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Vastu Tips For Servant Room Or Labors

As much as it is crucial to have rooms for all the family members, it is important to apprehend the fact that building a room for the housekeeper/servant is also necessary. The servant is also considered to be a family member of sorts, and because he does all the work required in the house, he might as well get some privileges.

Designing the servant room according to Vastu can help make the servant of the house be more loyal to the inhabitants. Whereas, if the room is constructed in the wrong direction, the housekeeper may turn out to be unfaithful and end up committing mistakes or doing wrong things like stealing and robbing.

Therefore, it becomes essential to place the servant room as per Vastu as the owner may also need to have a dominating factor that can somehow assist in controlling the housekeeper in some ways. There are chances that a servant may turn out to be disloyal but establishing the servant room or servant quarter under Vastu Shastra will only optimistically affect the dwellers.

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Vastu Tips for Servant Room

Servant Room Vastu is mandatory if one wants to develop a positive and hard-working mindset of the servant. If the room is not designed as per the Vastu principles, then there are chances that the inhabitants may suffer some loss with this misplacement.

To make sure that things run smoothly in the house, here are a few vastu tips on servant room Vastu that can be of help to the people living in the house. These are:

  • Construct the servant room in the South-East side of the house as it takes away the power from the servant to dispropriate the owner of the house.
  • Another option is to build the servant room in the North-West direction. This may not be the ideal place but can be taken into consideration if the other option is not available.
  • Try painting the walls of the servant’s room with light shades that make the aura of the room calm and soothing. This, in turn, will resist the servant to steal or heist anything from the house.

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Vastu For Servant Room: Things To Avoid

Given below are a few things that one must avoid while constructing the servant room as per Vastu. These are:

  • The level of the floor of the servant’s room should not be more than the floor of the main building, say our experts.
  • Do not construct the servant room in the North-East or South-West direction as this can lead the servant to commit some theft or robbery.
  • It is advised that the servant’s room should not be in contact Particularly with the South-Eastern corner of the house.
  • Do not place any expensive or metallic item in the room as well, says Ganesha.

Although, servants in the house may not have much to say in anything, it is very important that the inhabitants of the house also treat them judiciously. The dwellers should respect the servant and try to make him/her feel like a member of the family.

Thus, if all these Vastu principles are taken into account while constructing the servant room as per Vastu, one will never face any kind of theft, robbery or duping of any kind. The servant will rather try to be as loyal and not commit any mistakes that could harm the inhabitants!

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