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Numerology Numbers For Alphabets

Special Letters in Numerology

The aspect of Numerology alphabet are important, depending upon where this alphabet is placed in the word. The Special Letters consist of the Cornerstone, Capstone and the first Vowel in your name. These are different terminologies used, for eg., the first letter of your first name is known as the Cornerstone. It defines your characteristics and how you may deal with various circumstances and problems in life. Here you will get to know about how to convert alphabet numerical value. On the other hand, the last letter of your first name indicates your potential, capability and expertise in completing and implementing your tasks. This last letter is called Capstone. So, through both the Cornerstone and the Capstone we can get to know how you may initiate and accomplish a given task in life.

How Vowels Play an Important Role in Numerology

There are other elements in Numerology, related to alphabets as well. For instance, the first vowel in your first name expresses the deeper knowledge of the self, which depicts a lot about your inner conscious. It is very difficult to know oneself from the inside out, but Numerology for alphabets in general, and in this case the first vowel, may help you to get closer to yourself and rediscover it.

It is crucial to understand that if a person uses a different vowel with a different name as opposed to his first vowel from his original name then that person is said to be hesitant to open up his or her inner self to others. For example, if Thomas is the first name and the person is otherwise called Tom, then the whole Numerological calculation based on numbers and alphabets changes, which hinders the process of knowing more about Thomas and his genuine information regarding his inner self, as per Numerology, because the first vowel of your first name is considered to be a gateway to your inner being. Thus, it is advised to use your birth name in general, than using a nick name or any other name for alphabet numbers numerology.

Special Letters and its Importance

The special letters are a very important aspect of numerology alphabet numbers which helps to reveal one’s both negative and positive traits, their strength as well as their weaknesses so that they can know themselves with a much deeper knowledge of the self. This in turn also opens up the possibilities to work on themselves and live a better-evolved life. Even though, these are alphabets, all the letters are assigned a specific numeric value which helps in studying these aspects using Numerology. Depending on where these letters are placed in your name and then comprehending the same with the different attributes given to each letter through numbers, these Special letters aids in discovering the innate nature, capacity and ability of a human being which helps individuals to know more about themselves, to nurture onself as a better living being and serve a higher purpose. Read numerology history. Below are all the alphabets and their meanings in general. Make sure that you keep in check the position of all your letters and then evaluate to come to a conclusion.

A Alphabet

Individuals who have the alphabet A in their name numerology are known to be very purposeful and are usually driven by motivation and success. They believe in the idea of being independent and love their freedom. They do things and accomplish their task in their own specific ways without being influenced by anyone or anything. They are sometimes brutally honest and straightforward. They are known to have strong willpower that makes them a ‘doer’ in life. They do not refrain from taking chances and responsibilities as they are brave, bold and courageous. These instilled qualities do not let them give up, come what may. The only issue with these individuals is that they are quite obstinate and not flexible enough to mold themselves, which they should work on.

B Alphabet

People with the alphabet B in their names are known to be very sentimental, sensitive and a bit reserved in nature. They emphasize on being peaceful and harmonious in their essence. They are also known to be honest, transparent and faithful in their behaviour and way of thinking. The only downside to them is that they are a bit rigid in terms of accepting ideas. They stick to their ideologies and act accordingly, and therefore it is advised that they alter themselves in terms of their thinking process with time so they can be more adaptable and efficient. B belongs to numerology number 2.

C Alphabet

Those with the alphabet C are said to be very expressive and vocal about their feelings. They do not shy away from sharing their thoughts, and they do so with a pinch of humour! They possess a heightened sense of emotions which is why they are very joyful, motivating, optimistic and enthusiastic. Their spontaneity helps them to connect well with people around them. The only drawback for them is that they often lack focus and direction. Their mind changes frequently. That is one reason as to why they lack stability.

D Alphabet

Those with the special letter D in their names are very logical and analytical. They are also known to be methodical. Their precise nature helps them achieve many accolades. Their courageous and determined attitude boosts their self-confidence. They can even get out of difficult situations and come up with solutions as well. They may sometimes inculcate an authoritative characteristic along with being a bit inflexible and obstinate in their identity. They are pragmatic, realistic and sensible which aids them to be more of achievers in life than a dreamer. D belongs to number 4 in numerology

E Alphabet

Those with the numerology letter E in their names are physically quiet active and seek passion and pleasantness in life. There is a big chance for them to get married twice. Another crucial aspect is that they give a lot of importance to freedom and equality, which is why they are able to connect with people around them. It helps them become social and bond with people. They are generally quite sensible and rational and that makes them very smart, therefore it may be a task to fool them. They hold this special ability to look at things with various perspectives. If only they could learn to be disciplined, it would be quite advantageous for them.

F Alphabet

These people have a lot of positive traits in them that gives them a very optimistic attitude towards life. They are helpful, cheerful, sympathetic and sensible as well. They are also more approachable and welcoming which makes them bond well with people easily. They associate so well with people around them that they feel all the other people’s emotions and also empathize with them. However, this can also be a drawback, and that is why they have to make sure that they do not fall into a depression that often or interfere too much in other people’s lives as they have a tendency to sacrifice their own life for their near and dear ones. F alphabet belongs to number 8 in numerology.

