are losing their efficient business. Even after trying hard and putting investments, many shop owners are facing tremendous competition. Hence, if you are looking to turn around your business into a profitable one, it is vital that you take the guidance of Vastu ideas and principles for your shops.

A shop or a showroom is well-recognized by its name and hospitality. These can be earned with its appropriate construction. A shop in compliance with Vastu is constructed with the help of proper orientation and quintessentially placing things like cash counter, desks, sitting area, etc. Know detailed information about commercial Vastu.

Benefits of a Vastu Based Shop or Showroom

There are many benefits of applying Vastu for shops or showrooms. Below are some of the major ones that come with Vastu:

  • A pleasant experience for customers as soon as they step inside your shop.
  • Customers are likely to spend more time and money at your shop.
  • It boosts your brand value in the customer’s mind. This helps spread word of mouth and helps grow your business.
  • It draws repeat purchases from old customers.
  • A good Vastu design with a positive interior design promotes your business as a silent salesperson.
  • The difference in your showroom or shop’s design from that of the others can give you a great advantage.

The above benefits will help you take the below guidelines and tips that you can use to build your shops or showrooms as per Vastu Shastra.

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Vastu Tips for Shops or Showrooms

When a customer looks at the entrance of your shop or the showroom, it gives them a vibe that draws them to step in. This very vibe is derived based on the auspiciousness of your shop’s design and structure. Here are some Vastu tips for shop or showroom:

A square-shaped or rectangular shop is an ideal shop as per Vastu Shastra. Or it should have the front part wider than the back. You should avoid a triangular or uneven shaped shop as they can lead to mental stress and a loss in finances.

The entrance of the shop or showroom should be fully open and not be blocked with stuff like poles, trees, and even product stands. These can lead to issues in business. You should also avoid a slope towards the entrance of your shop as it is considered inauspicious.

The front of your shop should be free from any open drain. Keeping stagnant water in front should also be avoided. There should not be a threshold for the main entrance door. This can obstruct the positive energy from entering your shop.

You should avoid cluttering in the North-East corner. This is a sacred place in the shop. Hence, you should always keep it tidy and empty. Ideally, you can place a fountain or a water source in this corner. You should keep heavy stuff like raw materials or furniture and showcases on the South-West part. Electronic equipment like computers and television should be placed in the South-East corner.

The cash counter of your shop should be such that it opens towards the North. This is said to be a place where the Lord of wealth, Kuber resides. You should construct the locker room towards South-West with an opening in North. Also, make sure that the cash box is always filled.

The counter of your shop or showroom should be angular in shape It should be situated in the South-Eastside or the South-Westside. North-West is the quadrant of air that aids movement. Hence, this quadrant is the best to keep hot selling items.

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Some More Tips that You can Follow for Your Shop

The shop owner should face towards East or North while sitting in the shop. They should avoid facing South or West direction.

You should refrain from placing idols of Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesha to the right of the North-East part. You can display auspicious signs of Swastik in the shop. One of the walls in your shop should have the words “shubh-laabh” and “riddhi-siddhi” written.

It is an ideal and favorable practice to offer prayers to God after opening the shop in the morning. You can light a diya and burn incense sticks to revive positive energies in your shop.

Nowadays more and more people are going after Vastu Shastra to build their shops, commercial spaces or showrooms. Vastu principles help bring prosperity and overall success in the economic growth. If you are facing issues in terms of gaining finances from your shop, then you should get your commercial area checked with a Vastu expert. They can give remedies that you can apply for the betterment of your business.

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