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Vastu Tips For Children’s Room And Child’s Success

Children’s room is considered to be a room filled with fun, creativity, and merrymaking. A well-built room as per Vastu Shastra can only provide a good future for the children living in the house. Depending on how you want to nurture your child, accordingly you design the bedroom for your children.

According to Vastu for kids room, playful and creative space for children can assist in nurturing optimistic thoughts in the kids. Not just this, but it can also help them to grow and learn faster than others of their age. Thus, all aspects like the direction of the study table, bed, clock, doors, windows, etc should be taken into account while constructing a room for children as per Vaastu.

Placing all the things as per kids’ room Vastu will help children in the family to be more smart and hard-working as well. It is obvious for parents to worry about their children and their future which is why Vastu principles connected with children’s rooms may come to aid for both the children and their parents.

Children Bedroom Vastu

Following a set of rules decoded as per Vastu Shastra can prevent a lot of mishappenings and misfortune to a child. We all know how some children turn out to be very mischievous and rigid apart from some who may suffer from a defect or the other. This can be controlled to some extent, with the help of designing the children’s room as per Vastu.

Here are a few vastu tips that one can use to their benefit:

  • As far as the direction is concerned, the West-side is considered to be the most favorable one for establishing a children’s bedroom.
  • Concerning the placement of the bed, it should be located on the South-West side of the room so that children can experience maximum gains pertaining to their sprouting.
  • Children should also keep their heads in the South or the East direction while sleeping to attain a peaceful and calm mindset.
  • The entrance (door) of the children’s room should not face the bed directly as per what is mentioned in the kids’ bedroom Vastu.
  • Placing the furniture in the South-West direction is also advantageous.
  • The same goes for the placement of cabinets and closets in the children’s room too, that is, setting it up in the South-West direction.
  • If you do happen to put a computer or a TV inside the children’s room, then place the former in the North direction and the latter in the South-East direction says Ganesha.
  • The study table in a children’s room should face the East, North or North-East direction for the better future of children in the house.
  • The parents in the house must see to it that the study area is not messy and is rather clean and tidy so that there is a constant flow of good vibes and energy in the house. This will also help the kids to gain more concentration and creative power.
  • To paint the walls of the room, one can use colors like Green and Blue which can elevate the mood of the kids in a better way.
  • Build the doors to the room in the East or North direction, say our experts.
  • Keep the lights in the South-East direction.
  • The North direction is associated with the career. Thus, one can put up all the children’s achievements on that particular wall so that they are inspired to put more efforts and achieve more in life.

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Children Bedroom Vastu: Don’ts

As much as there are rules to abide by in the realm of Vastu, there are also certain principles that govern the negative aspects as well. These are the things to be avoided under any circumstances for they are pessimistic in their essence.

  • It is better to avoid putting up any exposed mirrors in the room. Also, do not put a mirror in front of the bed!
  • Do keep a distance of at least three inches or more between the walls and the furniture of the room. Vastu tips for Mirror Placement
  • Do not keep many gadgets in the room as it is very important for the child to not be dependant on automatic systems. Rather, give them books to read or take them outside to play. This will make them more energetic and active.
  • As parents, make sure that they are more exposed to nature and wildlife, rather than using machine-minded games. Planting small trees or exposing them to more greenery and sunlight may make them more productive.

The framework and design of Children’s room as per Vastu can support kids to be more obedient, progressive and hard-working. Such is the influence of Vastu Shastra on aspects pertaining to the construction of the same.

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