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Sun – The Fierce and Forceful Planet of Aggression!

Sun, as we know, is a luminous body shining in the sky, giving us the light. The whole world is truly grateful as its heat and light give us life. The energy of the Sun dives the life force on earth. It is a sign of positivity and success. Sun is not a planet scientifically, but according to astrology, any celestial body that directly affects the human body directly is termed a planet.

Sun planet in Vedic astrology defines the soul of a human being. The channelling of the Sun’s energy defines the life of a person, whether he will shine like a star or burn like ash. Sun is a symbol of courage, confidence and positivity.

It is the biggest known celestial body in our solar system and holds a high significance in Vedic astrology. The Sun, though stationary in its position, moves the other objects around him. The Sun never turns retrograde as everything else around the Sun moves around him. In astrological significance, the Sun takes 12 months to complete its journey and resides about a month in each astrological sign. 

Sun planet in astrology is considered to be the kind of all the planets. It rules the soul and paternity character of a person. The distance of the Sun and other planets determines the strength of the planets and their effect on the individuals. According to the kundali, Sun also governs the ancestors. This is the reason one tends to be cursed by Pitra dosha in kundali if the Sun is confronted by more than one malefic or inauspicious planet. Let us know the Sun as a planet in detail

Sun Planet In Astrology: General Characteristics

Sun in the planet in astrology is called Ravi or Suryadev. Sun is a masculine character. He is considered to be mild malefic due to the heat it generates. In modern astrology, it rules the Leo zodiac. He is forward and on the rise in Aries while he declines in Libra. In Sanskrit, he is called the Atmakaraka, which means the indicator of soul. Sun is the indicator of paternity characters like ego, honours, status, prosperity, vitality and power. 

Sun shows the strongest force when placed in the 10th house of the birth chart. However, the Sun is strong in other places like 1st, 4th and 7th houses. Sun is extremely beneficial for fire signs like Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Sun belongs to the Pitta element due to the fiery nature. To keep the Sun happy, one can wear red ruby on their finger. 

Sun gives us vitality, power and immunity from any adverse events. It is directly responsible for the development of the physical characters. Strong Sun provides an individual with qualities like good intellect, prosperity, wealth, good fortune, wisdom, high aspiration and knowledge of medicine. It also governs the spiritual relationship of an individual with temples and other holy places. 

According to medical astrology, Sun influences the human spine. The Pingala Nadi, which is represented by the Sun, actually originates at the base of the spine on the right side, ascends upwards and terminates in the right nostrils.

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Mythology Of Sun

Sun is considered to be the main god of the navagrahas in Vedic astrology. Suryadev in Vedic astrology is depicted as a male riding on the chariot driven by 7 horses or by 1 horse with seven heads. These seven heads represent the 7 chakras in the human body. Surya is also seen as a god with 2 hands holding a lotus in each hand and when in the form of 4 hands then holding lotus, conch (shanka), chakra and mace in respective hands. He is also called the eye of bravery or vishvarupa of Lord Krishna. Incidentally, the Sun is worshipped by all, including the demons. For example, the YAthudhanas, according to Hindu mythology, were the Sun followers.

Sun has a family comprising three queens, namely Sharanya, Ragyi and Prabha. Sharanya was the mother of Satyavrata and twin yama and sister yami. Later Sharanya gave birth to the Ashvin twins, who served as physicians and divine horsemen to the devatas. Sharanya couldn’t bear the extreme heat of the Sun and created a superficial shadow of herself called Chaya. She asked Chaya to serve as Suryadev’s wife. Chaya later gave birth to 2 sons, namely Sararni Manu and Shani and two daughters, namely Tapti and Visthi. Later Shani became the lord of karma while Yama became the lord of death.

Role of Sun In Astrology

Sun is friends with Moon, Mars and Jupiter while enemy to Saturn and Venus. Mercury, however, behaves neutral. Sun is exalted at 10 degrees in Aries and debilitated in Libra by 10 degrees. It generally faces the eastern direction. Lucky colours for a native of the Sun are orange, saffron and light red. Sun is usually associated with Lord Shiva, Rudra, Narayana and Sachidanand.

