Master Number Numerology

The aspect of numerology is that numbers, however large, are reduced to their single digit format by being added together. This is applicable for birthdays, anniversaries and others. This is the process through which seeing master number is done and the master number is calculated, for eg; (03/11/97 become 0+3+1+1+9+7 which is 21, which further becomes 2+1 for the final number to be 3). However, there are some numbers whose power and purpose is such that they are not reduced to the basic nine, rather they are treated separately and have their own strengths and weaknesses. These are the powerful and mystical master numbers in numerology.

Master Numerology Number

These ‘Master numbers’ in numerology are bestowed only on special individuals who can either harness the power of these master numbers and be successful, and who in turn, will be of tremendous service to mankind, or if they are not informed on how to properly channelize their energy, they can cause great destruction and harm to those around them. This is because those gifted under the auspices of the master numbers and its success, carry a large amount of nervous energy, larger than those born under all the other numbers! Children are especially vulnerable as they already have large amounts of nervous energy that just gets compounded if they are born under the Master Numbers. They must be given tasks and exercises to focus their abundance of nervous energy, lest they are led astray by the energy they possess.

Types of Master Numbers

The numbers which are considered as master numbers in numerology are first and foremost master number 11 and master number 22. The others which are also considered in this category are 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88 and 99. All master numbers are further divided into two sub sects, as per the master number calculator, namely the ‘As Above’ group which encompasses 11, 33, 55, 77 and 99 and the ‘So Below’ which comprises 22, 44, 66 and 88. All Master numbers are powerful as they accentuate themselves along with their root numbers, leading to a very dominant effect on the individual. For example 11 and 2, 22 and 4, 33 and 6, 44 and 8, and so on.

Master Number 11 Master Number 22 Master Number 33

‘As Above’ Master Numbers

Seeing the master numbers, those born under the ‘As Above’ master number numerology is spiritually inclined and thus possess intuition and an innate psychic sense. This enables them to be of use in a metaphysical and spiritual context to the rest of the world. Being linked with the empathic needs of the people as well as the inner requirements of individuals, the ‘As Above’ master numbers and its success make excellent councillors, listeners and analyst. More often than not, they can understand the inner reasoning and turmoil of individuals better than the individuals themselves. However, they must be wary of using their powers for immoral purposes. Since they can understand the inner truth of people, it becomes easy for them to manipulate the consciousness of those around them and use them for their own purposes. Due to this, it is advisable for the ‘As Above’ group to seek ways to understand their own limitless potential as quickly as possible.

‘So Below’ Master Numbers

The ‘So Below’ master numbers in numerology are innately more attuned with the material and practical need of the worlds and thus serve the world better in a practical capacity. That means that they have a better handle on motivation, financial issues and interpretations of the impact of the material world on a particular individual. They make excellent lawyers, financial advisors and teachers. Those born under the patronage of the ‘So Below’ numbers must make attempts to understand their innate power early on. This ensures the usage of master numbers and its success for them in their lives while being the conduits of success for those around them as well.


Either way, all master Numbers and its success possess tremendous potential to aid this world. That is not to say that those born under the other numbers do not have that potential; merely that it is easier for those born under the Master Numbers to harness that potential than for those born under other numbers.


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