Numerology 4

Number 4 in Numerology is affiliated with the characteristics of being logical in the thought process. People associated with this number are practical and sensible. They are also associated with the material world and pleasures. That is one reason why a symbol of a square also denotes this number.

Those associated with this number are quite pragmatic, thoughtful, logical and palpable in their essence which makes the whole experience very different for them. People associated with this number use their intellect and reasoning skills to make implementations. This attribute tends to create a positive energy flow in them.

The actual working mechanism and effects of this number depend on which other number is associated along with Number 4. However, on a general note, this number is quite powerful and mainly focuses on intellectualizing every information, and does not give much importance to the heart. This basically makes you closer to your intellect but takes you farther away from your heart which in turn neglects the human emotions and feelings as well.

However, if Number 4 is allowed to mingle with the Number Numerology 2, the scenario may change. If the intelligence of the 4 works hand in hand with the feelings of the 2, then the instincts of the 4 may grow and evolve. This is helpful when the 4 has to think out of the box for something which is not physical but more abstract in nature. Number 4 may not allow them to explore such things beyond the boundaries. However, being with a 2 can help them completely alter the thinking process and the energy levels.

Overall, these people are quite practical, sensible and grounded in their essence. They are also reliable, trustful and have a lot of forbearances which makes them steady as a rock. They like to enjoy themselves though not in a materialistic manner. The only thing negative factor about them is that they are reckless, impatient and reclusive. Those with Number 4 are full of life, believe in the pursuit of pleasure with self-indulgence and are people who cannot be fooled very easily. They indulge more in enjoying experiences rather than accumulating wealth which they do not pay much heed to. Their most impressive quality is that they can turn abstract thoughts into logical discussions!

Other than numerology 2, Numerology 8 is also compatible with number 4.

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