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Numerology and Astrology

Astrology is the study of the deeper connection formed between humans and the celestial bodies, namely, the planets and the stars, and how the movements and positioning of these celestial bodies can impact our day to day life. On the other hand, Numerology emphasizes how numbers and alphabets can play an important role in knowing oneself, the traits and the personality, which in turn may help them to deal with the issues in a much better way.

Even though both these aspects are quite different, but there are a lot of similarities and interconnection between these two different concepts of predictions. Both of them use a blend of logic and science to make predictions which help in improving our lives and living a better life by knowing our nature from within. Both help us to cope up with the unforeseen situations and handle them with utmost care and practicality.

As far as Astrology is concerned, it uses a birth chart to derive information based on the position of the Planets, Stars, Sun and the Moon. The complex geometrical patterns and calculations pertaining to the houses and signs in the birth chart are all affiliated with specific numbers which help in making the right predictions. Moreover, in terms of Numerology, numbers are assigned specific characteristics which are again based on complex mathematical calculations and formulations derived from the birth date, month and year. All these numbers are said to emit some kind of vibrations (positive and negative), which in turn assists in deciding the fate of the person related to the numbers they are connected with.

Another important aspect which is common in both Astrology and Numerology is that the position and movement of the celestial bodies are measured with respect to time, which includes numbers, and thus, these are also formed numerically.

Relationship between Numbers and Celestial Bodies:

The mathematical implication of Astrology is not something new and has been in existence since the ancient times of Hellenistic Era. It is interesting to see how Astrology and Numerology go hand in hand, especially in the field of Astro-Numerology. In this method, most of the celestial bodies have been associated with numbers as they are assigned specific numbers. For example,

  • One is affiliated with the Sun
  • Two with the Moon
  • Three with Jupiter
  • Four with Earth
  • Five with Mercury
  • Six with Venus
  • Seven with Neptune and Ketu
  • Eight with Saturn
  • Nine with Mars
  • Eleven with Pluto
  • Twenty-two with Uranus and so on.

Relationship between Numbers and Zodiac Signs:

Not just this, but the Zodiac Signs are also linked with numbers. For example, the houses in the birth chart are connected with specific numbers that the zodiac belongs to. That is,

  • Number 1 and 4 is connected with Leo
  • 2 and 7 with Cancer
  • 5 with Virgo and Gemini
  • 6 with Libra and Taurus
  • 9 with Scorpio and Aries
  • 3 with Sagittarius and Pisces, and
  • 8 with Capricorn and Aquarius.

Relationship between Numbers and Houses in a Horoscope:

Furthermore, the cycle in the Horoscopes follows a particular pattern with respect to the houses. For instance, when a human being is born, it starts with the first house for the first year then instead of going to the 2nd house, it goes to the 12th one. Then proceeds in descending order from 12th to 11th and so on, till the 2nd, which is the last house. This goes on for 12 years, and in the 13th year, it starts sgain from the 1st to the 12th and to the 11th and so on.

  • 1 denotes things which are useful or valuable, how someone looks and how impactful someone or something is.
  • 12 denotes something to do with secrets and the subconscious mind.
  • 11 denotes being helpful and the materialistic development that one inculcates
  • 10 denotes your career aspects, reputation and stature
  • 9 denotes spiritualism, traveling and education
  • 8 denotes monetary aspects and unplanned source of income
  • 7 denotes relationships and crucial matters to negotiate
  • 6 denotes your health, fitness and toil
  • 5 denotes love entanglements, offsprings and delight
  • 4 denotes household matters, cessation and properties
  • 3 denotes business, brothers or sisters and exchange of information
  • 2 denotes monetary issues, source of income and wealth.

So, this is how Astrology and Numerology are interconnected. Once the conclusions are made using the information above, the specific interpretations are made along with drawing the much-needed inferences. Therefore, there does exist a unique connection between Astrology and Numerology which can of great use to predict the future as well as to know the traits and personality of a person on a much deeper level.

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