Numerology 2

People who are associated with Number 2 in Numerology are related to the dualities of life, feelings, caring nature, the imbalance and aspects related to the conscious mind. People who are connected with this number, usually are able to perceive the dualities of life and experience them in a much better way. For them, there is no escape from this, and they live with the fact that dualities are a part of the life which makes it whole.

This has an impact on the various emotions that they go through. It would be tough for them to make decisions given that they’re always in two minds. Therefore, the nature of their conscious mind becomes uncertain in making a full decision and thus, they are always in some confused motion or the other. As they have a strong force with the number 2 in their names, they are not easily satisfied. However, they are very sympathetic, affectionate, preservative, defensive and kind in nature. They protect themselves in the best manner possible from the uncertainties.

The presence of number 2 in their names is quite crucial in some aspects. For instance, if they wish, they can activate the energy of Number 1 from a lower level of awareness to a higher level of awareness. On the other hand, if Number 2 is not present in a given name, then they can have difficulties in evaluating themselves and their worth. To be more specific, women who do not have the 2 in their names may also face issues in regard to their emotional balance since they find it hard to express themselves. Thus, it is certain that people who do not have this number in their names may not be as successful in utilizing all of their resources given to them.

Because of the Western influence, women are expected to be good at expressing themselves as compared to men. There are no such notions about men. Unfortunately, if men ever started to express themselves in such a way, they may be considered to be a bit womanish in their essence. Thus, this number is all about being expressive, emotional and also a bit dubious by nature. Do you know Numerology 4 &Numerology 8 are most compatible with numerology 2.

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