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Numerology Karmic Number

Numerology is a very deep and calculative design which is established around the fact that we are beings of the highest order and we possess a spirit which takes the form of life in the physical dimension that we live in. We come and go a numerous number of times to reach to the elevated states of awareness every single time we come here.

In this process of continuous incarnations that we take, each life is given to us to gain knowledge and become wiser as a part of evolution. We go through a lot of ups and downs in life, live our happiest moments and share our deepest sorrows, though the only constant remains that we learn, through all our experiences and try our best to not go through the same lane again. This is how a life cycle works, where you come and go but in the period between is what you gain the most and when you haven’t learned enough you come back. This process continues until you have acquired all the wisdom. We are provided with a variety of expertise, capabilities, facilities, power and techniques which we happen to misuse, and thus the rebirths to compensate and redress the errors made by us.

While taking a rebirth we are given additional load or burden in order to rectify these mistakes made in our lifetime, which is known as Karmic Debt. The numbers affiliated to Karmic Debt are 13, 14, 16, and 19. These karmic numbers play an important role and imbibe distinctive features according to which we experience problems and issues in our lives.

The Karmic Debt Numbers

In your numerology chart which has the core numbers like your Life path numbers, Expression numbers, Personality, etc may contain digits like 1, 4, 5 or 7. These are formed when you add two-digit numbers together and can be arrived at through a lot of ways. For example, number 1 can be obtained by combining 10 (1+0), 28 (2+8), 37 (3+7), 46 and so on, all of which adds to the number 1. But only in the case of the number 19, is the Karmic Debt Number considered. We can conclude a single-digit interpretation of Karmic Debt when the numbers add up to 4, 5 and 7 though things are more specific in case of such Karmic Debt Numbers because these additions are only considered when the numbers are anteceded by 13 (1+3) in case of Karmic Debt Number 4, 14 (1+4) in case of 5 or 16 (1+6) in case of number 7.

Karmic Debt Numbers can be found anywhere in the chart with the totals based on your birth date or the calculations based on the numbers signifying the letter in your numerology alphabet numbers name. To find out what the letters of your name predict about you, know about your numerology alphabet numbers. Therefore, depending on the place in the chart the number is found, the same Karmic Debt Number of two different persons can have a different impact on them. For instance, two people with the same Karmic Number 14 may experience the impact of the Karmic Number distinctively if it were derived from different locations in the chart. The following are some examples of Karmic Debt numbers along with their general features and some guidance.

Karmic Debt Number 13

People with 13 as Karmic Debt Number, generally have to work hard and strive for success. They may find it a bit difficult to manage a given task as they may have to face a lot of hurdles and problems in doing so. This load throughout the journey makes people want to give up easily and get frustrated. They may not be able to hold onto the hard work and perseverance needed to accomplish the task and make their way out of all the difficulties. Thus, it is crucial for karmic number 13 people to fight till the end, not give in and stay strong as that is the only way towards success and their well-being. They may feel this urge to relinquish their work and remove themselves from the burden of completing it, but that may not be the ultimate solution. It is crucial to understand that efforts may never go in vain, and constant hard work will make them reach the top rather than being lazy and negative in their attitude.

The essential thing to do is concentrate on what one wants to do and focus on it. Those with number 13 as their Karmic Debt Number in numerology often lose their concentration and indulge themselves in multitasking where they do not excel in any task and divert their energy and focus on many things at one time which makes them incapable of completing even one of them. This makes them demotivated and creates self-doubt which negatively hampers them. These people should focus on one thing at a time, and once that is completed, they should then proceed towards another task. It is also advised that these people should stay away from taking any shortcuts towards success or completing any task as it may hurt you and others around you. Instead, if they try to maintain a schedule, follow a plan and keep themselves organized, they will surely be able to handle these circumstances and be victorious. They just have to put in consistent efforts to achieve this.

Karmic Debt Number 14

This Karmic Debt Number symbolizes the misuse of freedom in the previous lifetimes given to human beings. All those people who have 14 as their Karmic Debt Number constantly have to go through many changes and adapt themselves to the ever-changing situations and circumstances. The environment around them keeps on changing and therefore, to survive, they keep on accommodating themselves in the best way possible.