G Alphabet

People who have the special letter as G have a powerful aura. They usually think a lot, are quite determined and dedicated to their commitments. They can make their own path towards money and success just by focusing in the right direction. Their thinking process and their actions are pragmatic and sensible in nature. They can create opportunities for themselves and follow the path accordingly. They may also have the ability to be telepaths, spiritualists, fortune tellers or psychics. Whichever it is, they will surely be well-ordered and systematic along with being scheduled. Alphabet G belongs to numerology number 3.

H Alphabet

Those with the special character H in their names, are quite self-dependent and trust their decisions and opinions. They think out of the box and are creative in nature. They have a tendency to spend money and lose them quickly. However, fortunately, they are also capable enough to earn some good money at the same pace. There are instances where they sometimes become quite lonely and do not have any company. Some things impact them negatively, one of them being a skeptical mind and another being self-doubt. It is important to realize that with time they will heal themselves and know their true nature in the correct direction with much lucidity. The H alphabet belongs to numerology number 4.

I Alphabet

It is observed, that these people are very sentimental in nature. They are usually careful about not hurting people around them or cause them inconvenience. They are natural artists and have a firm hold on to their talents as well. If there is no balance or steadiness, then they may start feeling nervous and may also be prone to accidents. Therefore, it is crucial to understand this and try to maintain a balance so that the adverse effects are toned down and nullified. Another essential aspect to be taken care of is that they should not be at the extremes and try maintaining stability. Alphabet I belongs to number 1 in numerology.

J Alphabet

People with the special letter J in their names are honest, dependable, faithful and are free from any pretense or deceit. Having said that, they are also known to be quite heartfelt. Thus, they are able to connect with people easily. Their affectionate and compassionate nature makes them think about others’ well being. They will try their very best to help people out of their miseries as they are very empathetic in their essence. Also, they would go to any lengths to please someone. Furthermore, these people are indeed very smart, clever and talented apart from being creative. These qualities set them apart from the rest. All they need is constant motivation, zest and drive to use their abilities. Read about numerology lucky number.

K Alphabet

People with the special letter K in their names are very intuitive along with having a brilliant mind of their own. Apart from being over sentimental and creative, they are also very adamant to be successful. They are full of determination. They are strong-willed, authoritative at times and they have many sides, and various features to them as a personality. Thus, they are known to be multifarious by nature. However, there are also some negative sides to this special letter which has to be taken care of, to live a happier life. These people are usually very uncertain, dubious, nervous and quite fearful which may negatively hamper their life. Therefore, they have to make sure that they use their capabilities most efficiently. Know more about: numerology by date of birth.

L Alphabet

People with this special letter in their names are intelligent and generally look at things with an intellectual perspective most of the times. This also becomes the reason as to why they are not very quick at making decisions or taking actions as they spend a lot of their time analyzing things. They are also very genuine, truthful, sincere and not pretentious in their essence. These people happen to travel frequently and are also prone to accidents while they are emotionally stressed out. Furthermore, it is crucial for people with the special letter L to maintain a balance in all the aspects of life so that they can attain stability. Get your house number numerology.

M Alphabet

People with the special letter M in their names are very hard working by nature, that is, they are workaholics. They always try to give their best shot at opportunities and make the best use of it by working very hard endlessly, without being tired. They may also be physically strong. They are also family oriented and like to have a domestic life, and therefore they look for financial security as well to live a secure life with their family. In spite of being such hard workers and being so forbearing, it will be an added advantage for them to be more patient and calm when dealing with other people around them.

N Alphabet

The special letter N from all the alphabets denotes a creative mind along with an inclination towards forming intuitions. These people generally come up with original and fresh ideas and perspectives. They are unique and thus do not follow any conventional methods while making any decisions in life because of their atypical and distinctive essence. They usually carry a lot of opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs which are really firm in nature and these only change after a lot of conversations and discussions with people around them as they tend to stick to their outlooks. They carry much sensuality and may have been involved in many love affairs as well. Know about master number 22.

O Alphabet

People with this special letter are often described as being courageous, determined, religious and are driven by their moral integrity. They hold much patience which is a positive trait for them as they are able to deal with things more calmly, especially when they are looking to start a new venture in life. They are disciplined, active and abide by the given guidelines and the laws enforced through regulations so that they are morally and ethically correct. They are also very sentimental and can often find themselves being jealous which they do try hard to avoid apart from being inclined towards having deep thoughts and fantasies that may hold the power to shake them emotionally. Get your Numerology prediction for marriage.

P Alphabet

People with the special letter P in their names are quite intelligent and possess a lot of knowledge. They are analytical in nature and often give a good first impression while meeting new people. They are also good at keeping a distance with people around them because they sometimes like to be detached, unapproachable and reserved as well. They do try to keep a distance from others when they think it is necessary and may also have a tendency to keep hidden secrets. Even though they are logical and pragmatic, they are quite impatient and a bit restless. Furthermore, they can also have a lot of attachment towards various things that they hold close to themselves. Get to know more about master number 11.

