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Numerology Name & Charts

The mathematics and science of this approach to simplify life called numerology can be used to gain insight into human qualities with the ultimate aim of being able to provide well-being. With the help of Numerology, we try to peep deep into one’s personality, and if you put it in medical terms, we try to diagnose the issues that prohibit humans to live a full blossomed and fragrant life. This is achieved by converting the alphabets of a person’s name to numbers, which are then entered into a table. All of this is in accordance with the predetermined rules of traditional Numerology activities.

About Numerology Name

Numerology is the study of numbers. It is believed that numbers are related to the universe around us. The alphabets in our names are also represented by a number. Naming a child right, based on numerology, can give them a perfect headstart to life. Understanding the numerical value of their name can help you predict important events of their lives.

Numerology Number Chart

To help calculate the numeric values of alphabets, the below Numerology Number Chart will be helpful. 1 A, J, S 2 B, K, T 3 C, L, U 4 D, M, V 5 E, N, W 6 F, O, X 7 G, P, Y 8 H, Q, Z 9 I, R Let us take an example of a name like AMULYA SAXENA and analyze using this method. Now, on the basis of the Numerology Number Chart is given above, we will allot numbers to the alphabets as below.


After accomplishing numbering the alphabets, we calculate the quantity of each number. So, let us now see what all numbers AMULYA SAXENA has in his name: Number of 1s – 5 Number of 2s – 0 Number of 3s – 2 Number of 4s – 1 Number of 5s – 2 Number of 6s – 1 Number of 7s – 1 Number of 8s – 0 Number of 9s – 0 The numbers we assigned to the alphabets can be used to build a map or grid, also known as Lo Shou Grid. Lo Shou Grid is used in Feng Shui. The Lo Shou Grid is a 9-box map with one number in each box, ranging from 1 to 9. According to Numerology, there are nine numbers that encompass all of the virtues that an individual should possess in order to live a fulfilling life. A Numerologist builds your Lo Shou Grid and determines which attributes you lack based on your date of birth.


According to Pythagoras, the father of numerology, every number has unique qualities and a story to tell. Based on this belief, each of the numbers is assigned a unique characteristic, and the Numerologist will evaluate your attributes based on those qualities. The more times a certain number appears in your life, the greater its effect on your life and personality. The numbers that are absent from your name then leave a void of certain attributes, which you can attempt to acquire or imbibe. You can do it yourself, but note that expert advice is often preferred. Further using the interpretations that follow, analyzing Chart to see how accurately it suits your own characteristics on a preliminary level. The end result would astound you!

Meaning of Name Numerology

Let us see how we can understand the meaning of name numerology. When it comes to numbers in your name, it is important what is less and what is a lot as far as the alphabets or numbers are concerned. It is practically almost impossible to quote a specific statistic to make a number seem fair or excessive. The length of one’s name influences the existence of a fair figure of any number in one’s Numerology table. You will need to look at all of the other numbers in the table as well.

Name Numerology Number 1

People with a large number of 1s in their horoscopes are more likely to be self-assured. Name Numerology Number 1 exudes self-confidence and modesty, as well as ambition and originality in everything they do. Name Numerology Number 1 attributes stand out amidst a full room because they are free birds and have an abundance of fuel of desire to go that extra mile. They can be dominating and overpowering at times to achieve their goal. When on a mission of achieving something, they will be on the front foot with all cylinders firing, which might sometimes make them excessively insensitive to people around them.

In the same way, the absence of 1 in the table may indicate a lack of zeal, shyness, and reserved personality. It might take a big shock to get them out of their shells. They can have low self-esteem and can be demotivated. They would be more likely to pull themselves down the path that life has laid out for them rather than taking control of their own destiny.

Name Numerology Number 2

Name Numerology Number 2 typically denotes one’s willingness to communicate with the outside world – in other words, interpersonal skills and relationship dynamics. The absence of this number in the Numerology chart indicates an excessively sensitive personality, making it difficult for the individual to get along with others. A person with Name Numerology Number 2 may be addicted to playing blame games.

As far as communication and socializing qualities are concerned, people with a fair number of 2s in their chart compared to other numbers appear to simply scintillate. They will easily put others at ease in any discussion because they are tactful, intuitive, and friendly. It is no surprise that they do well in both their relationships and their social lives. On the other hand, having too many 2s in a chart is not a good sign because the individual is unnecessarily emotional. Such people are also more likely to miss out on opportunities because they struggle to take a stand for themselves.

Name Numerology Number 3

In a person’s chart, a rational number of 3 shows a sociable, outgoing personality. People with Name Numerology Number 3 want to have a good time, and they, like anyone with a lot of Number 2, find it easy to make friends with strangers. They are imaginative and outgoing people who have an eye for details.

