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Sun Number Numerology

Numerology is an ocean of numbers used to describe one’s personality and characteristics, similar to how other holistic approaches used for predictions. However, Numerology is expressed by digits ranging from 1 to 9, and the features of these digits vary depending on the process, and the number one wishes to learn more about. Numbers may represent a variety of trends and have a variety of other effects on you.

Numerologist Hans Decoz discovered the Sun Number after putting in a lot of work to figure out what these numbers meant and how they affected people’s lives.

These figures are divided into nine classes, which aids in the generalisation of people’s characteristics and personalities.

For e.g., if your birthday is November 9th, your Sun Number will be the sum of your birthday and the month of your birth, which will be reduced to a single-digit number between 11 and 9. That is to say,

November 9th = 9 + 11 = 20 = 2 + 0 = 2

The Sun Numbers not only highlight unique personality characteristics but also assist in determining your true identity, passions, and interests. They may also aid in the discovery of one’s life choices.

Let us know the sun number meaning and their compatibility with other sun numbers.

Sun Number 1

Sun Number 1 people are said to be very driven, optimistic, and headstrong. One will find them to be very excited about everything they do. They are known for their rock-solid willpower. Because of the way they are, they may face problems in life, but they never let problems stop them. They would work extra hard to make things perfect.

They will be patient until the water rises above head level and sometimes this tendency can harm you. Sun Number 1 people can become dependent, soft-spoken, and weak-willed if not handled well. Sun Number 1 tends to be intuitive and empathic.They are compatible with Sun numbers 2, 5, and 7. Read more about Sun Number 1

Sun Number 2

Sun Number 2 are rational, pragmatic, and practical. They are known to make thoughtful decisions. Sun Number 2 are generally very reserved and not very communicative. They can sense and judge people around them. With this consistency, they stand out and are better at dealing with such situations.

These individuals are also considered to be sensitive and emotional and never step back to help anyone who is in need. They believe in unity, love, and oneness, which is why they have such an easy time connecting with others, even strangers. If they are not aware and careful, they can be depressed.They are compatible with Sun numbers 1, 5, 8, 9. Read more about Sun Number 2

Sun Number 3

Sun number 3 are creative, innovative, and imaginative. They are enthusiastic and energetic. They attain peaks when they are in charge of solving problems or answering questions that involve creative thinking. Sun number 3 are positive and have an aura, difficult to resist, attracting huge company. Because of such a personality, they might not be in charge of emotions all the time. Sun number 3 can make the last moment changes in their plans which may make them look unsteady.

Sun number 3 may get distracted because of other interesting things. They are always curious and hungry to learn new things and new things seem irresistibly fascinating to them. Deep in heart, they value emotions to be more precious than any other thing in life but still can be very sceptical when it comes to romantic relationships.They are compatible with Sun numbers 1, 5, and 7. Read More about Sun Number 3

Sun Number 4

Sun Number 4 people are very hardworking, devoted, dedicated and steadfast. Sometimes it seems very hard to change their opinion about anything. Once they have made an opinion about something or someone, they will stick to it with all their might. Sun Number 4 are self-motivated and high octane tanks as far as energy levels are concerned and once they make a decision, no challenges can stop them, as they are the best in handling crises. Sun Number 4 people are nature’s pieces of sponges who can absorb pressure effortlessly and stay calm in difficult situations.

This quality allows them to handle crisis situations efficiently compared to others. Sun Number 4 may sometimes seem illogical or even senseless at times. This nature of Sun Number 4 may cause them to lose many opportunities in life. Despite this, Sun Number 4 has an air of being unmoved by circumstances which makes them dependable. It is important for them to evolve as human beings. Sun Number 4 is not affected by other’s opinions. They are overly concerned about their own betterment, and they would leave no stones unturned in accomplishing that.They are compatible with Sun numbers 5, 6, and 8. Read More about Sun Number 4

Sun Number 5

Sun Number 5 people are natural lovers. They put a great emphasis on originality and a desire to be different. They are considered to be free spirits who enjoy exploring the world. They are highly energetic and they do not care about what people think when it comes to absorbing new things. Sun Number 5 people are very innovative, imaginative, and generally unconcerned about the future.