Sun is extremely beneficial and strong for fire signs like Leo, Aries and Sagittarius. It is on the rise in Aries, while Leo is considered to be the basic triangle or Mooltrikona sign. When the Sun is strong, the native achieves success and prosperity. The health is steady and in strong condition throughout life. A strong Sun in Lagna keeps the person energetic and fit. The positive effects of the Sun in Lagna make the people strong and powerful. Such a person knows how to hold his emotion and assess the situation before concluding anything. The individual will be determined and responsible. People around them might find this confidence as a sign of ego or arrogance. But this is not true.

Due to the effect of the Sun, a person is likely to be placed in the government sector. It helps a person to be principled and disciplined, influential, good organising skills, analysts, creator and a person who likes to achieve success as he progresses.

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However, the Sun is the weakest in Libra. It can also show negative effects in combination with other malefic planets positioned in the kundali. A weak Sun in the lagna can be related to the ill health of the native. Due to this, the other planets are also underperforming. The Sun’s relation with other planets is important, and one needs to check whether the Sun is ascending or descending to other planets. Sun influences the overall personality of a person. However, a weak Sun can give bad results. 

Like other planets, the Sun has its own Mahadasha that lasts for six years. This is considered as one of the most powerful Vishomttari mahadasha of the Sun. Since the planet’s Sun is the most powerful body in the solar system, it controls all the other planets. This Surya mahadasha can be both malefic and beneficial.

Benefic Mahadasha of Sun will bring wealth, fame, good reputation and life will be like a king. The native will get blessed with a son, and he can enjoy all the family happiness. The native will get power, position, authority and high administrative post.

If the Sun is weak, then the mahadasha will be malefic. This results due to the positioning of the Sun in the 6th, 8th and 12th house in combination with Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars. The native is likely to experience loss of wealth, can be caught in inauspicious deeds. There will be a loss of reputation and rift in the father and Sun relationship. Life will be full of pain.

Antardasha of Sun during its own mahadasha is the first phase of Sun’s Mahadasha. This makes the person attain dominance and authority. This period will take the native towards great heights. The person will also receive gifts and benefits if the Sun is strongly placed. The person will achieve success in his life, but this will also make the native restless.

Conjunction With Different Planets

Sun, in conjunction with different planets, will give different results. Let us discuss the three most common Sun conjunctions.

Sun with Mercury is the most common conjunction since Mercury is the closest to the Sun. This forms a Budh Aditya Yoga. The native will learn new skills, and the intellectual power will be on a high. The communication skill of such individuals will be very good, and one can find them in the field of consultancy, management assistance and advisory field. This conjunction will give good results when Sun and Mercury are placed in 2nd, 11th houses or Kendra.

Sun and Jupiter Conjunction is considered an auspicious combination in Vedic astrology. Both the planets are of masculine origin. During this conjunction, a person is more inclined to the spirituality of life. This combination also benefits a person with wealth and gives fame, recognition and name.

Sun-Moon conjunctions are of different varieties due to the differences in their energy. Sun is hot and fiery, while Moon is calm and composed. When their energy combines in the 10th house or in their own signs like Leo, Aries and Cancer, the effect is generally positive. Such a person will be courageous and confident, but at the same time, his speech will be harsh and highly diplomatic.

Remedies To Enhance A Weak Sun

So how do you cure a weak Sun in your chart? Here are few remedies.

  1. Wear Red coloured ruby seated on metal on Sunday.
  2. Before stepping out of the house, consume a glass of water mixed with sugar.
  3. Perform Surya Namaskar every morning for good health and vitality.
  4. Offer water to the Sun during Sunrise facing the east side.
  5. Sun has a paternity effect, so if anyone wants to reduce the malefic effect of Sun, then he must serve his father, teacher and elder siblings.
  6. Recite Gayatri Mantra or Om Suryaya Namaha (108 times) for maximum favourable results.
  7. Feed cows with wheat and jaggery.

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The Sun planet represents the primal force of life, and he often makes you aware of that. It represents the spirit of life, creativity, energy vitality. The power of the Sun creates a personality full of warmth, confidence. However, if the Sun is malefic or unfavourable, then these qualities will be reversed, and this can ruin a native’s life.

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