Numerology 7

Number 7 has its own charm because even though it is difficult to interpret this number, it is the most powerful and beneficial number out of all the rest. This number gives us a glimpse of how limited and finite the materialistic world is, which we live in. Things which are physical in nature are always limited to some extent. However, all those things which transcend the physical nature of existence and cross the barrier to the non-physical aspects are directed towards the divine. This number makes us realize the limitless boundaries that are yet to be explored and how finite the physical dimension of existence is. This number depicts the whole of the material world including the concept of time, whereas in the case of number 6, even though it is related to the material world, the element of time is missing, which makes all the difference here.

Many things in life are related to number 7. For instance, the seven colors of the rainbow, the seven notes in the musical realm, the seven chakras within the body, etc. Therefore, there is no doubt that this number is crucial and holds a deeper meaning of life and beyond, and it is a bridge towards exploring the spiritual realm of existence.

People affiliated with this number are intuitive, psychic, thoughtful, subtle, spiritual and a bit philosophical in nature. They have an influential persona, and they make an impact on the others around them with their vibe without even realizing it. It may seem that these people are not very emotional from the outside, but that is not the case from the inside because they may be closer to the truth than anyone else. They go through a lot of turbulence on an emotional level on the inside which they do not let the others know about because they are very reserved and bashful in their essence and it takes them some time to open up to people.

A lot of mysticism, occult and magic are involved with this number as it focuses on transcending beyond the physical. These people are usually very aloof and reserved although they can have a great career in the field of healing, music, therapies, counseling or astrology. All these fields are related to supernatural, intuitive, intellectual and psychic powers which they do hold. Thus, people often seek advice from those with Number 7 in their names.

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