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Vastu Tips For School Building – Enforce The Cosmic Magic At SchoolVastu for School

A school is often better known as the second home for a child. So, isn’t it important that the second home for your child is also vastu compliant? Vastu for school makes the learning stress free for the students and also teachers. It helps the management get more admissions in the school. So, let us understand the principles of vastu shastra for school.

Every aspect of a school is important for each child, be it the classroom, entrance gate, blackboard, teachers’ table, or the Principal’s cabin. Vastu for the school guides us, taking into consideration each and every angle of the school. The success of the school and the students depends on many vastu factors like:

  • The school’s location and its surroundings
  • Entrance gate, windows, and doors of classes
  • Location of the staffroom, principal’s room, library, and other rooms
  • Position of the administration section
  • Location of canteen and toilets
  • The direction of the parking area and playground
  • The placement of beams in classrooms and other rooms
  • The direction of the assembly ground or hall
  • Location of the accounts department

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Vastu tips for school

  • As per the vastu for school building, the entrance gate should be in the north or east direction.
  • According to vastu for the classroom, the entrance to the class should be in the east.
  • Black-board should be placed in the east direction.
  • Students should be seated in such a way that they face the east or north direction.  This helps them concentrate better during the sessions.
  • Large windows in the northern or eastern side of the classrooms should be present.
  • While construction is going on, it is suggested by the vastu for school building construction that the beams should be placed in such a way that no student sits directly under it.
  • The teacher’s table in the classroom should be at a height that is above the ground level. This makes the presence of the teacher felt in the class and enhances the efficiency of the teacher and students both.
  • The north-west is the most suitable direction for having a staff room. This makes teachers more efficient and wiser.
  • Vastu for the principal’s office suggests that the principal’s cabin should be in the south-east direction, and the principal should be facing the north.
  • The playground should be in the east. This enables students to remain energetic and fills them with enthusiasm.
  • All the electrical devices like the music system and inverters should be in the south-east. This direction helps in avoiding accidents at school.
  • At school, toilets should be in the west direction. If there are multiple floors with a toilet on every floor, then all the toilets should be one below the other in the same direction.
  • The canteen at the school should be in the south-east direction while the person who serves the food to the students should be facing the east direction. This ensures that the students are not left hungry, and they return with the content and filled stomachs.
  • It should be ensured that the major construction of the building is done in the south, west, or south-west direction. As per the vastu for school building construction, there should be enough space in the eastern and the northern areas left for swift movement of positive energies.

School is not only about principals, teachers, or students. It also includes an office area where the major administration work is done. The most important section of this office is the accounts department. According to the vastu for school office, the accounts department should be in the north or east direction. This is the most favorable position as it attracts maximum abundance and positive. It maintains the financial stability and even escalates the growth of the school funds. The reception area is also a part of the school’s office. It is the first place any visitor goes to enquire after entering the school campus. This should be in the most favorable direction to attract potent parents and students. And the direction for the reception is north or east and it should be right after the main entrance of the school.

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End Note

There many things to be considered before constructing a school to foster the needs of the young mind. But the basic demand is that of education, knowledge, and wisdom. To have these mentioned skills, one can also choose the vastu colours for school, that enables easy learning and also help in keeping mind and heart at peace. It is advised to paint the school building with light shades like cream or yellow or even light green. The classrooms can be painted with yellow or green in light shades as these are colours of mercury, which has a great impact on writing and reading skills. All these vastu tips will surely take your school to a greater height. It will also enable students to do well in academics as well as extra-curricular activities.

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