Western Numerology

Western Numerology is also known as Pythagorean Numerology and is the most commonly used form in the West. In comparison with the other forms of Numerology, this kind is one of the easiest and is very simple to learn and interpret as well.

The name comes from the Greek philosopher Pythagoras who was a genius in Mathematics. But, he also had a lot of interest in Religion, Politics, Metaphysics and Mysticism. He spoke on these topics on a lot of occasions trying to educate people with his Western philosophies which attracted so many around him. This form of Numerology is affiliated with the teachings of Pythagoras, which uses an individual’s name and date of birth for predictions and further calculations. The numbers used for analysis range from 1-9. Furthermore, numbers like 11, 22 and 33 are called Master Numbers and these double digit numbers are not broken down or reduced to single digit numbers because of the unique characteristics that they exhibit.

These Master numbers are said to have more potential than the other numbers and are quite unique in their essence. The table given below shows how each alphabet is connected to all the numbers ranging from 1-9.

A, J and S = 1 Similarly, B, K, T = 2 C, L, U = 3 D, M, V = 4 E, N, W = 5 F, O, X = 6 G, P, Y = 7 H, Q, Z = 8 I, R = 9

The names of individuals are converted into numbers, which in turn become the source of information of the person. It describes the specific traits and the overall personality of the person. Thus, this form of Numerology uses both the name and the date of birth to gather information about individuals. It also puts emphasis on the correlation between the two of them to know more precise details.

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