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Pythagorean Numerology

Have you ever come across a kid with numerous unanswered questions and got irritated? Well, next time you encounter one, be thankful as this ability to ask questions helped us evolve as human beings. Questions are the seeds of curiosity, and curiosity is the first stage of learning. Isn’t it fascinating how this powerful quality, called curiosity, can take you on a dream journey and transform your life? It would not be wrong to say, “you are what your questions are.” The greatest fruit of curiosity is the drastically evolved human mind. How would you choose to respond if you discover that you are a speck of dust in this whole cosmos, but at the same time, many cosmoses can be held in your mind?

This ever-curious mind of human beings always wanted to know more endlessly. This quest, at some point,branched out as being able to foresee the future. How interestingly or boringly would you live your life if you knew what is going to happen next? As we evolved, the need to predict our future became one of the most popular and hypnotising curiosities that were difficult to ignore for most of us. If you look at human history, you will find evidence that our forefathers took to magic, ancient rituals, and prophecies to get a hold of destiny.

This tendency of knowing the future or our destiny gave birth to many scientific tools, and Numerology is one of them. With the help of numerology, the mysterious elements of destiny can be discovered. Experts say that Chaldean numerology first came into existence, and the other forms of numerology were based on it. It is very difficult to find any concrete evidence of that as we do not have any historical evidence to prove it. Chaldean numerology is difficult as compared to the other two pillars of numerology called Pythagorean and Kabbalah systems. This might be one of the reasons why the Pythagorean Numerology system is the most popular in modern times.

Numerology is followed at many places, but it keeps changing as per the geographical locations it is used. 

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About Pythagorean Numerology Analysis

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  • Types of Numerology
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    • Chaldean Numerology System
    • Cheiro Numerology System
    • Kaballah Numerology System
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  • Another Perspective 

Pythagoras and Numerology

Let’s look at the relation between Pythagoras and Numerology. Pythagoras is considered to be the father of Numerology, and hence the name Pythagorean Numerology. Pythagoras was basically a Greek philosopher and mathematician, but later on in his life, he also worked on subjects like religion, politics, metaphysics, and mysticism, like many other greats, whose work ultimately brought them close to the higher reality of life. He tried to address all these topics in public and gained huge popularity. Pythagorean numerology analysis is also known as Western numerology or Modern numerology. It has made its name popular as it helps in reading the character and predict the timings of events, etc.

Types of Numerology

Pythagorean Numerology System

Pythagorean is a device that enables you to create a full Numeroscope, depicting all of the person’s characteristics from the inside out and delineating the results in detail on every level, as well as deciphering a clear-cut trend/pattern within the numbers.

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Chaldean Numerology System

This is considered to be the most ancient form of numerology. It can be used to find out numbers and calculate many things based on these numbers.

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Cheiro Numerology System

When discussing types of numerology, Cheiro’s contribution to Numerology cannot be ignored. Cheiro, in the last century, popularised the Numerology system to the form that we are aware of now. Cheiro’s original name was William John Warner. 

The numerology adopted by Cheiro had a few accurate subjects, but he pays so much attention to minor details like the number of individual letters in a name or adding random numbers to somehow correlate to a number value which makes it very hard for a layman to believe in this system. Many events such as the Russian Revolution and its alliance with China, World War II, the 1926 British Trade Union Strikes, developments in the Middle East, and numerous historical events in the UK royal family were all predicted by Cheiro and several of them came true during his lifetime. 

Cheiro used Chaldean numerology, which is less widely used today than Pythagorean numerology. In India, the majority of numerologists use Chiero, while Pythagorean is commonly used in Western countries, and hence it is also very popularly known as Western Numerology.

Kabbalah Numerology System

Kabbalah numerology is more coincidental since any word has a corresponding number regardless of how you pronounce it.

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Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology

While each one of the 3 pillars of Numerology, namely Pythagorean, Chaldean, and Kaballah, have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, deciding which is the best depends on your goal. Let us compare in brief Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology analysis to understand what is best suitable for you. Pythagorean numerology system is very convenient for a new student of Numerology. If you are someone who has spent significant time doing Numerology, and you want more accuracy, then the Chaldean Numerology system might be suitable for you. However, when you are strolling through uncharted territories, it is sensible to consult a guide, so consult an experienced Numerologist to make a choice between the Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology analysis.

It needs some effort on your part to understand which of the numerology system best suits you. How about starting to analyse your name or birth date in each of the three systems? Whichever makes sense to you or appeals to you is perhaps the best one suitable for you.

No matter which numerology system you choose to go ahead with, they all have their own plots on which calculations are based, and looking at this, it can be said that every numerology is unique. Those will simply produce effective results based on integrity and faith. Depending on their capabilities, various countries can use different numerology systems. 

To talk about Pythagorean numerology analysis, during recent times, this has gained immense popularity, especially amongst celebrities. This method may have been less common in the past, but according to some new-age numerologists, this is the most accurate numerology system. Digital medial is full of different types of calculators online, and you will find many numerologists online claiming to be the best. You must not be hesitant to discuss their understanding of all types of Numerology before you proceed further. With all the digital glamorisation of holistic approaches globally to help us live better, one question that keeps constantly pricking our conscience is, “Does an art or science form preserve its authenticity once it is looked upon as a business?

Another Perspective

When we watch a movie, and if it goes as anticipated, it fails to excite us, and in contrast to that, if unanticipated events unfold one after another, we are excited to watch such movies. We consider it interesting.

Relating the above example to our lives, if you knew every event that is going to happen in your life, wouldn’t you lose the charm of life? No matter how much we evolve as human beings and how much knowledge we acquire, the beauty of life lies in the fact that we never know what will happen next.

Looking at the other side of the coin, when scientists are able to accurately predict natural disasters, many lives can be saved, and losses can be prohibited.

So, what form of Numerology would you opt for yourselves?