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Vastu Shastra Colours For Business Office Success

Colours not only add to the beauty of the room, they also attract positive and negative energies from the cosmos. So, it is significant to understand how vastu colours for office colour can enhance a better work environment and lead you to the path of success.

Every direction is ruled and dominated by some planet, God, and element of nature. And Vastu Shastra says that every element has its own colour. So, if one chose to paint some colour which is not in sync with that direction, then it may lead to negative results. It may hamper the professional growth of the owner as well as the employees of the business. It may lead to consistent loss and even legal issues. Hence, we are here with a brief description of office colours according to vastu.

As mentioned above, there are specific colours for each direction that help invite positivity and energize the area. These vastu colours are listed below.

  • It is advisable to have white, off-white or silver-white in the north, east, north-east and south-west direction. This helps in maintaining financial stability.
  • If one wants to have green shade in the office, then a light green shade should be painted on the walls in the north while any other green hue can be painted on walls in the south-west direction.
  • Walls in the south should be painted with red or brown colour as this direction is ruled by the planet Mars  .
  • Before deciding upon any colour for the office walls, one should have a look at the below-given vastu tips for office colours.

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Vastu Tips for Office Colours

  • The best colours for office, according to vastu are always the lighter shades. But still if you like to have variety in the colours of the office walls, then you need to adhere to the vastu shastra for office room colours.
  • It is advised by vastu to have lighter shades if the office rooms are small. Lighter shades make the room seem larger, and hence, it enhances the movement of positivity in the room.
  • Vastu also suggests that if the office has large rooms, then one can play with colours and experiments with a variety of shades. But these colours should be as per the vastu guidelines.
  • It is essential to understand the relation between directions and elements like fire, water, air, earth and sky, before choosing the colour. Specific vastu colours for each direction are given above.
  • The room or place where the employees have their leisure time can be painted light blue as it is the colour that depicts a calm and cool relaxation mode.
  • Green colour represents rejuvenation or triggering of new ideas. Hence, it should be painted in the office where some start-up company is functioning.
  • If there are several rooms in the office, then vastu colours for office rooms advise painting the rooms in the north with shades of green.
  • Office rooms in the south or west should be painted red or grey.
  • Yellow and off-white can be used in other rooms in other directions.
  • Keep the ceiling of a lighter shade than the walls.
  • Brown, black or dark blue are not considered auspicious colours. So, they should be avoided entirely in the offices.

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Vastu Colours for various departments in office

According to Vastu colours for office rooms, every department at the workplace should be painted as per the vastu colours for office.

  • The cabin of the Managing Director should be in the south-west and the best colour for this room is pink or yellow. Pink enhances harmony. Yellow attracts prosperity. Avoid choosing red, brown or green. These colours do not work in favor of the MD of the company.
  • The marketing department should be in the north-west direction and should be painted with ivory or off-white colours. These colours improve the relationship with customers and expand the market of the company.
  • The accounts department should be in the north direction as this direction is ruled by Lord Kuber, God of wealth. Light shades of green are suitable for this department.
  • The people with the senior designation or those who have management responsibility should be in the room in the south. These people are the ones who decide on important matters without being emotional. So, their cabins should be painted with dark shades of corals. Light shades are not suitable in such rooms as they may make people lazy and emotional.
  • The conference room should be painted with light shades like white, cream, or yellow. Such rooms should be in the north.
  • Toilets are also a part of any office. These should be in the south-east and should be painted yellow.

Wrapping Up

No matter which colour you use for your office, it is important that you have cordial relations with your employees and the clients. But there is no harm in following the simple vastu tips for office colours. This will not help in yielding positive results, but it will also make your work easy by giving you a set of colours to choose from. So, why not explore the best colours as per vastu for office and make our workplace a better place.

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