Jupiter – The Generous Planet of Wealth and Wisdom

Jupiter in Vedic Astrology is a sea of complexity. It holds a lot of significance for people who thoroughly follow astrology. It consists of planets, sun, moon and various celestial bodies. One of them is Jupiter. Jupiter in astrology is considered to be the second most powerful planet. It is also called the Devaguru or Brishaspti. The planet itself is the biggest in the solar system and it also has a great impact in a person’s life. The power of Jupiter in astrology can make you rich overnight. The planet is responsible for knowledge, dedication and wisdom. It also reveals the spiritual side of a person.

Jupiter in Indian astrology holds great significance. Also, it withholds utter importance in the birth chart of a person. It is closely linked to the kids and wealth. This is one of the reasons it is called the significator of children and wealth. If Jupiter is beneficial then it can bestow you with all the riches. The native is likely to be blessed with offspring, wealth and wisdom. However, if Jupiter is malefic or weak then it can create problems in life. It can have the opposite effect and a person may be devoid of wealth, wisdom or offspring. A person can also get disrepute in society.

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Jupiter In Astrology: General Characteristics

It is also called the planet of luck. Jupiter is responsible for higher intellect and spiritualism. Jupiter helps in formulating ideology. We all know the connection of Jupiter with wisdom but what does Jupiter mean for spirituality? Jupiter inclines a person towards religion and philosophy. It also compels a person to be more righteous and high on morals. Jupiter though giant is considered as noble and a benevolent planet. It is associated with prosperity and fortune. Jupiter takes 12 years to complete its Zodiac journey. It is masculine energy and the lord of Pisces and Sagittarius and rules the ninth and twelfth house of the astrological chart.

Thursday is considered to be the day of Brihaspati. Natives of Pisces and Sagittarius are generally blessed with high wisdom, spirituality and dedication power as their ruling planet is Jupiter. Other traits of natives with a ruling Jupiter are diligence, trustworthy and kind hearted. Learn how Jupiter in your birth chart can impact your life.

Mythology Of Jupiter

It is an optimistic planet and antagonist to darkness, ignorance. It represents the Dakshinamurthi God. The root dissection of Dakshinamurthi means god in the form of a stone image in the south. Jupiter in Vedic mythology represents the guru and hence it has a lot of divine power. Jupiter in different cultures has different names. Hindus called it Lord Brihaspati while Greeks called it Zeus. Egyptians call him Ammon. Jupiter by birth itself is a brahmin of Angiras lineage.

There is a popular story behind Jupiter. A king had seven sons and their wives. Two brahmins who used to come to seek alms from them always returned empty-handed. This made Jupiter angry and it showed in the misfortunes of the king and his family. After seeing this, the wife of the youngest son started giving alms to those brahmin but the other six still denied any alms. The youngest wife sought remedies from this misfortune. Then the brahmin recommended to keep fast for Brihaspati and feed brahmins. This would bring prosperity to their life.

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Significance of Jupiter in Astrology

It is one of the most powerful planets in the zodiac sign. Jupiter astrology holds great significance in Vedic astrology. Rashi lord Jupiter plays a significant role in Pisces and Sagittarius birth chart. There are things related to Jupiter in astrology that are both good and bad depending on the position. Strong Jupiter brings good fortune and immense wealth, luxury, fame, power and position etc. It also helps a person to progress in career, profession and life. 

While a weak Jupiter or a malefic Jupiter in astrology can bring doom in your life. The planet can be exhaustive because of other malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu, Mars with Sun. The ill-placed Jupiter can bring poverty and misfortune. The planet is superior in Cancer zodiac while weak in Capricorn. A person with Jupiter in the tenth house can lead a person to become a good teacher, professor, social worker or priest.

What Are The Related Dasha And Antardasha Of Jupiter?

The Dasha of Jupiter in astrology is the period the planet prevails in a native’s life. The Jupiter Rashi people rule life for 16 years according to Vimshottari Dasha. 16 years can be both malefic and beneficial depending on the positioning of Jupiter in a typical house and its connection with other planets. If Jupiter is exalted in its own sign and combined with a friendly sign then it will bring good health, harmony, social fame and wealth. If Jupiter is ill-placed then it can be harmful. Jupiter can be harmful in combination with Rahu and Ketu. This yog is called the Guru Chandal Yoga which scavenges the power of Jupiter.

This yoga is extremely auspicious and brings misfortune to the native. Guru tries to take lead but it all goes in vain as it conjoins with Rahu and Ketu. However, there can be many powerful combinations also. Let us see how Jupiter in astrology with other combinations performs.

Conjunction With Different Planets

Jupiter brings different results with different celestial combinations. Jupiter forms a Gajakeshari yoga with the Moon. It gives the native many gifts. It is a positive yoga and the native is bestowed with wealth, power and eloquence. The native becomes a good orator.

The combination with the sun will make a person pleasantly behaved, kind-hearted and soft-spoken. The person is pure in his heart and there is no darkness in him. He is true to his heart and jewel of friendship.

The combination with the moon makes the native generous and down to earth. Native people receive many accolades from society and achieve success in life. The Mars and Jupiter combination makes the person energetic and active. The native is most likely to join a defence sector and become the head of the department.

Jupiter and Mercury’s combination is a highly intellectual one. The person is high in wisdom and research-oriented. While the person with Jupiter and venus combinations is a jackpot. It bestows the person with all the richness, prosperity and materialistic gains. The person will never see any darkness and poverty in his life.

The conjunction of Saturn with Jupiter makes the person highly successful. It brings all kinds of worldly success. Jupiter has a detrimental eye on venus, but still, their combination can be beneficial for the native.

Jupiter transitions in different houses will have different impacts. As per the birth chart, Jupiter in the first house represents health and the immune system, while in the second house it grants wealth. Jupiter in the fifth house is responsible for knowledge, wisdom and children. Jupiter in the ninth house gives recognition to the government and authority. 

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Remedies To Enhance A Weak Jupiter

What to do if Jupiter is Weak? Astrology can give you recommendations for this. One option is keeping fast on Brihaspativar – Thursday. Another option is wearing yellow sapphire stone seated on gold and the ring is worn on the ring finger. Experts also suggest donating chickpea or chana dal to reduce the malefic effect of Jupiter.

The role of Jupiter in astrology is immense. Jupiter is a mature and benevolent planet. It represents wisdom and prosperity. It is also an image of good judgment. It inclines the native towards spiritualism. It is the second most powerful planet in the Vedic birth chart. So, it is very important to pacify Jupiter. Beneficial Jupiter can make you rich from rag while malefic Jupiter can do the reverse.

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