The Sun In 9th House: Vedic Astrology

The Importance Of The Sun In The Ninth House

The 9th house in the Vedic Astrology is also called the Dharma Bhava. Well, the 9th house stands for one’s religious instinct, righteousness, good actions (karma), morality, the practice of higher values and one’s interest in spirituality. The 9th house determines whether the person will adhere to traditional religious values or question them. Also, the 9th house caters to luck and the prospects of higher education. How much the luck will favor you is determined by the 9th house. So, a person who has Sun in the 9th house may be inclined towards spirituality and may be very lucky.

The areas affected due to the Sun in the ninth 9th house

  • Relationship and love life
  • Attitude towards life
  • Social and public image
  • Ethics and Value system

Positive Traits/Impact:

The presence of Sun in 9th house may make the native interested in learning a foreign language or culture. The person may also be of a charitable and virtuous disposition as he/she has a spiritual and religious bent of mind. These natives can accept a certain philosophy and hold on to it all through their life but they should be convinced about it.

Also, the natives of Sun in ninth house share a very warm and cordial relationship with their relatives and spouse or business partners. As they are quite generous, they are liked by the people who are close and near to them. They also reciprocate the same warmth and it leads to a sound and healthy bonding.

And as these natives are inclined towards philosophy, so they are yearning to find the truth behind life. They wish to discover the ultimate purpose of existence. They are curious and keep exploring the world around them, which also propels them to travel to near and distant places in order to know and learn more. Are you curious about your future? Access the 2020 Detailed Yearly Report and know about the coming year.

Also, the natives of Sun in the 9th house desire peace and harmony in their surroundings. In fact, they strive to achieve the same by being good and doing good to one and everyone. The natives of Sun in the 9th house are full of optimism and positivity. They have an infectious enthusiasm, which enables them to deal with problems in a very effective manner. They can influence a large number of lives according to Sun in 9th house Vedic astrology.

Negative Traits/Impact:

You see only the good things in people. You are unable to see their negative aspects. If the other person doesn’t acknowledge your positivity, he/she may not treat you generously. This may dampen your spirit and shatter your faith in goodness.
Besides, you may be somewhat arrogant about your views. You may be inclined towards self-righteousness. You may believe that only your views are true and real. This may bring you in trouble as you may face issues with other people. It may also snatch away your peace of mind. Do you want a peaceful and harmonious life? Buy Janampatri and fix your life’s problems.

You need to be very careful about your standing in society. Ensure that nobody sees you in a negative light in your surroundings. You have the potential to grow your personality and achieve professional heights. But you will need to plan your life and future in a better manner.


You are righteous, religious and virtuous. You are very positive and curious. Also, you will be lucky as fortune will favor you on a number of occasions. You may want to learn a foreign language and culture. However, it would be better if your learning of the new language (or culture) also helps you in something which influences your career prospects. Besides, be guarded against any form of egoism as it may weigh you down in life.

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