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Numerology Grid

In Numerology, the natural square that gets created on a tortoise’s back is called as the Lo Shu Grid.

In fact, Lo Shou Grid, mathematically is also quite popular, and refers to a perfect three by three magical square.

The placement of the numbers in the grid starts from the left bottom. Thus, any 1s in a person’s Numerology Chart are placed in this small cub-square, which is at the left bottom of the grid. And from thereon the numbers are placed in a bottom to top manner like shown


The Numerology Chart that gets created by such placement of numbers (and the numbers derived in various fashions) can be looked at and interpreted in a number of different ways.

Interpretation of Numerology Grid

I. In one of the ways of interpretation, the top row (comprising numbers 3, 6 and 9) is said to represent a person’s head. The middle line by the same way is said to represent the body, and likewise the third row, the legs and the feet and related activities.

II. According to another popular method, the top row is regarded as the Mental plane, encompassing all things to do with thinking, ideating, creating, innovating, imagining and analysing. The middle row here is regarded as the Emotional plane. It includes spirituality, intuition, feelings and emotions – abstractions pertaining to the heart. The bottom row is regarded as the Practical plane, and it encompasses physical labour, practical aspects of work and ability to be practical on day to day dealings.


III. The column below shows another way to interpret the square grid. Here it has been divided into vertical rows. Each of the vertical row has an area of life or personality denoted to it. The first one is related to the Thought plane, the middle one to the Will plane and the final one to the Action plane. For detailed interpretation of Numerology Grid, you should understand Arrows In Numerology Grids with its Strength and Weakness.

The Arrows in Numerology Grids

The Numerology Charts and Grids can be interpreted in myriad ways. In one of the useful ways, a Grid or Chart is divided in various Arrows, which indicate different qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Know more about this method.

The Arrows of Weaknesses in Numerology Grid

When a Numerology Chart has certain missing numbers, and the empty boxes form a certain pattern, various Arrows of Weaknesses are formed. Each of these arrows indicated the missing qualities in the native’s personality.

The Arrows of Strengths in Numerology Grid

When a certain pattern is created with numbers in a Numerology Chart or Grid, it is called as the Arrow of Strength. There are many arrows of strengths, and each of them represents a certain positive trait.

Placement of Numbers

In one of the uses of this Grid, the numbers are placed directly placed from one’s date of birth. For example, a person was born on 7th of July, 1973. This is actually 07/07/1973.

So, in total this person has three 7s in his Date Chart (7 for date, 7 for month, and 7 in the year 1973). Likewise all the other numbers in his DOB will be placed in their respective columns. As per another method, Numbers are attributed to each of the 26 alphabets of English, and they are thus, used to indicate one’s Name Numerology Chart, created by assigning Numbers to each of the alphabets in one’s name.

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