One of the reasons for this outlook on life may be that they are adaptable to change to a large degree and another quality that makes them capable of this is they are so accustomed to change and transition that they are charged up with the idea of adapting to new challenges. Sun Number 5 people are fast learners. Sun Number 5 people are outgoing, warm, and vibrant. However, overall balance becomes the key for Sun Number 5 as lack of it may cause them to have a negative effect. The aura and personality that make them unique might be lost if they overthink or lose trust.They are compatible with Sun numbers 1, 3, 6, and 7.Read More about Sun Number 5

Sun Number 6

Sun Number 6 people are kind and humble. Sun Number 6 people are over cautious about other’s opinion more than what they think right. They would make it a priority to support someone rather than doing something for their own. Their empathy and compassion are the standout qualities, and they are ever ready to help whoever is in need. Some Sun Number 6 people may not let people around know and love to be in their own world. Sun Number 6 people are goal-oriented and careful in their future planning.

They are fueled by a relentless desire to achieve and are not ready to take a no for an answer. Sun Number 6 people are great students and quick learners. Sun Number 6 people are the ideal partners, who are loyal and devoted to the core and would have their partner’s back even before they know that they need a backup. Just imagine if Sun Number 6 people are ever ready to help out even the strangers with all their might; what extent can they go for people that they really love and care for?They are compatible with Sun numbers 2, 5, 7, and 9. Read More about Sun Number 6

Sun Number 7

Sun Number 7 people are spiritual beings, and if the cord of spirituality is cut, Sun Number 7 will find themselves strangled and suffocated. Their lives are a quest to discover the higher causes in life. Sun Number 7 people are reserved and only express and open up with people who they find intellectually appealing. You would never see them engaging in materialistic discussions, and they will skillfully withdraw themselves from such a company, but you are talking to them about higher sources in life, they can amaze you with their enthusiasm. That is the main reason why one would observe Sun Number 7 people are reserved, but they are interactive only with selected people who are like-minded. The thirst to know life makes them rich and intellectual spiritually.

Sun Number 7 people want to learn all that humans should know about life and survival and even the minute surroundings in detail. As a result, they are intuitive, pure, and highly receptive. By the time they earn some greying on the crown, the majority of them have the ability to sense things that are beyond the reach of the physical realm, which makes them almost superhuman-like. They sometimes choose to not trust human ideals and virtues. They can be great lovers, as partners would feel secure under the aura of Sun Number 7 people, but it might be possible that partner must be talking about buying a TV, and Sun Number 7 would be thinking about ways of getting enlightened.They are compatible with Sun numbers 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 9. Read More about Sun Number 7 

Sun Number 8

Sun Number 8 people are always prepared to take risks in all aspects of life; the size and consequences of risk are no bar from them. They depend upon their spontaneity to react to situations and often repent for not being a little more thoughtful or handling crises more maturely. Lack of thoughtfulness in actions might be the core reasons why Sun Number 8 people are so brave and bold. They hate to be the followers of any rules and go by their norms. Sun Number 8 does not think much about the future.

They dwell in the present. They believe in giving their best in whatever they do. The moment they have the slightest idea that it would not work, they immediately shift to the next project. They do not think about their faults. At times, Sun Number 8 people can reshape the rules and regulations as per their benefit and convenience. They are very practical and career loving people and that is the reason why they are always the toppers at the office and a go-to person for the boss at times of crisis. They are not romantics. They lack communication skills which makes life a little difficult for their partners.They are compatible with Sun numbers 2, 5, and 9. Read More about Sun Number 8

Sun Number 9

Sun Number 9 people are very metaphysical and spiritual. Sun Number 9 has empathy for others. Despite the fact that they are highly skilful communicators on an emotional level, they are practical and logical. Sun Number 9 people are always on top of their feelings. They are a team person and excel when working as a team. Sun Number 9 people will never follow a herd; rather, they will make their own way.

At times, they may think that the ideologies that they have are superior to others. Sun Number 9 people are one of a kind who is a blend of intellect and spirituality, which is key to their success. Sun Number 9 people are generally organized. Sun Number 9 people are loyal and trustworthy, and they are dedicated to their partners. Once they accept you as a friend, they are pretty smooth to deal with.They are compatible with Sun numbers 1, 2, 3, 7, and 8. Read More about Sun Number 9


The purpose of knowing the Sun Number is that you can make the basic calculations of life-based on that. You can channelize your life further based on these calculations. You can also understand your compatibility with the people around you. However, consulting a good numerologist is the key.

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