All About South Indian Numerology

The Tamil numerology is also regarded as the Indian numerology, which comes from the Tamil region of Southern Indian. The total consists of three individually affiliated digits. The following are:

This number is determined by the person’s date of birth. It stresses how a person looks at himself, his or her beliefs, and the attributes they exhibit. It also means the person’s ability aside from how he dealt with the people around him.

For instance, If the birth date is 18 June, the psychic number is 1+8 = 9, according to the equation. Thus this guy will have a psychic number of 9.

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Destiny Number

This number is determined by focusing on the person’s complete date of birth. It emphasises how the individual sees the world and how they view the world as a person. The number is often associated with the vibratory rhythms of one’s past karma or action. One assumes the features of one’s fate by experiencing life. The number is between 1 and 9.

For example, if a person’s birth date is 18 June 1992, then the person’s fate would be the month, year, and date to be added:

1+8+0+6+1+9+9+2 = 36 = 3+6 = 9

As a result, the person with this birth date has destiny number 9.

Tamil Numerology Number 1

The Sun, the King of all planets, is represented by the number one. As a result, individuals whose birth dates add up to 1 are enthusiastic powerhouses. These people are born with controlling, assertive, and committed attitudes, making them perfect leaders. They cannot be coerced to do so unless they want to do so. They hold prime positions and are usually the best performers, regardless of the field of endeavour. They love the luxuries of life and may not be afraid to spend money on them.
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Tamil Numerology Number 2

The Moon is symbolised by the number 2. When the Moon is full and shiny, it is beautiful, but it may become dim and invisible on another day. It evolves constantly and consistently because of waxing and waning cycles. The Moon rules people born on dates that add up to 2, and they can be as erratic as their ruling world.
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The Moon symbolises the mind. Hence, the Moon-ruled Number 2 people would have creative children. Many of them would be dreamers, and if they can turn their thoughts and ideas into imaginative deeds, they will be able to achieve tremendous success in any area. Contemplative, intuitive, idealistic, sentimental, fickle-minded, and sceptical are all characteristics of these individuals. On the other hand, spiritual leanings will reinforce them emotionally and lead them to a more purposeful existence.

Tamil Numerology Number 3

Planet Jupiter, which signifies wisdom, is defined by the number three. Jupiter rules number three, and all of them are positive thinkers, intellectuals, and compassionate people. They are straightforward individuals who are truthful, earnest, generous, gentle, dignified, and dedicated to their work. They are traditionalists who value self-esteem above all else and admire elders. Since they are givers rather than takers, many of them are active in social causes, charity events, and volunteer organisations.
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Tamil Numerology Number 4

People born with the number 4 are identified with the planet Uranus, even though they are often associated with Earth. In essence, these people are down-to-earth, practical, pragmatic, and energetic. They are pleasure seekers who usually love their adventures, making them more interested in the material aspects of life. Furthermore, they are pretty reliable, trustworthy, and are full of suggestions and thoughts, sometimes making them quite successful at incorporating them in their favour.
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Tamil Numerology Number 5

In Numerology, the number 5 is associated with the planet Mercury. These people are very zesty, which is why people like being around them because they help to lift the spirits of those around them. They are still very adaptable to changes, allowing them to coexist happily in new situations in a different climate. Furthermore, people with the number 5 enjoy cerebral exercise by forcing themselves to solve quests and stretching their boundaries by subjecting themselves to onerous scenarios.
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Tamil Numerology Number 6

Venus is represented by the number 6 in Numerology. This number is synonymous with benevolence, charm, unity, stability, and magnificence. People who belong to this number are more empathetic, compassionate, trustworthy, sentimental, and passionate, and less rational and scientific. They are usually homely and enjoy caring for their family, so they are more likely to serve others. Apart from being sociable and caring with social barriers, they have a Utopian outlook on life.
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Tamil Numerology Number 7

This number is associated with the planet Neptune and is associated with travel and occultism. They have a metaphysical, magical, intuitive, and perceptive complexion and can seem dismissive and unemotional. They are, though, very true to the facts and pursue information like no other. Despite being reserved and introverted, they have a large effect and effects on those around them. They have a spiritual outlook that draws people to them for advice, even though they are going through a lot on the inside.
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Tamil Numerology Number 8

This number is linked to the planet Saturn. People with this number are characterised as strange, individualistic, stubborn, and eccentric. However, these characteristics enable them to be highly competitive in terms of wealth and materialistic aspects. They deal with things and situations systematically, which makes them inherently strong, focused, and goal-oriented. Since they are natural leaders, they excel at leading teams and performing tasks. These individuals are imaginative, visionary, and definitive.
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Tamil Numerology Number 9

People that have the number 9 are closely associated with the planet Mars. They have a very visual style, which makes them very transparent. They have a solid need to delve into the darkest recesses of the human psyche and mind to get to know people from the inside out. They are not only imaginative and intuitive but also sympathetic, spiritual, and sensitive. They can be a little outlandish at times, which is why they can find it challenging to find partners that can balance their level of frequency.
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The Conclusion

All the above figures are calculated using complicated statistical equations depending on the sound frequency of a given number. This emphasises the person’s friendship with others. One can be given several names if they are named by different names, which allows you to have a selection of names, based on the name you are using.

This Numerology type uses the Vedic Squares, which also appear in some of the Islamic arts, in various geometrical configurations, motifs and designs. It means a spiritual connection between an occurrence and a number that helps to forecast. Calculating the name numbers, on the other hand, is a daunting process because it requires complicated measurements depending on the frequency of sound that each number produces. Know about other varieties of Tamil numerology and Tamil numerology charts with the methods for estimation.

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