Numerology 9

This number is said to be the sum total of all the elements that one can learn in a lifetime. It is associated with spiritual creativity, the divine and universal love, inborn natural talent and the various aspects related to karma. All these facets may or may not be related to their previous lives, but they do play an essential role in shaping the lives of people who have this number in their names. A lot of thoughts, actions, and words form the basis of this number according to the energy that the individual creates within and around him.

This number is almost opposite to number Numerology 1 because that is all about the ego and loving oneself whereas the number 9 is all about dissolving the ego and believing in the divine love that is inside everyone. The number 1 defines who you are, and the number 9 tells us what and where were we in our previous lives. Therefore, this number has a lot of spiritual essence in it which when grasped most appropriately can lead to the transcendence of the soul to other dimensions where people can become one with the divine or the source of energy.

This number represents the planet of Mars. These people are very creative, imaginative, brave and emotional but they are also at times quite dreamy and unrealistic. They are very sensitive as well and often think about life, what it has offered, what it has not and how the cycle of karma works. They often find themselves off-track, not in sync with life, perplexed and sometimes unloved which does create a negative vibe. These people may feel that they are despised and therefore tend to be aloof in spite of having loving parents who care. They may at times, repent for what they suffer from and complain about how unfair life has been to them. The individuals can only feel better once they know about the law of Karma, its pros and cons and how the whole cycle works can give them some comfort.

People with this number can have a great career in the field of music, exploration, healing, traveling, writing or hypnotism. However, as far as relationships are concerned, they may face a lot of problems in finding the right partner who can understand, feel and see the same things that they are able to through their perspective.

However, overall, this number can be a powerful tool to connect with the divine in many ways. These individuals believe in selfless love, intense feelings and deep compassion who feel that there is nothing important than living in harmony and that we are made up of accumulated past experiences. The only motto for them is to practice selfless love and to see the divine in all the other people and break themselves free from the cycle of birth and rebirth by attaining liberation of the soul.

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