Kabbalah Numerology

This form of Numerology was formed and evolved from Judaism and has a lot to do with mysticism. The basis of this form of Numerology is quite simple that everything in this world is made up of energy and this form of energy is the source of all life forms existing on this planet. In a very similar way, we are also made up of energy and not just this, our names also hold some amount of energy as well.

Explanation of Kabbalah Numerology

In Kabbalah Numerology, names are given much more importance than the numbers. These alphabets are derived from the Hebrew alphabet for further calculations by making a note of one’s birth name which can help predict the future. There is also a new form of Kabbalah Numerology which has taken birth out of the Roman alphabets. Read history of numerology and know how the Kabbalah Numerology begun.

Energies and Vibrations of Kabbalah Numerology

The different kinds of energies that exist in kabbalah to perform calculation. These are Kether, Chokhmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Taphareth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Makuth. It consists of 22 vibrations ranging from 1-400 and puts emphasis on the wisdom gained from the mind and soul which has a non-physical existence rather than the blood and flesh which has a physical identity. Thus, it involves a higher level of understanding that transcends the physical boundaries or limitations to know oneself. According to the Kabbalah technique, each letter is given a specific value through which calculations are made.

Kabbalah Numerology Chart

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z  


A, J and S has a value of 1 and similarly: B, K, T = 2 C, L, U = 3 D, M,V = 4 E, N, W = 5 F, O, X = 6 G, P, Y = 7 H, Q, Z = 8 I, R = 9

All these numbers have different meaning according to which various characteristics are observed. Numbers from 1-9 all have their unique significance with specific characteristics which tells us the nature of the number. Each number has its own significance and specific characteristics by which the alphabets and numbers can be defined.

Meaning of Numbers in Kabbalah Numerology:

The number 1 is affiliated with Growth and similarly: 2 = Magnification, 3 = Endearment 4 = Fruitless 5 = Genesis 6 = Execution 7 = Mysticism 8 = Impulsiveness 9 = Fortune

In this method of Kabbalah Numerology, the calculations are made on the basis of the name rather than the date of birth which makes the difference because other methods use the date of birth.

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