Q Alphabet

Those with the letter Q in their names, attract a lot of wealth towards them but they come in phases where they experience a lot of ups and downs in terms of the flow of money. There can be phases where they also incur losses. These people have a natural dominance and have the power to influence others around them. To add further, they are sometimes incomprehensible and appear to be mysterious apart from the fact that people like to talk about them. They are straight-forward, forthright and posses a good set of communication skills. Know your life path number, how it works and how to calculate.

R Alphabet

Those with the special letter R in their names are very sentimental and hold a lot of empathy towards people around them. They are considerate souls who like to help others and be very humble, warm-hearted and humane with them. They have an inner power, ability, and strength within, which aids them to be successful. They are energetic, hard-working and dedicated but are also ill-tempered at times where they will have to attain stability. They are advised not to develop forbearance. Also, they devote their abilities to meaningful things. The only drawback is that they may have a bad memory. Get to know about Numerology life path 6 as it has it’s own significance on various aspects of life.

S Alphabet

People with the special letter S have an appealing, attractive and a captivating personality. They are kind-hearted, gentle and dedicated as well. They experience emotions in extremes and thus may often have mood swings that can have a negative impact on them and others around them which they should keep a check on. They also become impetuous and hasty while making important decisions which they should take care of. They should consider various aspects while taking any major decisions. They are also ardent, impassioned and compassionate which makes them go through a lot of emotional and dramatic highs and lows in various situations of life. Know your Sun number numerology.

T Alphabet

Those with the special letter T are energetic, spirited and enthusiastic in nature and are always ready to live an adventurous life. They like to explore many things as they have a curious mind and therefore are always ready to take in new experiences and constantly evolve. They are quite sentimental in their essence and thus are very over-protective in nature and as they are so emotional, the chances of them being hurt easily also increases. They’re always there for their near and dear ones so that they can safeguard them from the outside world. To add further, they may also act aggressively at times when they are committed to any kind of relationship with others. Know your numerology love compatibility.

U Alphabet

Those with the special letter as U are considered to be fortunate people as they always tend to be present at the right place and at the right time. These people are very creative, intellectual and intuitive but yet are lethargic, lack commitment and are slow in understanding circumstances. They should preferably be ready to give everything and try to maximize their efforts to become more efficient to deal with situations. Unfortunately, these people also suffer loss wealth wise even though they do try to accumulate and save money. These people may lack the skill of making efficient decisions and can also turn out to be a bit selfish and self-serving which may create problems for them. Read about occultist numerology and it’s impacts.

V Alphabet

The special letter V is very powerful as people who have this alphabet in their name are said to be quite energetic and often indulge themselves in forming intuitions. These people are very inspirational and have a lot of wisdom in them, but they are also very imaginative. These imaginations can also become a barrier to attaining their objectives. They have ideas and opinions in their heads which they are easily able to implement and take advantage of as they are also very unconventional in their methods. They are faithful, reliable and genuine as well. However, they can be utterly capricious along with being possessive in relationships. Alphabet V belongs to numerology number 6

W Alphabet

People with the alphabet W in their names are known to be creative, devoted and are very purposeful which makes them a doer in life. They are multi-taskers and involve themselves in various activities which makes them multi-talented in their essence. Apart from holding a charismatic personality, they are good with their expressions and communicating skills which also makes them someone whose company anyone would like to have. These people like to meet new people, gain information and explore more to widen their experiences. The only issue with these people is that they may have a tendency to delay or postpone their actions.

X Alphabet

This special letter is indeed special because it is affiliated with being artistic, creative and passionate in characteristics. They hold a lot of different perspectives towards life and have an open mindset which makes them have a free flow of thoughts. The ability to grasp information and implement it is also amazing, and thus it generally makes them very intelligent as well. They are energetic, zealous and are quite sensual in their essence which makes them indulge more in carnal desires. They have an attractive personality, but they also have unreasonable changes in mood with time which makes them quite volatile. Get information about your numerology karmic number

Y Alphabet

Those with the special letter Y believe in being free and paving their own paths. They like to explore without any limitations or restrictions of any sorts which help them dissolve all boundaries and experience things with a better perspective. They may not be able to handle the idea of restraining oneself and not be able to explore, and therefore not express themselves completely. They are self-dependent, purposeful and brave which sets them apart from others around them. They have a polished and fashionable persona that they carry with themselves, but they often dither while making decisions which makes them falter and become unstable at times.

Z Alphabet

All the people with this special letter are quite positive, lively and zealous in nature. Their optimism helps them to conquer many things in life by exploring the brighter phase. These people also expect a lot from others which can sometimes be a source of discontentment. They have a logical and a pragmatic mindset which helps them be spontaneous and alert at all the times, especially when it is necessary. Apart from this, they are very kind-hearted, warm, loving and are apprehensive. These people are generally fit, physically as well as mentally with quick reflexes as well. They have a lot of knowledge and wisdom, but they will have to work on being patient and calm while dealing with situations. Read about master number 33