The Sun In 10th House: Vedic Astrology

The Sun In 10th House: Vedic Astrology

The 10th house is known as Karma Bhava in Vedic astrology. It caters to the work you do and the profession that you are involved in. Well, an analysis of the 10th house will answer some significant questions of your life like what type of profession will you undertake, whether you will be an employer or employee, how successful will you be in profession and so on. Also, the 10th house governs your earning abilities. The presence of Sun in the 10th house is said to be one of the best planetary placements and in certain situations, it can bring fame, glory and a huge success.

The Areas Affected Due to The Sun in The 10th House:

  • Profession
  • Family life
  • Relationship and love
  • Finance and wealth

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Positive Traits/Impact:

The presence of Sun in 10th house can make you a highly successful professional. The natives of Sun in 10th house will rise in their profession quite fast. Sun will fill them with a burning desire to be on the top. They will work hard to achieve new heights and are more likely to be successful in their aims and ambitions. They will always want to achieve a high standard of living for themselves and their family members.

At the same time, they will share their success and experiences with somebody very close to them. You will want a perfect partner. And natives of Sun in tenth house will want that their partner should also have high goals and vision. The natives of Sun in 10th house will be full of dynamism and will always want to move higher and higher.

You are career-oriented. But that does not mean that you will ignore your family life. On the contrary, you will give a lot of importance to your family members. In fact, you will want to pass on your legacy to your offspring so you will share a good bonding with your children as per Sun in 10th house Vedic astrology.

The natives of Sun in 10th house will have leadership qualities and managerial abilities. They can lead their group to success and glory. Also, they are determined and resolute in their purpose and intent. The natives of Sun in 10th house will get ample opportunities of professional growth. Time and circumstances will also decide whether they are able to capitalize on these prospects.

You have huge stamina, which helps you in diverse areas of life. You use your high energy levels in constructive and productive pursuits, mostly in furthering your career and professional goals. In fact, you often relinquish pleasures in favor of professional achievements and accomplishments, according to the Sun in the tenth house as per career astrology of Sun in 10th house.

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Negative Traits/ Impact:

The natives of Sun in 10th house have to ensure that their ego does not come in the way of their professional work. It is all the truer when you are dealing with others at the workplace. You may have your opinion, it may be good or even the best but that does not necessarily mean that the views and opinions of others are wrong. In case your ego gets inflated, it may even become an obstacle on your path to success.

You should be more focused on the goals and targets and less on the interpersonal problems that creep up in the course of life’s progress.

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You will be career-oriented. You are likely to do well in your profession. At the same time, you will give adequate attention to your family members. In fact, you will share your success and experiences with your family, especially your life partner. You are likely to have good bonding with your children. But you should be more accommodative of the views and opinions of others at the workplace.

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