House Number Numerology

Home is the safest place that you can be and it gives a certain level of comfort which no other place does, and it usually reminds us of how a significant place it is. The house emits different vibrations and energy depending on how we manage the place and what aura do we create in our home. Therefore, the address of the place you live in plays a vital role in deciding the vibe of the house and how well suited or matched your house is, as per Numerology.

Even though there are various other aspects as well, that may also have a notable influence in your house like the street name, zip code, society number, etc but the apartment number plays the most crucial role of them all, in knowing how much is the house reconcilable. Your house should be such that it regains the physical and mental power to succeed in life and that which keeps the family healthy and energetic as well. Now, we will discuss how one can calculate the Numerology for a house.

Calculating Numerology For Your House:

The first step to calculating the Numerology for your house is to note down the correct apartment or house number. The second step is to add these numbers and convert them into a single digit number. Here is an example which will give you a clear idea as to how one should calculate the numerology for their house. Let us assume that the address / house number / apartment number for whose the numerology is to be calculated is, 1408- Shivam Apartments. The essential thing to be noted is that we have not used the street name, street number or the zip code for the process of calculating the House Numerology.

Now, the house number here is 1408 which has to be converted to a single digit number by adding all the digits.

1+4+0+8 = 13

1+3 = 4

Therefore, the numerology associated with the given house number is 4.

Now, if you have a house number which also contains alphabets, then the process of the whole calculation is the same, just that one has to convert the alphabet into a number and then continue with the rest of the process. For example, if your house number or apartment number is B1408, we add the numbers first and then add the numeric value of the alphabet to that number. So, for the house number B-1408:

1+4+0+8 = 13 = 1+3 = 4

Then, one has to convert the alphabet into a number. In this case, B represents the number 2. So, we have to add 2 with the number 4.

B + 4

2 + 4 = 6

Thus, the house number, as per numerology, for B-1408 is 6. For your convenience and information, here is the table given below which presents the numeric value for all the alphabets:

A, J, S = 1 B, K, T = 2 C, L, U = 3 D, M, V = 4 E, N, W = 5 F, O, X = 6 G, P, Y = 7 H, Q, Z = 8 I, R = 9

Therefore, the house number in numerology plays a significant role in shaping your present and your future as well, because it is only the vibrations and the energy of the house that will help you to cultivate the necessary environment for you and your family. Furthermore, if you do not associate with a certain kind of energy or vibration that the households and you want a specific kind of vibe or change that you look forward to, you can insert another number inside or outside your home. You will see the influence of the number that adds up, to make the required changes in your house, through the house numerology.

For example, if you have a house that is associated with the number 3, as per house numerology, but you want a house that resonates with the number 7, you can add 4 to your house number which will eventually add up to 7, which will be your new house number. You will then see the alterations by just adding 4 to your original house number. But, one thing to be noted is that even though you may witness the changes happening over a period of time with the change in your house number, the original number may have a pre-potent influence on the house.

Thus, house number, as per Numerology plays a major ruling force behind the energy and vibrations that the house emits, which in turn influences you and your family members as well.


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