Saturn In Astrology: Can You Feel The Heat Of Your Karma?

Saturn or Shani is one of the ominous planetary bodies in Vedic astrology. Saturn rules what sign? Saturn is the ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius.. It is in ascendant in Libra. The role of Saturn varies according to different mythology. In Roman mythology, it is considered the god of agriculture. Scientifically Saturn takes about 29.5 years to complete its journey to the sun. It is famous for its glazing rings. As per astrology, Saturn spends about 2.46 years in each zodiac sign. In vedic astrology, Saturn is often called the god of karma or justice. It is associated with ethics, justice, career, achievements in life, virtues and values.

It also represents a concern with long term planning or foresight. The return of Saturn is said to mark significant events in a person’s life. Saturn is generally considered as malefic. The famous shani ki sade sati is well known among Indian astrologers. According to some experts, Saturn is the ruler of the right ear, spleen, and bladder. Saturn balances the good and bad, win and loss. So it is called the god of justice. Saturn is a hard taskmaster. It instructs us to work hard, be disciplined. If we want success in life, then discipline should be the virtue for this.

Saturn keeps a tab on old age, along with the lesson it teaches. It will make you learn the hard way. The Saturn brings about the authority of punishment for any evil deeds. Let us know more about Saturn in terms of astrology.

Saturn Astrology: General Characteristics

According to Hindu astrology, Saturn is named after his nature. Shani means one who moves slowly. It takes about 2 and a half years to cross a zodiac sign. Saturn is a huge planet and it is far away from earth. Due to its huge stature, it moves slowly. He is the son of Surya Dev and his wife, Chaya. Saturn has a problematic relationship with his father, sun. It is also a cold and dry planet as it is far away from the sun. He is the planet of old age and considered malefic in astrology. But he is happy with the native and placed in the benefic house; then he will bestow the person with all the goods and prosperity. In adverse conditions, he will give you pain, grief and misery to hell. A person will have a torrid time if Shani is not in a happy mood. Shani gets the strength in the 7th house.

Shani is a teacher and a very strict one. It will teach you lessons that will be difficult to overcome. Only the diligent and dedicated can pass his exam. He checks the strength, tenacity and reliability of the person. Apart from teaching, he is the god of justice and punishes those who go against the path of purity and attract evil. Saturn rules over our bones. Due to the malefic effect of shani dev, one might be suffering from bone ailments throughout life. Number 8 is related to Saturn.

Saturn and karma go hand in hand, and a person in his lifetime will have a tough time with Shani Dev with a phase called shani ki sade sati. Let us know more about the origin and mythology of shani dev.

Mythology Of Saturn

Shani, in ancient times, is considered as malefic and feared by the folks. He is the representation of grief, sorry and misfortune. He is also capable of giving boon and blessing to the worthy suitor. According to Hindu mythology, Shani is the son of Surya and Chhaya; in some other text, he is also conferred as the son of Balarama and Revati. His other names are Ara, Kona and Kroda. According to the Hindu text, the Fig tree is considered as the residence of Shanidev.

Shanidev is considered as a deity wearing blue or black robes with a dark complexion. Vulture or an iron chariot drawn by 8 horses are considered to be his vehicles. He is holding a bow, an arrow and an axe and a trident. Sometimes he is also depicted riding a crow.

In some of the texts, Shani is considered as the incarnation of lord Vishnu. He is incarnated to bring justice and punish the evil culprits. Most of the time, he is considered as evil and malefic who brings chaos to native’s life, but if one prays to him, then the malefic intensity of Shani reduces.

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Role of Saturn In Astrology

When Saturn is placed in a difficult position in your birth chart, the person is likely to become self-centred and selfish. He will face lots of problems, enmity, loss, setbacks and suffering. Life will be hard, and the person has to struggle for each and everything. The influence of saturn may appear limited or heavy. If the saturn is in harmony with other planets, then the synergistic effects of saturn will give you beneficial results. If Saturn’s enemy planets collide with Saturn then there will be trouble.

Each planet will give different results with the Shani combination. If Saturn is in Capricorn or Aquarius sign in the natal chart, then it is considered to be in its native sign as Saturn is the ruler of these two signs. It is therefore called swarashi. It is considered to be in its mooltrikona, if it is in Aquarius sign from 0 to 20 degrees. Saturn is in ascendence in the Libra sign while it is in downfall in the Aries sign. It is considered as an inauspicious sign if saturn is in Aries sign from 0 to 20 degree.

Jupiter is neutral towards Saturn, while Mercury and Venus are friendly towards Saturn. Planets will have immediate friendships between them, which is known as Tatkaalik Maitri. It depends on the position of the planet in the Kundali. Saturn will be generally friendly with planets who are 3 houses apart from the house of saturn, either forward or backwards. Let us see what the related dashas of Saturn.

What Are The Related Dasha Of Saturn?

The dasha of Saturn lasts for 19 years. During the stage of its Mahadasha, a strong Shani in astrology is beneficial and it will grant the native the quality of stability, sincerity, diligence, improvement in concentration, longevity and prosperity.

However, a malefic or exalted Saturn during its mahadasha will cause disease related to bones, the stress in family and love. There will be loss of money and theft, and people will undergo all kinds of torrid times and will be under sorrow and grief. There is a tough period called shani ki sade sati that stays for 7 and half years, either at a stretch or in bouts. This sade sati is considered as the toughest time for a native.

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Conjunction With Different Planets

Each planet will react differently when they are combined with other planets. The position of Saturn and Mars in the same house is considered as highly auspicious. The person may suffer from accidents and health problems.

Saturn, as we all know it is the planet of justice while Ketu is the planet of limitless, he is a rule breaker. The conjunction of these two planets makes the native go against society. If the conjunction is in the ascendants, then such a person will have a negative approach in his life. Such a person will perform better in the second half of his life rather than the first half.

When Saturn meets the Moon, it gives rise to Vish yoga. The Moon is the maternal and emotional side, while Saturn is the planet of discipline. This conjunction will make the person realistic and disciplined.

One of the most favourable conjunctions is that of Saturn and Jupiter. It is called Brahma yoga. It gives the native immense knowledge and a sense of justice. It is one of the most auspicious conjunctions. This is one in a lifetime event. Read more about Saturn and Jupiter conjunction to know the importance of this conjunction..

These were a few of the conjunctions of Saturn. Apart from two planet conjunctions, there are triple planet conjunctions also creating varied effects on the native.

Remedies To Enhance A Weak Saturn

Weak Saturn can give a terrible time in a native’s life. However, there are certain measures that can reduce the Saturn malefic effects.

Donate footwear to the poor and needy. One with weak Saturn should not drink milk at night or should not drink buffalo milk. Keeping silver will benefit in reducing the effect of malefic saturn. Fill an earthen pot with honey, cover it and bury it under running water. Perform Shani shanti Graha Puja. This will calm down the high-intensity effects of Saturn.

Saturn, as we all know, is the planet of justice and discipline. If Saturn is happy with you, then it will give the native immense prosperity and knowledge. However, a weak Saturn in astrology will give the native a very hard time. The shani sade sati is one which you cannot escape. Get your free Shani sade report and consult with our expert astrologers for remedies related to it.

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