The Five Elements and Numerology

Astrology, specifically Chinese and Vedic, delineates five vital elements that are believed to be a part of almost everything in the world – our bodies, this earth, the environment. That means everything in this world can be categorized under five of these elements.

When we talk of the system of Numerology connected to the elements, there is a beautiful description of the same in the Chinese Astrology. Hence, here we explain how the five elements as delineated in Chinese Astrology are connected to Numerology.

As per the Chinese Astrology specifically, the five elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each of these elements can either be productive or destructive.

There is a Productive Cycle, and there is a Destructive Cycle.

The Productive Cycle is –

  1. Wood burns, creating Fire.
  2. This leaves Earth, out of which comes Metal.
  3. Metal liquefies like Water.
  4. Water nurtures Wood.

The Destructive Cycle is –

  1. Wood draws from Earth.
  2. Earth pollutes Water.
  3. Water puts out Fire.
  4. Fire melts Metal.
  5. Metal can chop and destroy Wood.

Each of the above elements have been assigned a number or two numbers in Numerology. In short, these assigned numbers are believed to relate to these elements, their qualities, and characteristics they bestow on a native.

This is how the numbers are associated with elements –

1 relates to Water
2 relates to Earth
3 relates to Wood
4 relates to Wood
5 relates to Earth
6 relates to Metal
7 relates to Metal
8 relates to Earth
9 relates to Fire

Each of these numbers and elements relate to a desirable quality. An absence of an element, that is its number, from your chart indicates a lack of that particular quality. But, to cure that lack or to enhance a particular ability, a person could surround himself/ herself with objects that relate to the correct element.

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Wood relates to creativity, ability to ideate, innovativeness

Fire relates to enthusiasm, excitement and motivation.

Earth relates to stability, constancy of ideas and actions, and the ability to reach one’s goals.

Metal relates to valour, courage, and ability to stand up for oneself.

Water relates to interpersonal skills, ability to express and communicate with others

If you feel any of the aforementioned qualities are missing in you, then you need to surround yourself with the objects of the lacking element. We will tell you which objects fall under each element category –


Absence of Numbers 3 and 4 from the chart indicate absence of the element of Wood from the chart. The lack may be ‘cured’ by surrounding oneself with wood and related objects. Living wood in form of trees, potted plants, shrubs, grass, bonsai plants etc. may be used amply to decorate or fill the living space. Or else furniture and decorative pieces made of wood may be used. The element Wood is also referred to as ‘tree’, so it is best to make use of living wood as a ‘cure’.


In case of a missing Number 9 from the chart, it’s important that the native may surround himself/ herself with bright objects in red, ochre, amber, vermilion or such colours. Light emitting objects may also fulfil this gap.


Earth represents three numbers that make up the arrow of determination. The lack of these numbers creates the arrow of frustration. In absence of all or any three numbers from one’s chart, the native must surround oneself with objects that are directly linked with earth or ground, except metals. In this case precious stones and Quartz crystals can work as a perfect ‘cure’ to compensate this lack.


Number 6 and 7 relate to the element of Metal. In case of the absence of either of the two or both the numbers from the Numerology chart, the native may surround oneself with objects made of metal. Precious metals like gold and silver, worn as ornaments like ring or a bracelet make the perfect ‘cure’. Metal coins, quite a common omen for inviting money especially in Feng Shui, may also be kept to compensate for this lack. This element is also often referred to as Gold (meaning money).


This element relates to Number 1. It is considered impossible for anyone to not have this element in their charts, at least the ones born already in the last thousand years. But many to be born in the coming or present century may not have this number, and will need a ‘cure’ by all means. Anything in black or blue, azure, cerulean will make a sufficient compensation for the lack. Such people may keep all the aforementioned colours in ample in their wardrobes. However, the best possible ‘cure’ is water, and homes with aquarium, swimming pools or the one on a sea or river side will also make a good remedy for these people.

As already mentioned above, compensating for the lack of these elements ensures that one benefits from all the positive qualities and traits associated with these elements. Thus, if a native feels there is a dearth of any one or more element in his/ her chart, he/ she may experiment by keeping near the suggested ‘cures’ and soon he/ she may witness a gradual yet a steady progress in the areas needing help.

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