Many with an abundance of Number 3s in their horoscope are more likely to be arrogant, haughty, and egoistic. They also find it difficult to bring their lofty ideas into effect because they have so many of them. The absence of Number 3 from the chart indicates that a person’s life is devoid of the required element of fun. They struggle to learn to let go of things.

Name Numerology Number 4

Name Numerology Number 4 represents activity. Its absence from the graph suggests a proclivity to avoid manual labor. People with Name Numerology Number 4 may be willing to work, but they do not want to work incessantly for long periods of time and without regard for anything else.

Those with rational Number 4s, on the other hand, are the polar opposite. They are the ones who enjoy taking on new challenges and are not afraid to put in long hours to meet a goal. Choreography, event management, mining, civil engineering, and other occupations that involve a keen eye for detail, hard, manual labor, or a lot of running around are examples.

If this number is too much, it means you have an unbalanced personality. Such individuals could be characterized as workaholics who are unconcerned about piling up loads of work on their desks. They are the best fit for the famous saying that if you focus on ants around very much, then you are likely to miss an elephant in front of you.

Name Numerology Number 5

Name Numerology Number 5 signifies shift and independence. The absence of this number signifies resistance to change and causes the person to avoid getting out of their comfort zone.

On the other hand, an overabundance of this number in the chart indicates that a person is abusing his or her freedom and independence. Such a person is prone to overindulging in whatever it is that he or she enjoys, whether it is carnal pleasures, alcohol, or drugs. Addiction is a very real possibility for people like this.

A sufficient number of 5s in the chart indicates that the individual has excellent time management abilities. Name Numerology Number 5s are usually good time managers with well-established work and pleasure schedules. Name Numerology Number 5 are self-sufficient individuals who enjoy change and embrace it as a source of diversity and flavor in their lives.

Name Numerology Number 6

Name Numerology Number 6 is all about being responsible and maintaining balance, particularly in work and family. A fair percentage of this number indicates that the individual can manage his family and domestic duties to the best of his ability. They are highly practical creatures stuck strongly to their roots.

An excessively idealistic personality can be indicated by the absence of the number 6 from the table. Such people have unreasonable aspirations when it comes to achieving perfection at home and in their families. It is possible that Name Numerology Number 6 will have trouble managing their duties.

An overabundance of this number in the chart denotes a nervous and fussy personality. These people are prone to be taken for granted and even exploited by others because Name Numerology Number 6 is overly worried about their loved ones and families.

Name Numerology Number 7

It is not practically possible to have an overabundance of 7s. This is due to 2 factors: first, it is difficult to find people with even a single number 7 in their tables, and second, an extra number of 7s has no discernible negative impact on personality.

Spirituality, self-actualization, and a higher mental plane are all represented by the Name Numerology Number 7. It is very normal to be without the number 7. People with this personality type are prone to being impatient and impulsive, particularly when they are young. They may not be attracted to any particular faith or religion. As they grow older, however, they may become seekers of some religion or philosophy that appeals to them.

A chart with a fair number of 7s indicates a person who is understanding, caring, and well-organized. Name Numerology Number 7 people may have their own beliefs and values, but they are open to learning and new information.

Name Numerology Number 8

People who do not have a Number 8 in their Numerology chart have a pronounced carelessness for money and materialism. While they have a strong desire for money, such people struggle with financial matters and negotiations and can become frustrated as a result.

A sufficient number of Name Numerology Number 8 ensures financial stability, allowing those individuals to progress financially in their lives; although the journey will be sluggish and it will still be safe and consistent. People with too many Name Numerology Number 8s in their charts often have an obsession with wealth, power, and all things material. They can prioritize their career and financial growth over relationships.

Name Numerology Number 9

Name Numerology Number 9 in Numerology charts are uncommon, but they are usually the ones who need to learn the lessons of sociability, kindness, and benevolence the most. They do learn, albeit at a late stage in life, the hard way.

A fair number of Numerology Number 9 in the map, on the other hand, shows a loving, compassionate individual, someone who is understanding and helpful and who is not afraid to lend a helping hand to others.

Even if these people are not evil at heart, having so many Number 9s does not mean a balanced personality. Since they feel that they know it all, they have a tendency to mess up at every aspect of life, which is how they learn things. Name Numerology Number 9 are so prone to getting involved in other’s problems that they ultimately hurt themselves.

So Let’s Go!

So what are you waiting for? Get a pen and paper and start calculating your Numerology Name, and if you need help, do not forget to consult an experienced numerologist.

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