Those people who have this Karmic Debt Number often find themselves addicted to many things like drugs, alcohol, food, sexual and carnal pleasures, etc. They are prone to push themselves in these addictions and thus have to take great care that they do not fall into this trap; otherwise, they may suffer a lot more in this lifetime. They should make sure to not indulge in such activities. It is all the more important to remain modest, humble and self-effacing to conquer and overpower this Karmic Debt so that they can live freely without putting any restrictions as such so that they can live their life to the fullest. It is also essential that they maintain order in their lifestyle. They will need control, power, endurance, and patience to make sure that they are on the right path. They will also need to have a lot of focus and concentration on the right things.

Karmic Number 14 people have to be emotionally stable and mentally balanced so that they can adapt to changing situations. They need to follow a proper schedule to live a disciplined life. To lead a life full of devotion and dedication so that they can have clarity of thoughts and most importantly dream constantly, set their goals and achieve them as they can live a powerful life. They can live their life to the fullest and also attain spiritual wisdom.

Karmic Debt Number 16

People who have number 16 as their Karmic Debt Number may have the opportunity to gain a lot of spiritual wisdom. It signifies the destruction of the old and the emergence of the new just like the process of enlightenment. It helps one rediscover their own self by destroying what was before, that is, the ego or the identity. Once that happens, one no longer remains what they were before, and the only thing that remains is the same body carrying the heightened soul. Those who have 16 as their Karmic Debt Number may undergo drastic changes which may prove to be a turning point in their lives, an important event that can ultimately make them aware of their true self by first destroying the older one.

This transformation is a process, where there is a lot of suffering, and one may have to go through a lot of trouble to attain this state of consciousness, but when one does reach this stage, they become blissful. There is a fall of the ego, death of an identity and the destruction of the self to create another, and undoubtedly this process is a tough one where one may have to struggle a lot, go through a lot of trouble and encounter a lot of pain in various aspects of life. But this experience will entirely alter their reality and make them more humble, lovable and peace-loving.

The ones who have their Karmic Debt Number as 16 will have to be very careful that they do not be absorbed or obsessed with oneself and become self-seeking or egocentric. They may have a tendency to look down on others and treat others as inferiors with all the accumulated wisdom and knowledge. This may have a negative impact on them and others around them which should be avoided at any cost. Therefore, even though this is a tough path to travel, the Karmic Debt Number 16 is a very significant one, which defines a continuous spiritual growth towards attaining higher consciousness and experiencing a union with the source.

Karmic Debt Number 19

All those with the Karmic Debt Number 19 are very self-dependent and self-reliant in nature. They tend to utilize their maximum potential to face troubles and solve issues, where most of the times they do not take any help as such and try to resolve the problems on their own. They generally like to be on their own, and they do not prefer taking any advice from people either. They’re somewhat more keen towards working alone and fighting issues all by themselves. This is mainly because karmic number 19 people refrain from taking any help or assistance from anyone. They tend to follow more self-realized principles. So, there is not much room for advise or help in their cases.

But it is essential for people with 19 as the Karmic Debt Number to be more flexible and greet the advises and assistance from others with open arms; otherwise, it will restrict their interaction with others and have an adverse effect on them. Even though they do not seem to be dependent on anyone for anything, they should consider taking help from people and accept the fact that humans do make mistakes and they need to work together and aid each other in whichever way possible. This is a widespread mutual understanding that people develop when they live in a society like ours. So eventually, these people may realize that the idea of a ‘one man army’ never works. They also recognize that when we need to immerse ourselves into each other in order to be complete. We experience a union of energies which makes us whole.

Thus, Numerology tells us a lot about the nature of the person, what qualities they represent, be it negative or positive, and it helps us gain an insight of how one can change themselves for the better. Once people get to know this, they have a chance to examine their abilities and shortcomings and work on them to live an efficient life ahead.

Numerology is a magic that can work wonders provided that people work hard and try to know themselves with a third perspective. Otherwise, it becomes a bit of a task to analyze oneself without being biased. It can help people to know more about themselves and introspect on a deeper level. This will help them gain immense wisdom and knowledge so that they can re-discover, improve and enhance their mind, body and soul.